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The 25 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix

From meet-cute to HEA, these love stories are the best that Netflix has to offer.

to all the boys always and forever lara jean, a romantic movie on netflix
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How long do we have before Netflix releases an original romantic comedy called Netflix and Chill? We give it one or two years, tops, before we’re subjected to 120 minutes of star-crossed millennials falling for each other while watching To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Until then, though, we’ll have to enjoy this list of the best romantic movies on Netflix. Thankfully, 2022's streaming options have a lot to choose from. 

Whether you prefer classic romantic comedies or angsty dramas that will tear at your heart strings, there's a movie on Netflix right now to fill all your romantic fantasies. 

So grab some drinks, pile on the blankets, and get ready for these cinematic tales of meet-cutes and happily ever afters. 

Oh, and Netflix: if you want that rom-com idea, just send us a check.

This article will be updated periodically to reflect changes to Netflix Streaming. 

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Along for the Ride

along for the ride

Based on the Sarah Dessen book of the same name, this YA romance was adapted for Netflix by Sofia Alvarex, who also wrote the screenplay for To All the Boys I've Loved Before. That's a big plus in our book!

The story follows two insomniac teens, Auden and Eli. The two meet the summer before Auden is going away to college—and while the rest of their small town sleeps, Eli shows Auden the carefree teen life she's always wanted.

Love Hard

love hard, one of the best netflix romance movies
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New to Netflix on November 2, Love Hard is the story of Natalie, a girl who travels cross country to meet the man she's been falling for on a dating app, only to find that she's been catfished. Lucky for her, Josh (Jimmy O. Yang, Silicon Valley) was using the photos of Tag (Darren Barnet, Never Have I Ever), who lives in the same town. 

Josh agrees to set Natalie up with Tag if she'll pose as his girlfriend for the holidays. What could go wrong?


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Bianca (Mae Whitman) is fine with being the least popular person in her friend group—that is, until she learns that her non-popular status is being exploited by everyone in school. 

Wesley, the school’s beloved football star, explains to Bianca that she’s her friend group’s DUFF, or Designated Ugly Fat Friend. The less-popular masses at the school use Bianca’s accessibility to get close with her more popular pals. Determined to enact revenge on the people who have used her, Bianca finds an unlikely ally in Wesley, who also no longer feels he fits the high school mold he’s been forced into. 

Although the movie’s premise might be a little too harsh for most viewers, the enemies-to-lovers romance and Mae Whitman’s charisma still make this a fun high school romance movie.

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He's All That

he's all that, a romance movie on netflix
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Millennials will remember She’s All That, the classic 90’s rom com starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Lee Cook. Cook is back in this gender-swapped version of the film, playing the mother of cool girl Padgett. (Excuse us while we go put on our night cream.) Padgett has accepted a bet to turn her unpopular classmate, Cameron, into the prom king...and we can guess where this is heading.

Mother's Day

mothers day a romantic movie on netflix
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This romantic dramedy features an ensemble cast including Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts in interwoven storylines. However, the romantic heart of the story lies between Sandy (Aniston), a recently divorced mother of two, who meets Bradley (Jason Sudeikis), a former Marine who was recently widowed and left with two daughters of his own.

Fools Rush In

fools rush in, a romantic movie on Netflix
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Starring Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek, could this rom-com be any more 90s? (Sorry, we had to.) While on a business trip, Alex meets Isabel. Though the two are completely different—she’s fiery and carefree, while he’s uptight—opposites attract, and they have a one night stand. Alex didn’t expect to see Isabel again, but three months later, she shows up to tell him she’s pregnant.

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Five Feet Apart

five feet apart, a romance movie on netflix
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  • Photo Credit: CBS Films

Looking for more stories like The Fault In Our Stars? You’ll surely love Five Feet Apart, which tells the love story of Stella and Will, two young cystic fibrosis patients. Both have different strains of bacterial infections, making it extremely dangerous for them to be close to one another. They’re actually supposed to stay six feet apart from one another, but as you can tell by the title, the first risk they take is getting a little closer.

Just Say Yes

just say yes
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  • Photo Credit: AM Pictures

This charming Dutch language rom-com ticks all the right boxes. Lotte (Yolanthe Cabau) is a hopeless romantic. Unfortunately, her life gets turned upside down when her plans for her dream wedding fall to pieces. Which is of course when her self-centered sister gets engaged.

First Knight

first knight, one of the best romantic netflix movies
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  • Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing

Arthurian legend becomes a 90s melodrama in this romance starring Richard Gere, Julia Ormond, and Sean Connery. Gere plays Lancelot, a swordsman who quickly falls in love with Guinevere (Ormond). However, as anyone familiar with the legends knows, Guinevere is promised to King Arthur. She doesn't intend to break her word to him—but she can't help how she feels about Lancelot, either.

Arrives on Netflix November 1.

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The Perfect Date

romantic movies on Netflix
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  • Photo Credit: Netflix

Noah Centineo stars as Brooks, a high school senior hoping to go to Yale and pursue his passion for technology. 

When Noah discovers a way to get paid for taking his classmate's cousin Celia (Laura Marano) to a school dance, he is inspired to design an app that allows him to accompany teenage girls in need of a date. 

But as Brooks' scheme starts to run away from him, he almost misses the powerful but complicated connection developing between him and Celia. 

Single All the Way

single all the way, a netflix romance movie
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  • Photo Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s first gay holiday rom-com comes to screens on December 2nd! Peter is perpetually single—and to avoid another year of pointed questions from his family, he asks his best friend Nick to join him for the holidays and pretend to be his boyfriend. Nick agrees, but when Peter’s mother sends him on a blind date with her handsome trainer, James, Nick is surprised to realize their fake relationship has led to real feelings.

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The Princess Switch

romantic movies on Netflix
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  • Photo Credit: Netflix

It's Christmas all year round with this delightfully cheesy holiday romance, the streaming giant's answer to Hallmark Channel Christmas movies.  

The Princess Switch is the Netflix equivalent of a Hallmark movie, and filled with all the delightful cheesiness Hallmark fans have come to expect. Vanessa Hudgens does double duty as Chicago baker Stacy DeNovo, and her doppelganger, Lady Margaret Delacourt, Duchess of Montenaro.

Recently-heartbroken Stacy agrees to take a trip to the fictional country of Belgravia to participate in a baking competition. While there, she meets the betrothed Lady Margaret. 

Both are understandably struck by their identical looks, and decide to switch identities for a few days (like you do) so that Margaret can have some time out of the royal Belgravian spotlight. Baking fiascos, royal hijinks, and romance of course ensue. 

The perfect so-bad-it's-good movie to watch with friends or like-minded family this holiday season, The Princess Switch is as insubstantial and delicious as a candy cane. And there's more where that came from, including The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again, and on November 18, The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star.

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The Knight Before Christmas

romantic movies on Netflix
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  • Photo Credit: Netflix

In this fantasy romance movie, Vanessa Hudgens continues her run as Netflix's go-to Christmas rom-com star. Brooke (Vanessa Hudgens) thinks happily ever after is nothing but a fairy tale. But all her beliefs are challenged when she hits a strange man named Cole (Josh Whitehouse) with her car.

Cole calls himself Sir Cole, and insists he's a time traveling knight from the Middle Ages. Practical Brooke assumes Cole is confused by the accident, and takes him in until he's recovered. 

As she and Cole get to know each other and prepare for the upcoming holidays, Brooke begins to wonder if there's a chance Cole could really be who he says. And if he's actually a knight from the past, what is Brooke supposed to do with the growing feelings she has for this historic hunk? 

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romantic movies on Netflix
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Based on Anna Todd's book series of the same name—which in turn was based on One Direction fanfiction—After stars Josephine Langford as Tessa. 

A high-achiever in high school, Tessa is determined to stay focused and pursue a business degree now that she's moved away from home to college. But everything changes when she meets British bad boy Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin). 

Although the pair initially butt heads when they first meet, Tessa soon finds herself dreaming of Hardin, despite her boyfriend back home. Everyone who knows Hardin warns Tessa to stay away, but beneath his cold exterior Tessa knows Hardin can be deeply caring. 

Although After is problematic at times, it's certainly a fun college romance movie if you're looking for something to stream that will allow you to turn your brain off and get lost in a super-angsty, super-steamy romance. 

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Santa Girl

best romance movies on Netflix
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A new addition to Netflix's ever-growing collection of Hallmark Channel-like holiday romances, Santa Girl follows Santa's daughter Cassie Claus (Jennifer Stone). Eager to experience life outside the North Pole, Cassie convinces Santa (Barry Bostwick) to let her attend college for one semester. 

While there, Jennifer finds herself falling for confident JR (Joshua Cody) and developing a close friendship with Sam (Devon Werkheiser). 

But as she grows closer to people in the 'real world', Cassie also faces pressure to return home and enter an arranged marriage that will protect the North Pole from the machinations of Jack Frost. Can she possibly save her heart and save Christmas, all while staying off the Naughty List? 

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Always Be My Maybe

romantic movies on Netflix
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Sasha (Ali Wong) and Marcus (Randall Park) have known each other since they were next-door neighbors growing up in San Francisco. 

Sasha's parents worked long hours at their store, so Saha came to view Marcus' family as her own. While the two are in high school, Marcus' mom dies suddenly, and Marcus and Sasha channel their grief into an awkward sexual encounter in the backseat of Marcus' car. 

Over a decade later, Sasha is a successful celebrity chef trying to distance herself from her family. Marcus' life hasn't changed much since high school: he's dedicated to living at home with his aging father, playing in his long-time band, and staying in the Bay area. 

When a recently-dumped Sasha returns home briefly to open a restaurant, the childhood best friends are forced to reconnect. 

Featuring an already-legendary cameo by Keanu Reeves, this sweet and hilarious rom com is a second-chance romance that's perfect for a night of Netflix and chill-ing. 

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To All the Boys I've Loved Before

teenage romance movies
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This hit Netflix original is the perfect watch for when you're feeling down in the dumps and just want to watch two good-looking, good-hearted people fall in love. Based on the book of the same name by Jenny Han, it stars Lana Condor as Lara Jean, a romance-reading high schooler who copes with crushes by writing them letters she never intends to send. 

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But when these love letters mysteriously arrive in the hands of her crushes—including her older sister's ex-boyfriend—Lara Jean is determined to pretend her feelings for him are over. She and another letter recipient, Peter Kravinsky (Noah Centineo), agree to enter into a mutually beneficial fake relationship with each other. 

Before long, Lara Jean develops very real feelings for her fake boyfriend...but she and Peter may have created a lie that will be too difficult to unravel.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before: P.S. I Still Love You

ps i still love you, a romantic movie on netflix in february
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  • Photo Credit: Netflix

In the sequel to the hit Netflix original (based on the sequel novel by Jenny Han), Lara and Peter are officially a couple, and figuring out how to deal with a lot of relationship “firsts,” including their first real kisses, dates, and Valentine’s Day—not to mention balancing their relationship with other aspects of their lives, like spending time with friends.

As if all that weren’t enough, Lara is thrown another curveball when John Ambrose, one of the boys who received a love letter from her, re-enters her life. Lara’s not so sure her feelings for him are over ... and now she’s wondering if she can be in love with two boys at the same time.

To All the Boys: Always and Forever, Lara Jean

to all the boys always and forever lara jean, a romantic movie on netflix
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  • Photo Credit: Netflix

The third and final (!) film in the To All the Boys I've Loved Before series was filmed in secret, making it a very welcome streaming surprise in February 2021. About to graduate high school, Lara considers what her future will look like—and whether or not her relationship with Peter is meant to last through college and beyond.

The Kissing Booth

romantic movies on Netflix
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If you love high school romance movies, check out the Netflix Original The Kissing Booth, plus its sequels—the third one comes out on August 11, 2021!

Elle (Joey Flynn) and Lee (Joel Courtney) have been best friends since they were babies. Now that they're entering their junior year of high school, the pair have maintained their friendship by adhering to a strict code. However, hormones and the pressures of high school make it increasingly difficult to maintain the easy friendship they had as kids. 

When Lee's older brother Noah (Jacob Elordi)starts to develop feelings for Elle, Elle must decide whether following her heart is worth breaking best friend code. 

Although The Kissing Booth is aimed at young viewers, it's worth noting that it does depict some of Elle and Noah's relationship in a problematic light. For that reason, its arguably best viewed by adults, who can look critically at some of its more questionable moments while still enjoying the romantic cheese. 

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Falling Inn Love

romantic movies on Netflix
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Fans of Hallmark movies will enjoy Falling Inn Love, Netflix's pun-based romance about Gabriella (Christina Milan), who leaves her life—and jerk boyfriend—behind in San Fransisco when she wins an old inn in a contest. 

After she uproots her life and moves to New Zealand, Gabriella realizes that the inn is much more dilapidated than pictures led her to believe, and that she might not be as well-suited to the local rural lifestyle as she'd hoped. Plus, she finds herself butting heads with many of the locals, including Jake (Adam Demos), a super-handsome, super-infuriating carpenter. 

Unfortunately, Gabriella desperately needs the aid of a carpenter if she's going to restore the inn to something resembling its former glory. As the American city girl and the New Zealand country boy put aside their differences to restore the inn, they realize they have more in common than they ever expected.

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The Incredible Jessica James

romantic movies on Netflix
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  • Photo Credit: Netflix

This Netflix original stars the ridiculously charming former Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams as Jessica James, a struggling playwright reeling from a difficult break up with her ex, Damon. 

She rebounds with Boone (Chris O'Dowd), a recent divorcee who volunteers to keep tabs on Damon for Jessica via social media. Boone and Jessica have great chemistry, but what makes this rom com super easy to love is Jessica's passion for theater, and for the students she teaches. 

Just Like Heaven

just like heaven, one of the best romantic comedies on netflix
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If The Sixth Sense were a rom-com, it might look a little like this. Elizabeth was in a car accident, but no one told her that. A few months later, recent widow David moves into Elizabeth's old apartment—but her spirit hasn't left quite yet.

David can see and hear Elizabeth, but no one else can. Soon he finds out she in not in fact dead, but in a coma at a nearby hospital—and if he doesn't figure out a way to bring her back before they take her off life support, she'll be gone from his life forever.


romantic movies on Netlfix
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When New York PR agent Harper (Gillian Jacobs) learns she's going abroad for her first big work trip, her best friends Leah (Phoebe Robinson) and Nikki (Vanessa Bayer) insist on tagging along and crashing in her Barcelona hotel. 

Their first night out in Spain, the trio head to a local club, where some penis graffiti leads to a hilarious meet-cute between Harper and internationally renowned DJ Leo (Game of Thrones' Richard Madden). 

Struck by their instant chemistry, Harper and Leo try to reunite after his set, but a series of drug-fueled late-night mishaps prevent the course of true love from running smooth. When Harper learns that Leo will be playing the next night in Ibiza, her friends encourage her to throw caution and professional obligation to the wind and embark with them on a last-minute trip to the island. 

A raunchy rom-com that will please fans of Bridesmaids or Bad Moms, this Netflix original features some super romantic moments between Harper and her ludicrously hot Irish DJ, but never at the expense of highlighting the camaraderie between Harper and her loyal, debauched friends. 

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Set It Up

romantic movies on Netflix right now
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  • Photo Credit: Netflix

This Netflix original follows two overworked personal assistants who attempt to orchestrate a romance between their respective bosses—and wind up falling for each other in the process. 

Harper (Zoey Deutsch) is an aspiring sports journalist stuck in an assistant role for tyrannical media mogul Kirsten (Lucy Liu). Charlie (Glen Powell) is the lackey for volatile venture capitalist Rick (Taye Diggs). After a chance meeting, Harper and Charlie put aside their initial dislike and devise a scheme to trick Kirsten and Rick into falling for each other. 

Full of familiar rom com tropes, Set It Up will delight fans of When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and other classics of the genre. Harper and Charlie are charming—but Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs truly steal the show as two tightly wound, successful but deeply unhappy professionals. 

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