20 Engrossing Love Triangle Books That Will Tear Your Heart in Two

Three’s a crowd — but with these delicious reads, you don't need to pick just one.

love triangle books
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Beloved Rivals

By Danice Allen

In this passionate and tender historical romance, estranged brothers Alex and Zachary Wickham find themselves reunited after the devastating death of their grandfather. 

It’s through the well-intentioned efforts of Beth, Zachary’s charming fiancée, that the two Wickhams put their tumultuous past behind them to mend fences. However, the longer that Alex lingers, the more that Beth can’t help but to feel drawn to him. 

Will the very woman who brought these brothers together be the one to tear them apart again?

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Can't Buy Me Love

By Jane Lovering

Willow Cayton has changed a lot since she was in college—she’s grown up, transformed her look, and inherited a chunk of cash from her grandfather. That doesn’t mean that when she runs into Luke, her old crush from school, she doesn’t fall head over heels for him all over again. 

She’s thrown for yet another loop when she meets oddball computer geek Cal, and their fast growing friendship seems to be hurtling fast towards something more. But neither man may be exactly what they seem.

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For All of Her Life

By Heather Graham

After her bandmate, Keith, died in an accident, Kathy left her rock n’ roll lifestyle behind—including her fellow lead singer and husband, Jordan. 

Now she’s moved on with a new guy, but when Jordan tries to bring the band back together and figure out how their friend really died, Kathy realizes feelings for her ex still linger. 

If you like like music, murder, or second chances, you can’t go wrong with what Publishers Weekly called a “finely crafted, extremely credible love story... for those who survived the ’60s and for anyone else who wants to understand them.”

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Aspen Gold

By Janet Dailey

A love triangle hits the Aspen ski slopes in this contemporary romance from New York Times bestselling author Janet Dailey. Actress Kit sees her acting dreams come true when she’s cast as the new lead in a movie set in her home state of Colorado. 

Acting alongside Hollywood heartthrob John Travis, Kit’s dreams may come true in more ways than one. But when she’s back in Aspen and face-to-face with her former boyfriend, Tom, her love life gets a bit rocky, on and off the slopes. 

Seeing Kit discover what she really needs is half the enjoyment here, along with the vicarious movie star thrills.

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Buy Immortal at Amazon


By P. C. Cast

Fans of fantasy and paranormal romance will sink their teeth into this steamy anthology. 

Ten of today's greatest writers of romance and erotica contributed bloody good tales to this collection. Cynthia Leitich Smith's story centers around a juicy love triangle between a vampire, a ghost, and a human woman —because even in the afterlife, romantic attraction is never simple.

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The Thinking Reed

By Rebecca West

Penned by an acclaimed author and British dame, The Thinking Reed is vicariously thrilling for those of us with wanderlust. Wealthy and widowed, Isabelle moves to France and finds the men throwing themselves at her—all the men. 

While there, Isabelle connects with a calm southerner, and also enjoys a dramatic romance with a Frenchman. Isabelle’s heart may lead her to a love that will transform her life. But who will it be? If you like your love stories with a big scoop of social commentary, try this treasure out.

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Purposes of Love

By Mary Renault

Classic author Mary Renault’s long, award-winning career began with this 1937 book. A medical drama set in 1930s Britain, it’s also a complicated love triangle among three hospital workers: Vivian and Mic, who have a secret relationship, and Vivian’s scientist brother, Jan, who Mic previously had feelings for. 

If you’re looking for a meaty and complex love story, look no further.

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The Hummingbirds

By Ross McMeekin

Author Ross McMeekin delivers shocking romantic suspense in The Hummingbirds. In the glamour of Hollywood, movie producer Grant Hudson lives with his beautiful film star wife, Sybil Harper. 

Though they’re compelling and magnetic, the irresistible couple goes mostly unnoticed by their groundskeeper, Ezra Fog. Ezra is more content to spend his time with the colorful hummingbirds zipping around than anything else—that is, until Sybil dedicates herself to catching his elusive attention.

When Grant becomes suspicious of his wife’s whereabouts, he goes to Ezra with the task of following Sybil to suss out if she’s having an affair. Caught between two powerful employers, Ezra finds himself entrenched in yearning, lies, and deadly danger.

Buy One True Loves at Amazon

One True Loves

By Taylor Jenkins Reid

Emma Blair has built herself the perfect life. After marrying her high school beau Jesse, the two of them leave their Massachusetts hometown behind to seize a life of adventure and love. But on their first wedding anniversary, Emma’s life comes crashing down around her. Jessie’s out flying on a helicopter that disappears somewhere over the Pacific.

It takes years to rebuild her broken life, but after moving back home, Emma runs into her old friend Sam. 

Like a miraculous second chance, the two of them fall in love, and happiness seeps back into Emma’s life as they become engaged. Of course, that’s when Jesse reappears, having spent all of those years away fighting to get home to Emma.

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Something Borrowed

By Emily Giffin

Rachel White is someone who always follows the rules—if you looked up “good girl” in the dictionary, her picture would be on display. 

Even when she was a child, Rachel stood on the sidelines and let her outgoing best friend Darcy take all the spotlight. Now, all grown up as a hard working attorney at a Manhattan law firm, it’s on Rachel to play the part of Darcy’s perfect maid of honor. The only problem is, Rachel has been in love with Darcy’s fiancé Dex for years.

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When Rachel confesses her feelings to Dex on her 30th birthday, it should be good news that he feels the same way. However, with her best friend’s wedding to the love of her life growing nearer and nearer, it feels like Rachel is spinning out of control. With her whole life in the balance, will Rachel be able to do the right thing?

Buy 99 Days at Amazon

99 Days

By Katie Cotugno

Molly Barlow has to go home for the summer, and it’s going to be the longest 99 days of her life. It’s bad enough that Molly broke her childhood best friend and boyfriend’s heart by cheating on him with his brother, but then her mother had to go and write a book about it. 

Now, Molly has to carry around the guilt and walk around as the most hated person in town for three blistering months. But Patrick and Gabe are still lingering around in her life, and she’s still feeling very conflicted...

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Something Like Summer

By Jay Bell

It’s 1996 when Benjamin Bentley falls in love with Tim Wyman in the baking Texas heat, but they’re only teenagers, and even if Tim wasn’t troubled and difficult, the world seems like it’s against them. 

Over the course of twelve years, Ben can’t seem to escape the complicated orbit of his first love—even as he builds a life with his new boyfriend Jace Holden. 

Ben’s life goes through a rapid series of changes while seeming to remain very much the same. In the end will Ben escape his past, or will he embrace it?

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Buy My Last Love Story  at Amazon

My Last Love Story

By Falguni Kothari

If you’re yearning for a beautifully-written tearjerker with an unconventional love triangle, My Last Love Story will have you reaching for the tissues in gratitude. 

In it, Simi Desai’s husband is dying. But the generous man wants two things before he passes: for Simi to carry his baby, and for her to find love again with their dear friend, who’s also her former flame. Are you tearing up yet? 

Popular romance author Sonali Dev loved this one, calling it “at once heartbreaking, delightful, and completely unexpected.” 

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Buy It Ends with Us at Amazon

It Ends with Us

By Colleen Hoover

With over 100,000 ratings on Goodreads, it’s no wonder this 2016 Colleen Hoover novel was a Goodreads Choice Award winner. When Lily meets neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid, she falls for him—but Ryle has no interest in relationships, and Lily’s thoughts soon turn to her first love, Atlas, a homeless boy who always protected her. 

The novel is many things—raw, smart, unpredictable—and one of those that will tear your heart out. In the words of fellow New York Times bestselling author Kami Garcia, “Every person with a heartbeat should read this book.”

Buy Wish You Were Here at Amazon

Wish You Were Here

By Renée Carlino

This novel by popular and praised author Renée Carlino follows Charlotte, an aimless L.A. girl. Charlotte drifts between her job as a waitress and the rundown home she shares with her best friend. 

When she meets Adam, everything seems to come together, and they spend the night connecting. But the next morning, he’s cold to her… and she has no idea why. 

Months later, Charlotte has moved on to a cute baseball player, but she can’t help but wonder what happened with Adam. Hint: he’s got a whopper of a secret.

Buy Tell Me How This Ends at Amazon

Tell Me How This Ends

By Victoria De La O

A nominee for the Romance Writers of America RITA Award, Tell Me How This Ends is a love triangle at its most tense: a tug-of-war between two close brothers. Since their mom died, Jude McAllister has taken care of his sweet and smart college-age brother, Ryan. 

Though responsible at home, Jude’s a playboy. But when he meets Lizzie, he finds himself falling for her. Unfortunately, he’ll soon find out she’s dating his brother. What follows is a shaky, emotional ride as Lizzie struggles between her attraction for both brothers. 

They’re both so appealing in their own way, you won’t know who to root for.

Buy The Secret Life of Mrs. London at Amazon

The Secret Life of Mrs. London

By Rebecca Rosenberg

A novel based on a juicy bit of history, The Secret Life of Mrs. London centers on the world of 1915 San Francisco and Charmian, wife of the great writer Jack London. Mired in tension with her famous husband, Charmian’s life takes an unexpected turn when she’s picked from the audience by Harry Houdini at one of his magic shows. 

Drawn by the incredible chemistry between them, Charmian is tempted to have an affair with the magician. If you love historical fiction and/or tales of women torn between two powerful men, check out this Rebecca Rosenberg novel.

Buy The Host at Amazon

The Host

By Stephenie Meyer

When you hear “Stephenie Meyer” and “love triangle” in the same sentence, your mind probably jumps to the Edward/Jacob vampire/wolf rivalry for Bella’s affection in Twilight. But even more interesting in some ways is the odd love triangle in her later novel, The Host

After an alien parasite invasion, Melanie’s body is taken over by Wanderer, one of the strange species who exists in a host. But Melanie’s consciousness still exists, and as she remembers Jared, the guy she loved, Wanderer starts to fall for him, too. 

More adult than Twilight, Publishers Weekly praised this sci-fi romance, saying it “shines with romantic intrigue.”

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Buy Secretly Hers at Amazon

Secretly Hers

By Jamie Beck

Two brothers are again torn between one woman in the second book of Jamie Beck’s Sterling Canyon series. Kelsey’s ready to find a husband, but since no one around is filling that role, she decides to have fun with playboy skier Trip. 

Then Kelsey meets a man who does seem like husband material, but it turns out it’s Trip’s half-brother. She ends her fling with Trip to settle down. Meanwhile, Trip finds himself inexplicably jealous… Is it possible Kelsey chose the wrong brother?

Buy Collide at Amazon


By Gail McHugh

The first in a series of the same name, Collide is a love triangle romance for those of us who like our heroes to be buttoned-up billionaires who get smacked over the head by love. (And there’s a lot of us.) 

Emily is still grieving her mother’s death when she moves to New York with her sweet boyfriend, Dillon. But an unexpected encounter with wealthy player Gavin leaves her breathless. 

Is it worth risking the good thing she has going on? Fellow bestselling author A.L. Jackson calls this triangle romance “sexy, emotional, and absolutely unforgettable,” and she’s 100% right.

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