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The Best J.R. Ward Books to Become Obsessed With

Ward's stories of alpha male vampires, foxy fallen angels, and red-hot firefighters will grab your heart and never let go.

best JR Ward books

J.R. Ward is the reigning queen of paranormal romance—and with her Firefighters series, she’s even given non-vampire readers their own reason to begin an obsession. Ward, who also writes contemporary romance under the name Jessica Bird, is a New York Times bestseller whose books have entranced audiences across the world. 

Her Fallen Angels series takes readers from heaven to hell and back again, leaving fans singing her praises. She has brought her remarkable skills to a seriously hot series set in the high-stakes (and surprisingly sexy) world of firefighters. And now, her wildly popular paranormal romance series Black Dagger Brotherhood features 20 beloved titles! 

Check out the latest title in Ward's BDB series below, then see more of our picks for the best books by J.R. Ward. 

lover arisen, a jr ward book

Lover Arisen

By J.R. Ward

The newest title in J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series follows Balthazar, who has been possessed by the demon Devina. He's also searching for the Book of Spells—and trying to control his growing attraction to a human woman.

In her dreams, homicide detective Erika Saunders is being pursued by a dark stranger. And during the day, her case list is being filled with mutilated bodies. She knows something strange is happening in Caldwell, New York...but she has no idea just how much her life is about to change.

Lover Unveiled JR Ward Romance book

Lover Unveiled

By J.R. Ward

Sahvage has remained hidden for centuries, and has every intention of staying that way. But then Mae, a mortal woman who has nothing left to lose, accidentally unleashes evil incarnate. 

Against his better judgment, Sahvage joins Mae in fighting their common enemy. And even though they know they can never be together, the two can't help falling in love in the process.

best JR Ward books


By J.R. Ward

The first book in the Firefighters series, Consumed is a scorcher — in every sense of the word. In her old life, Anne was the best-of-the-best, an elite firefighter who went above and beyond in the name of duty. But one disastrous call to a warehouse fire changed everything. Now, Anne is devastated, desperate, and guilt-ridden, every day in her new career as an arson investigator identical to the last. 

Her obsession with firefighter Danny McGuire, a bad boy whose personal demons are pushing him to take increasingly dangerous risks on the job, threatens to consume her. Then, Anne begins working on a rash of arsons across the city, and suddenly her new job doesn’t seem so routine. Hot on the trail of a firebug threatening the entire city, Anne and Danny must work together to stop the arsonist before they strike again — and this time, with Anne as the target. 

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Dark Lover by J.R. Ward

Dark Lover

By J.R. Ward

The first in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Dark Lover is the book that started it all, introducing the vampiric society of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Wrath is the last purebred vampire left standing in the Brotherhood. When a loyal fighter in the Brotherhood is killed, Wrath must look after the deceased fighter’s half-human, half-vampire daughter — who has no idea what her father really was. 

Wrath wants to help the bewildered Beth Randall understand the brutal new world she’s been thrust into, but their time together is charged in a way neither has ever experienced before. An erotic tension is mounting between Wrath and Beth. But if they give in, it could destroy them both. 

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JR Ward books


By J.R. Ward

The first in the six-book Fallen Angels series, Covet is a paranormal romance that introduces an unforgettable, unconventional battle between heaven and hell. Forget ‘judge not, that ye be not judged' — assassin-turned-construction-worker Jim Heron has always had an unforgiving attitude towards sin. But he must question his own judgment when he's selected by heaven as a fallen angel. 

Suddenly, Jim is in the business of forgiveness, charged with steering six mortal sinners at the crossroads of heaven and hell towards redemption. And his first case is a doozy. Vin diPietro is a sexist, vain, greedy asshole. Worse, he's a sexist, vain, greedy asshole with an isolating, secret link to the undead that privately tortures him. With the forces of hell hungry for Vin’s soul, he’ll have to rely on the advice of a motorcycle-riding, self-professed 'angel' to save his soul. Along the way, Jim helps Vin open his heart and win the heart of the woman of his dreams. 

Set in the same paranormal universe as the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Fallen Angels is just as hot and addictive as Ward's benchmark series. 

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JR ward books

Lover Eternal

By JR Ward

Eternal Lover is the un-missable second Black Dagger Brotherhood book. Of all the vampires in the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Rhage is the most ferocious. His appetites — for violence, and for the pleasures of the flesh—are notorious. But the Brother's infamous barbarity masks inner turmoil. Rhage has been cursed with 200 years of hell; and in moments of conflict, he’s powerless to prevent his inner dragon from destroying everyone he’s close to. 

A human mortal facing a life-threatening secret, Mary doesn’t understand why the terrifying vampire Rhage is watching over her. But now that the aggressive member of the Brotherhood has become her temporary protector, she has to remind herself that the undeniable carnal magnetism between them can’t lead to a happily ever after. Mary's in no place to fall in love. And even if she were, she’s not sure Rhage is capable of a 'normal' relationship. But as their lust blooms into love, the two dare to dream of a new ending for their story. 

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JR Ward books

The Angels' Share

By J.R. Ward

The second book in Ward's Bourbon Kings series, The Angels' Share is a Southern romantic thriller full of family drama, illicit trysts, and dangerous secrets. The Bradford family of Kentucky made their fortune in bourbon. But money hasn't been able to buy the members of the Bradford dynasty happiness, and after the apparent suicide of their patriarch, ugly secrets and resentment come to light. 

Edward Bradford, the family's oldest son, is too busy dallying with his horse trainer's daughter to take on the responsibilities of being the man of the family. A bad boy with a debilitating weakness for bourbon, Edward is torn between two women. And when a shocking figure from the Bradfords' past makes a reappearance, the already-reeling family will have to reconsider everything they thought to be true. 

Although The Angels' Share doesn't have supernatural elements, fans of the Black Dagger series will still find lots to love in Edward's wounded alpha male-ness. 

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JR Ward books

Love Awakened

By J.R. Ward

The third Black Dagger Brotherhood book, Love Awakened is a steamy, emotional rollercoaster. Once a blood slave, the Brother Zsadist is still recovering from the abuse he endured. His pain manifests as fury and an unslakable thirst for violence. Savagery is the only way Zsadist can feel in-control; in his agony, he’s isolated himself from mortals and immortals alike. 

Then, in a single act of mercy, Zsadist’s world changes forever. When he rescues Bella from the Lessening Society — a military organization founded to eradicate vampires — Zsadist’s volcanic fury is transformed into undeniable desire for Bella. But even as the pair explore their attraction to each other, Zsadist’s desire for vengeance against Bella's captors threatens to consume him. 

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JR Ward books

The Rebel

By J.R. Ward

The Rebel is the delicious first book in Ward's contemporary Moorehouse series. Nate Walker could have it all if he'd just take his family's money, but he's too stubborn to compromise his morals for an easy fortune. Instead, Nate renounces the family wealth, a decision which costs him his engagement. 

Newly-single, Nate heads out on a journey across America, with his as chef knives his only companion. The plan is to start his own restaurant, but his car has other things in mind. When Nate is stranded in the Adirondacks, he takes refuge at a middle-of-nowhere inn, where he meets Frankie Moorehouse. 

Nate agrees to be the inn's chef for one summer. Somewhere along the line, he becomes...something to Frankie, too. The plan is always to leave Frankie and the inn when fall comes. But for once in his life, letting go and moving on might not come easily for Nate. 

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JR Ward books

Lover Revealed

By J.R. Ward

Book four in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series shows us more of the world of the Brotherworld through a mortal’s eyes. A former homicide detective, Butch O’Neal has seen so much of the dark side of humanity, little in the vampiric world fazes him. He’s also desperately in love with Marissa, a noble female vampire. 

To distract himself from his largely unrequited feelings, Butch throws himself into fighting alongside the Brotherhood. When he’s mortally wounded on the field of battle, it’s Marissa who has the power to revive him. 

JR Ward books

The Beast

By J.R. Ward

This emotional, heart-wrenching 14th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series follows Rhage and Mary, who were first introduced in Lover Eternal. Rhage has everything he ever wanted — more, even. Before Mary, he could never have conceived of a union as loving, as passionate, as beautiful as what they have. 

But despite it all, he’s plagued by devastating attacks of anxiety and depression. When Rhage looks inside himself to find the cure, what he discovers will change him and Mary forever. Fans of Rhage and Mary will adore this gripping, sexy chapter of their story. 

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