Olivia Mason

    After graduating from the Columbia Publishing Course in 2016, Olivia found her happy place—a job that allowed her to talk about books all day long. When she isn’t writing or editing for websites, she is defending Cersei Lannister’s right to the Iron Throne, gabbing on (and on) about Outlander, or trying to solve the JonBenet Ramsey case.

    Kilty Pleasures: 8 Scottish Romance Novels 

    Is it just us, or is it getting Scot in here?

    8 Romance Books for Fans of Julia Quinn's Bridgerton Series

    Wherever these families go, trouble and passion are quick to follow.

    Heather Graham's Knight Triumphant: When a Scottish Warrior Meets an English Lady

    Once enemies and now spouses, Eric and Igrainia's hate is turning to white-hot passion.

    Things Start to Sizzle Between Two Rivals in This Regency Romance

    While competing for the same home, a widow and a duke wind up winning each other's hearts.

    Can Two Broken Hearts Learn to Love Again?

    Yours, Mine and Ours meets Nicholas Sparks in Sheryl Browne's contemporary romance about family, healing, and second chances.

    First Love Blooms in An April Love Story

    When their families move to the countryside, two feuding teens realize that life's biggest changes can lead to a change of heart.

    Hate Turns to White-Hot Passion in the Montana Wilderness

    In Big Sky Country, Jill and Riordan can't decide what they desire more: to tear out each other's throats, or to rip off each other's clothes...

    Can Enemies Turn to Lovers After They Say "I Do"?

    In Lynette Vinet's steamy novel, Knight's Caress, a Norman beauty and her Saxon enemy must do the unthinkable: marry each other.

    Two Penniless Cons Join Forces (and Are Totally Adorable) in Crooked Hearts

    In Patricia Gaffney's historical romance, a 19th century Bonnie and Clyde realize they want to be more than just partners in crime...

    First Read: The Republic of Love, by Carol Shields

    The Pulitzer Prize winner's novel is a celebration of love in all its wild, weird, and wonderful glory.

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