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A Love So True Romance Tropes Stories

Romance readers know what we like. Many of us have cherished romance tropes which we can’t get enough of, but it can be hard to find reads that feature our favorite scenarios or kind of relationship. 

Thankfully, A Love So True’s romance trope coverage can help you find the read that’s perfect for you.

Cherished romance conventions include the one-bed trope, in which circumstances force protagonists to fall asleep together. Or there’s the classic fake relationship trope, seen in books like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before or The Duke and I from the Bridgerton series. 

In stories with this trope, a couple forge a pact to pretend they’re in love—but end up falling for real. This is similar to the marriage of convenience trope in which a husband and wife marry for pragmatic reasons before developing passion. 

Another favorite is the ‘enemies to lovers’ trope, in which two avowed foes find that attraction and aggravation can be surprisingly similar. And of course, nothing is more delicious than a forbidden romance. 

Whatever your favorite romance trope is, we can recommend a perfect read for you.


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