8 New Romance Books We're Excited for This Week

    From Southern heat to steamy workplace tension, there’s a lot to look forward to at the end of March.

    by A Love So True Staff

    7 Captivating Sharon Sala Books That Will Leave You Breathless

    Prepare to be blown away by these stories of human connection and heartfelt romance. 

    by Carolyn Cox

    8 Books for Fans of Jennifer Weiner

    Charming—and often funny—these stories are sure to delight. 

    by Sarah Mangiola

    10 Janet Dailey Books You Need on Your Shelf

    Romantic suspense, epic sagas, cowboy contemporaries—you name it, Janet Dailey wrote it.

    by G.G. Andrew

    Single Mom Romance Books to Sweep You Off Your Feet

    These steamy, sweet stories are the perfect read for Mother's Day and beyond. 

    by G.G. Andrew

    Can Two Broken Hearts Learn to Love Again?

    Yours, Mine and Ours meets Nicholas Sparks in Sheryl Browne's contemporary romance about family, healing, and second chances.

    by Olivia Mason

    First Love Blooms in An April Love Story

    When their families move to the countryside, two feuding teens realize that life's biggest changes can lead to a change of heart.

    by Olivia Mason

    Hate Turns to White-Hot Passion in the Montana Wilderness

    In Big Sky Country, Jill and Riordan can't decide what they desire more: to tear out each other's throats, or to rip off each other's clothes...

    by Olivia Mason

    Opposites Attract in The Harder They Fall

    Will this pair give in to their irresistible connection? 

    by Audrey Webster

    8 Sports Romance Books That Will Win Your Heart

    Because who hasn't dreamt of a sports star sweeping them off their feet?

    by Feliza Casano

    11 Great Contemporary Romance Novels

    Get lost in these steamy stories of modern love. 

    by G.G. Andrew

    Day 10: Contemporary Romance

    Today's deals are a match made in heaven for contemporary romance lovers.

    by A Love So True Staff

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