Boy Meets Boy: 15 Gay Romance Books You'll Totally Love

Firefighter lovers and vampire beaus? Sign. Us. Up.

Buy All Note Long at Amazon

All Note Long

By Annabeth Albert

Buy The Men from the Boys at Amazon

The Men from the Boys

By William J. Mann

Buy Surprising Myself at Amazon

Surprising Myself

By Christopher Bram

Buy Leave Myself Behind at Amazon

Leave Myself Behind

By Bart Yates

Buy Trouble and the Wallflower at Amazon

Trouble and the Wallflower

By Kade Boehme

Buy Glitterland at Amazon


By Alexis Hall

Buy Nightswimmer at Amazon


By Joseph Olshan

Buy Hot Head at Amazon

Hot Head

By Damon Suede

Buy Cut & Run at Amazon

Cut & Run

By Abigail Roux

Buy The Screwed Up Life of Charlie at Amazon

The Screwed Up Life of Charlie

By Drew Ferguson

Buy The Lord Won't Mind at Amazon

The Lord Won't Mind

By Gordon Merrick

Buy Captive Prince at Amazon

Captive Prince

By C.S. Pacat

Buy Running with Lions at Amazon

Running with Lions

By Julian Winters

Buy Lover at Last at Amazon

Lover at Last

By J.R. Ward