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4 New Romantic Comedy Books to Read This Spring

Perfect for enjoying on a hot beach, or as the newest book for your book club with friends. 

new romantic comedy books 2022

These four romantic comedies are must-reads for the summer of 2022. Each of these fantastically funny romance novels features diverse and realistic characters, settings, and dilemmas, from a young Puerto Rican restaurant owner facing the hardships of gentrification to a plus size woman learning to love herself after a breakup. 

They are each real, complicated humans who, despite all of the problems in their lives, can still find time for love. Whatever you do this summer, make sure to make time for enjoying these modern rom-coms.

savvy sheldon feels good as hell, a new romantic comedy book

Savvy Sheldon Feels Good As Hell

By Taj McCoy

Savvy Sheldon Feels Good as Hell is not your typical romance novel. Our romantic protagonist is a plus-size woman of color who can only begin to find real joy by prioritizing a relationship with herself. 

After a terrible breakup, Savvy acknowledges she must confront her insecurities and dilemmas in life head-on. When we meet Savvy, she is just barely getting through each day and not fully enjoying several aspects of her life. Other than a group of friends who she can consistently count on, all other parts of her life disappoint her, including her job, her apartment, her relationship with her body, and of course, her love-life. 

Jump into Taj McCoy’s debut novel this spring to follow a woman on her journey to self-love, mental and physical wellness, and true joy. And oh, she also meets this amazing guy, but you knew that already!

love, hate & clickbait, a new romantic comedy book in 2022

Love, Hate & Clickbait

By Liz Bowery

Thom Morgan is a laser-focused, ambitious political consultant for the California governor’s presidential campaign. There isn’t much in life not going his way, until he has to deal with an irritating work-enemy, Clay Parker. As a snobbish data-analyst, Clay irritates Thom thoroughly, making it hard to get through even just a minute of conversation. 

But in a blow-up, face to face screaming match, just inches from one another’s faces, a journalist snaps a photo that makes it look as though they are merely seconds away from making out. A rumor spreads in the media that Clay and Thom are in a relationship, and, at the request of the governor hoping to secure the liberal vote, Clay and Thom decide to go along with it

Thom, unwilling to risk his job, takes on the challenge, but soon finds his hatred for Clay turning into a romantic and mutual passion. The two timidly cross the boundaries past a friendship, making this an enemies-to-lovers romance you won’t be able to resist. 


The Dachshund Wears Prada

By Stefanie London

Calling all the dog people and fans of internet scandals! The Dachshund Wears Prada follows social media consultant Isla Thompson after she makes one of the worst mistakes of her life. When Isla encourages a client to make a post that goes viral and gets them canceled, she simultaneously ruins their career and her own. The internet moves much faster than Isla can manage, and before she knows it, she is black-listed from social media consulting and out of a job for months.

To make ends meet, and continue providing for her 14-year-old sister, Isla begins a dog sitting job for the owner of a hellhound. The owner, Theo Garson, is extremely well-off, and the hellhound, Camilla, is a complete nightmare. Over time, however, Isla begins to realize that Camilla is actually a pretty sweet dog, and like her owner, just takes some time to get to know. 

a proposal they can't refuse, a new romantic comedy book in 2022

A Proposal They Can't Refuse

By Natalie Caña

Kamilah Vega and her Puerto Rican family own a restaurant in the heart of Chicago, which is being forgotten little by little in a gentrifying city. Her ideas to make the restaurant more appealing to young, hipster foodies are largely ignored by her abuelo, who seems to be more concerned with her love-life, or lack thereof, than making a change to the restaurant. 

Coincidentally, it turns out that her abuelo’s best friend has a single grandson. Although she has known the grandson, Liam,  for much of her life—his family owns a distillery in the same building—she is largely uninterested. But then Liam's grandfather gets sick, and tells his grandson his dying wish is to see Liam get married to Kamilah. 

To add even more pressure, their grandfathers threaten to sell the building if the two do not get married. In hopes of saving both businesses, the two launch themselves into a fake engagement. What could go wrong?