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A Love So True is run by and for die-hard romantics who love to laugh. We’re passionate about passion, and dedicated to romance in books, pop culture, and real life. We believe everyone deserves an HEA. Check back daily for more romance in fiction, and in the flesh.

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Our Editorial Policy

Everything we cover is chosen by our editors, regardless of media affiliation. If our parent company or one of our partners has a story they know you’d love to read, you’ll see a tag with their name by it. 

Our Comment Policy

A Love So True is committed to providing a positive experience for everyone to celebrate the romance books they love. We want you to be excellent to each other. Comments containing hate speech, personal attacks, and insults about other readers’ looks, intelligence, fandom of choice, etc., will be deleted. Although we value discussion and exchange of ideas, we will delete comments that play devil’s advocate at the expense of marginalized communities, or derail comment sections by arguing ideas that aren’t up for debate. Engaging in any of the above behaviors may get you banned. We also reserve the right to delete comments and ban users for miscellaneous jerk conduct that falls outside those specific delete-able offenses. The Internet is people; please treat everyone you meet there as such.

Our Team

Kaytie Norman, Editor

Kaytie joined Open Road Integrated Media in 2019 after spending three years writing and editing books for Media Lab Books. She already loved telling people which books are worth reading, so this job was a perfect match. Her hobbies include cooking, honing her Liz Lemon impression and encouraging people to read books like The Group by Mary McCarthy, The City and the Pillar by Gore Vidal, and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Matthew McCreary, Senior Editor

After working as a sports editor for Scout.com and a business editor at Entrepreneur, Matthew returned to his first love: books. In particular, covering speculative novels for The Portalist and romance for A Love So True has allowed Matthew to pursue his passion for genre fiction. His work has been featured in publications like Sports Illustrated and SLAM, and he is an agented novelist. When he’s not reading or writing, Matthew loves to walk his dog Bertie along the Manhasset Bay and play League of Legends

Jennifer Jackson, Founder

A lover of all things digital, Jennifer has been editing and writing for websites and reading ebooks for the better part of a decade. She checks Goodreads every morning for new book recommendations, and she’s recently discovered a love of British murder mystery TV series which she plans to investigate further.

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