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Judy Greer’s Greatest Best Friend Roles

A lead is only as good as their best friend—and there is no better best friend than Judy Greer.

27 dresses

Judy Greer has become one of the most iconic on-screen best friends. While Greer has played leading ladies in her own right in works like Mad Love and Driven, she’s gained a reputation for playing the lead’s best friend at various points throughout her career. If you’re as big a fan of Judy Greer’s reliable BFF roles as we are, we’ve rounded up eight of her greatest best friend roles. 

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13 Going On 30

13 going on 30
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Sometimes, your best friend is your worst enemy. When Jenna Rink (Jennifer Garner) makes a wish on her 13th birthday to grow up, she wakes up 30 years old. Judy Greer plays Lucy Wyman, her best friend and coworker. Jenna only knows Lucy as a popular mean girl, and at first she trusts that she's changed...but that turns out to be false.

27 Dresses 

27 dresses
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Jane Nichols is the personal assistant to the CEO of a company called Urban Everest. Judy Greer plays Casey, Jane’s best friend (and coworker). The two are complete opposites. Where Jane is uptight and committed, Casey is free spirited and blasé. 

But while Casey seems to have an apathetic approach to everything, and while she may tease Jane about her crush on George, she cares about Jane. One of Casey’s best qualities is that she keeps Jane grounded when she’s spiraling, and she wants Jane to want better for herself. 

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The Wedding Planner

the wedding planner
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Mary Fiore (Jennifer Lopez) is an incredibly ambitious wedding planner. She focuses on making everyone else’s dreams come true. Judy Greer plays Penny Nicholson, her meddling best friend and colleague, who gives Mary the nudge that she needs to get her own love life together. 

Unfortunately, Penny nudges Mary toward an engaged man...But in Penny’s defense, she had no idea that he was engaged at the time! Penny also helps Mary focus on work, not on the hunky groom that she’s fallen for (Matthew McConaughey).

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The TV Set

the tv set
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  • Photo Credit: THINKfilm

Mike Klein (David Duchovny) is trying to get a television pilot cast, produced, and aired. Mike faces adversity at every turn—from producers, from network executives, from his pregnant wife. Judy Greer plays Alice, his friend and personal manager who tries to help keep him focused as he grapples with executives Lenny (Sigourney Weaver) and Richard (Ioan Gruffud) trying to change the pilot’s motivations. 

Alice has her own shortcomings—she’s not particularly film literate, and while her optimism may sometimes grate on Mike, she’s doing her best to keep both of their heads above water. 

Love Happens

love happens
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Burke (Aaron Eckhart) is a self-help guru that literally runs into a florist named Eloise (Jennifer Aniston). The two share an instant attraction, but while Eloise is less hesitant to see where things may go, Burke finds himself holding back. Judy Greer plays Marty, who often grounds her headstrong and laid-back friend. She may be a little harsh on Eloise at times, but she only does so because she doesn’t want to see her hurt. 

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Inspired by the 1988 films Heathers, Jawbreaker follows a shocking event at Reagan High— someone is murdered by choking on a jawbreaker. Judy Greer plays Fern Mayo, an outcast at Reagan High. Fern is brought into the fold of the popular girls’ clique, given a makeover and made to take on a new persona as "Vylette." As her popularity blooms, Fern begins to lose her sense of self. But when the lie crashes down around her, her former friends take pity on her and forgive her. 

Jurassic World

jurassic world
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In a rare twist, we see Judy Greer in need of support rather than supporting someone. Greer plays Karen, who sends her sons to spend some time with their Aunt Claire on Isla Nublar as she and her husband try to rekindle their marriage. Little does she know that a relaxing weekend at Jurassic World will turn into something a touch more deadly. 

What Women Want

what women want
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  • Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

This rom-com has Judy Greer in more of an ancillary role than most. When advertising executive Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) gains the ability to read women’s minds, he takes advantage of this newfound power, using it to rise to the top at work. But he also uses it as a force for good, helping the company’s secretary, Erin, played by Judy Greer. 

Judy Greer Is the Best Friend

judy greer is the best friend
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  • Photo Credit: Funny or Die

This Funny or Die sketch has Judy Greer playing herself in the role of the best friend, showcasing the less glamorous side of being the BFF. She encourages her friend to go get her man, and she meets someone of her own...But whether or not it’ll work out remains to be seen.

Featured Photo: Sony Pictures