10 New Romance Books to Make Your June Even Hotter

These sizzling and sweet new releases deserve a spot on your TBR list.

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Buy A Dark and Stormy Knight at Amazon

A Dark and Stormy Knight

By Kerrigan Byrne


Sir Carlton Morley spent his youth as a murderous thief in the night, but a terrible tragedy turned him into a man who grew to be not only a decorated soldier, but Scotland Yard’s justice-driven Chief Inspector. He strives for redemption and retribution, vowing to never give in to the weakness of temptation. However, he never planned on meeting Pru, a proper woman determined to capture one night of glorious passion before she falls from status. Pru may have gotten more passion than she bargained for, and Morley is weaker to this temptation than he could have ever believed ...

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Buy If We Were Us at Amazon

If We Were Us

By K.L. Walther


Sage Morgan and Charlie Carmichael are best friends attending their senior year at the prestigious Bexley boarding school. Though Charlie has a revolving door of girlfriends and Sage doesn’t have any real relationships under her belt, anyone and everyone who knows them knows that they’re destined for each other. It’s fate. Until Luke Morrissey shows up at school.

While Luke and Charlie strike up a quick and startling bond, Sage is left to finally spend some highly coveted time with Charlie’s twin brother, Nick. As the pair struggle with identity and commitment, their lifelong friendship may be the only thing that gets them through.

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Buy One Click Love at Amazon

One Click Love

By T. Gephart


On his 45th birthday, fire chief Mack gets a gift he never wanted: an online dating profile. But before he can delete the digital offense, he finds a message in his inbox.

Hayden clawed her way out of a loveless marriage, determined to celebrate her new found freedom with a one night stand. If only the man she messaged didn’t turn her plans upside down.

Neither of them wanted a relationship, but sometimes fate would rather give you what you need.

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Buy Taking His Shot at Amazon

Taking His Shot

By Kendall Ryan


A gorgeous and cocky hockey player sets his sight on Harper, a stubborn and feisty woman who refuses to go anyone near him. When the sports star wins a date with Harper at a charity auction, she has no choice but to spend at least one night with him, giving him the chance to win her over. But just when things seem like they’re starting to look up for the pair, an explosive secret threatens everything.

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Buy Coyote Blues at Amazon

Coyote Blues

By Karen F. Williams


After Riley was adopted by her wealthy parents, she was set to live a simple and privileged life. However, when she fell in love with an evangelical preacher’s daughter, Fiona, everything started to fall apart. On top of it all, hormones and her stirring feelings triggered a startling transformation that unearthed an incredible secret—Riley is a werecoyote. Not so thrilled by these sudden changes, her parents set her up with a trust fund and permanently parted ways as she set off for college.

Twenty years later, Riley is a lycanthropic psychotherapist partnered with her friend Dr. Margaret Spencer. Margaret is one of the few people who know about Riley’s dirty little secret, and she’s determined to keep it that way by confining her own love life to one-off online hookups. Until Fiona stumbles back into her life.

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Buy Party of Two at Amazon

Party of Two

By Jasmine Guillory


Olivia Monroe has just moved to Los Angeles to open her own law firm, and romance is the last thing she plans to pursue along the way. However, when she meets a charming stranger at a hotel bar, she finds out all too late that the man she’s been flirting with is actually junior senator Maxwell Powell. Olivia wants to resist, but he’s sweet, funny, and way more than she imagined a privileged politician could be.

When they start seeing each other in secret, the sneaking around is fun at first. But when their relationship is brought to light, the scrutiny may be too much for them to handle.

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Buy Take a Hint, Dani Brown at Amazon

Take a Hint, Dani Brown

By Talia Hibbert


Danika Brown is all about success and renown—but there’s also some room on the agenda for a little bit of tension-relieving bedroom fun with a friend-with-benefits. Zafir Ansari, the ex-rugby player security guard at her work building is the perfect candidate. However, that plan gets thrown out the window when Zaf has to rescue Dani from a fire drill gone wrong, and video of the incident goes viral.

The internet is clamoring for Dani and Zaf to be a couple, and this attention is exactly what Zaf’s children charity needs. So the plan is changed: fake a relationship for Zaf’s benefit, and seduce him behind the scenes for Dani’s. But Zaf is a secret romantic, and some relationships are too hard to resist...

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Buy Secrets of the World's Worst Matchmaker at Amazon

Secrets of the World's Worst Matchmaker

By Piper Rayne


After a matchmaker sets up her best friend with a woman he eventually gets engaged to, she realizes all too late that she’s actually in love with him herself. And so the secrets start to stack up. Heart broken in two, she tries to forget all the times it seemed like there might be more between the two of them, all while trying not to fall even deeper as she helps him along with wedding preparations. But the day of the nuptials might be full of more secrets than just her own.

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Buy To Catch an Earl at Amazon

To Catch an Earl

By Kate Bateman


Suddenly working undercover for London’s first official police force, Alex Harland—Earl of Melton and dedicated rake—is in pursuit of a notorious thief called the Nightjar. But when he runs into the mysterious and alluring Emmy Danvers, he’s reminded of an unsolved puzzle from his past—an unknown woman who has stolen a kiss from him, leaving him wishing she had taken so much more …

Emmy Danvers carries the secret that she is the ever elusive Nightjar. She’s always been good at keeping secrets, but her love for Harland may be hard to conceal with the earl hot on her trail.

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Buy A Cowboy State of Mind at Amazon

A Cowboy State of Mind

By Jennie Marts


Bryn Callahan never intended to start a horse rescue, but what else could she do when faced with the needy and abandoned animals that found their way to her door? And when a horse headed for slaughter throws Zane Taylor into her path, she’s in for even more unexpected changes.

Bryn is a sucker for a stray, but she’s had more than her fill of damaged men. Troubled Zane may be a horse whisperer, but he doesn’t know the first thing about talking to women and has sworn off love all together. Yet as fate would have it, they can’t seem to stay away from each other.

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Published on 28 May 2020