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8 Super-Romantic Movies Based on True Stories

Sometimes love stories really do get a Hollywood ending.

By Kelsey McConnell

The Best (and Worst) Romantic Comedy Boyfriends to Bring Home for the Holidays

After the meet cute, it's time to meet the parents. But which love interests from popular romantic comedies could you actually bring home to your family?

By Lareign Ward

100 Romance Movies to Watch Before You Die

From It Happened One Night to Harry Met Sally and beyond, these are the romance movies that will make you want to have what we're having.

By A Love So True Staff

19 Movies to Watch After a Breakup

Sit back and let the movies heal your heart.

By Allison Wild

10 Charming Books to Read Based on Your Favorite Nancy Meyers Movie

Book-and-screen pairings for the reader who can't stop watching the director's romantic comedies.

By G.G. Anderew

The Best 90s Romantic Comedies That Are Worth Revisiting

We hate the way we don't hate these rom-coms. Not even a little bit. Not even at all.

By G.G. Andrew

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