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LGBTQ Romances Stories

One of the many joys of romancelandia is the diversity demonstrated in its pages. If you’re looking for LGBTQ romance books, there’s no shortage of stories. From queer historicals, to gay young adults books like Love, Simon, to books featuring trans and nonbinary characters, LGBTQ romance books are expanding our definition of happily ever after. 

Today’s romances feature lesbian characters, asexual folks, trans love, bisexual HEAs, and more, from the pens of authors like Casey McQuiston, Olivia Waite, Cat Sebastian, Courtney Milan, and others. 

These stories stand on the shoulders of queer works such as the lesbian pulp novels of the 1950s and 60s. However, with some exceptions—such as the Beebo Brinker stories of Ann Bannon, or The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith—these earlier works featured tragic endings for the sapphic heroes. 

But today, queer readers can easily find romances that feature unequivocally happy endings for LBTQIA characters. That happy ending might look different than the monogamous, two-partner conclusions commonly given to heteronormative characters. That’s all part of the beauty and bounty of today’s LGBTQ romance books.


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