7 Super Sad Movies to Watch on Netflix 

    Grab some tissues.

    There are few things as therapeutic as a good cry. You know the kind of cry I’m talking about–it’s the Jim-and-Pam-finally-got-together cry or the that’s-so-sad-it’s-beautiful cry, not the I-just-closed-my-finger-in-the-door cry. It’s the kind of cry that you can virtually guarantee when you press play on a tearjerker like Atonement or any of the other movies on this list. So grab a box of tissues, cancel your plans, and get both the movies and the tears streaming tonight with this list of super sad movies to watch on Netflix. 

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    Atonement is a wartime romance, so you have to figure you’re in for a pretty bittersweet ride. This is a heavy film, so be prepared–Atonement touches on sex crimes, false accusations, war, and lost love. The movie is based on Ian McEwan’s acclaimed novel of the same name, but the film version earned plenty of praise itself: it was nominated for seven Oscars and won one. If there were an Oscar for making people ugly-cry all over their popcorn (and there is not), it would have won that one, too.

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    If you've ever fallen for the right person at the wrong time, Weekend is sure to strike a chord. After a random Friday night hookup, Russell (Tom Cullen) and Glen (Chris New) don't expect to become close. But over the course of a few days, the two quickly develop an intense intimacy, although their newfound connection comes with the knowledge that Glen will be moving to Oregon at the end of the weekend.

    The Last Five Years

    sad movies to watch on Netflix
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    If you've ever lost a major love, this movie (and the stage musical that inspired it) might wreck you. The Last Five Years follows the five-year relationship between writer Jamie (Jeremy Jordan) and actress Cathy (Anna Kendrick). The story jumps back and forth through separate timelines to follow the history of their marriage from Jamie's point of view and Kathy's, ultimately telling a story of love and loss that for many viewers will be as relatable as it is devastating. 

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    Y Tu Mamá También

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    Teenagers Julio (Gael Garcia Bernal) and Tenoch (Diego Luna) are best friends despite the class divide between them—Julio comes from a middle class family, while Tenoch's father is a government official. With their girlfriends away in Italy for the summer, the two invite older woman Luisa (Maribel Verdu) to join them on a roadtrip to a secluded beach. Having just learned of her husband's infidelity, Luisa surprises the boys by taking them up on their offer, and the rag-tag group set out on a journey that will be marked by sexual manipulation and revelations of unfaithfulness. Simultaneously erotic and unsettling, the movie takes a heartbreaking look at a woman determined to finally live her life on her own terms, and at the way masculinity can both bond and divide men. 

    Take This Waltz

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    Written, directed, and produced by Canadian indie film dynamo Sarah Polley, Take This Waltz stars Michelle Williams as Margot, a young writer married to Lou (Seth Rogen). While flying home from a business trip, Margot meets and instantly has chemistry with Daniel (Luke Kirby). When the two realize that they live close enough to each other to practically be neighbors, they share a mildly flirtatious cab ride from the airport, during which Margot reveals that she is married. Although Margot tries to ignore her attraction to Daniel, their chance meeting will have a ripple effect on her relationship with Lou, and on the family they've built together. A sad, slice-of-life movie that asks uncomfortable questions about marriage, intimacy, and monogamy, Take This Waltz will stay with you long after its final scene. 

    Anna Karenina

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    This 2012 Joe Wright adaptation of Russian classic Anna Karenina is a little uneven, but sumptuous and romantic nonetheless. Aristocrat Anna (Keira Knightley) is married to Count Karenin (Jude Law), but when she meets  Count Vronsky (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) their mutual attraction is as undeniable as it is inadvisable, and the two embark on a dangerous affair that will ultimately end in disaster. 

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    The Place Beyond the Pines

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    Another tearjerker from the director behind Blue Valentine, The Place Beyond the Pines follows the doomed, toxic romance between Luke (Ryan Gosling) and Romina (Eva Mendes). Luke turns to bank robbing to support Romina and their child, and his decision creates a legacy of pain and frustration that will echo across generations and families. 

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