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8 Emotional Romance Books for Cancers

This water sign has a soft, creative heart that is slow to let people too close.

romance books for cancers
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  • Photo Credit: "Unmarriageable" by Soniah Kamal
tidewater lover, a romance book for cancers

Tidewater Lover

By Janet Dailey

martha in paris, a romance book for cancers

Martha in Paris

By Margery Sharp

all the broken places, a romance novel for Cancers

All the Broken Places

By Anise Eden

the cook's secret ingredient, a romance book for cancers

The Cook's Secret Ingredient

By Meg Maxwell

Love at First

Love at First

By Kate Clayborn



By Soniah Kamal

beauty like the night

Beauty Like the Night

By Joanna Bourne

song of achilles, a romance book for cancers

The Song of Achilles

By Madeline Miller