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The 13 Best College Romance Movies That Earned a Degree in Love

Sometimes crushing on your TA is more than a fantasy.

the sun is also a star feature
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College: A time of freedom, self-discovery, new experiences, and the potential for love. 

From beautiful libraries to rowdy dorm rooms and every dining hall in between, the possibility of running into your new beau is always just around the corner. What could be more perfect than cuddling up to a cutie on the lawn of the Quad on a crisp fall day? Not much. 

From classics to recent films, each of these definitely make the Dean’s List. What are you waiting for? Brew some coffee, select a movie, and get ready for a crash course in Romance 101.

The Sun Is Also a Star

the sun is also a star
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This film based on the novel by Nicola Yoon stars Yara Shahidi and Charles Melton and follows the story of a young couple falling in love while one’s family is facing deportation.

Natasha and her family are set to be deported to Jamaica. Daniel is busy preparing for an interview for Dartmouth. After meeting in Grand Central Station, Natasha reveals she does not believe in love, so Daniel challenges her that he can get her falling in love with him in just one day.

As the pair begin to grow closer, Natasha fights for her family’s ability to stay in the United States and Daniel faces the pressure of the most important interview he’s ever had.


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Tessa Young is eager to begin her life as a college student. Leaving her boyfriend at home, she quickly befriends her roommate Steph, who introduces Tessa to her close circle of friends. 

In this circle is Hardin, a bad boy who refuses to date anyone. As he and Tessa get to know one another, drama develops and Tessa must make some difficult decisions regarding her friendships, her relationships, and her own good.

Boston to Philly

boston to philly
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In this coming-of-age film, Rome “Boston” Williams struggles with his ability to truly understand himself and build meaningful relationships in his new home on his college campus.

When one of his professors challenges his class to develop deeper “inner self” relationships, the walls between peers will begin to crumble as well.

One classmate, Carolina “Philly,” fights the demons of her past while Boston must face the trauma he endured from losing his family. Together with the rest of the class, these freshmen will learn how to create deeper relationships with themselves and each other.

Love Story

love story
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Considered one of the most romantic films by the American Film Institute, and ranking as one of the highest-grossing films of all time, Love Story is a must-see for anyone looking for a collegiate romance movie.

Oliver is a Harvard ice hockey player from an upper-class East Coast family. Jenny is a working-class student studying classical music at Radcliffe. The pair quickly fall in love and get married despite Oliver’s disapproving family.

As the two grow and finish school, their love must survive through the challenges of life and the obstacles that stand in their way.

Down To You

down to you
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Starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Julia Stiles, Down To You follows the love story of two students whose relationship is tested time and time again by the temptations of college life.

Al is an aspiring chef and Imogen is a rising, extremely talented artist. As the two begin dating and quickly fall in love, outsiders attempt to come between the couple. Al’s friend Monk believes the relationship is destined for heartbreak, and his friend Cyrus repeatedly flirts with Al.

Imogen’s fears of commitment arise as she spends the summer in France, and the pressure puts strain on the couple. Al and Imogen must decide whether their love is worth the sacrifices they are faced with making.

Pitch Perfect

Screenshot of the 'Pitch Perfect' trailer

You didn't think we could go through an entire list of romance movies without a musical, did you? Pitch Perfect features Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin, and plenty of other talents like Ben Platt and Rebel Wilson. The first film follows aspiring DJ Beca Mitchell as she enters Barden University. From communal bathrooms to activity fairs to the most college activity of all time—a cappella concerts—Pitch Perfect finds Beca and fellow singer Jesse Swanson circling around one another and competing in equal fashion. 

Like Crazy

like crazy
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Anna is a British exchange student attending school in Los Angeles. She meets American student Jacob, and the two begin seeing each other. After Anna graduates, she spends the summer in Los Angeles getting to know Jacob more but is unaware of the consequences of overstaying her expired visa.

Anna returns to London for a family engagement, but when she attempts to fly back to Los Angeles, she finds out she is banned from entering the United States and is sent back to London.

Anna and Jacob are then forced to decide if their relationship is strong enough to outweigh the distance apart. 

Legally Blonde

legally blonde
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One of the most iconic romantic comedies, Legally Blonde stars Reese Witherspoon as a West Coast sorority-president-turned-law-student trying to win back her ex-boyfriend Warner by following him to Harvard Law School.

As Elle enters the world of law school, she is challenged by her professors, her classmates, and herself to prove everyone’s stereotypical judgements wrong. 

Working on a high-profile murder case, Elle must decide whether to choose her new life as a law student or choose the life she always previously imagined having.

First Daughter

the first daughter
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Samantha MacKenzie has been in the public eye her entire life. As the daughter of the President of the United States, she is used to a lack of privacy and freedom from the agents that protect her on a daily basis.

When Samantha enrolls in college, she is able to take some space from the White House and finally gets to experience more freedom. Samantha faces the highs and lows of college, gets a taste of life out of the spotlight, and even becomes smitten with a fellow classmate.

But is Samantha's new life all it seems to be? Can she trust the classmate she’s fallen head over heels for? Only time will tell.

Love and Basketball

love and basketball
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  • Photo Credit: New Line Cinema

Quinn McCall and Monica Wright both grew up wanting to be professional basketball players. Quinn was born to be a star on the court, but Monica has always had to fight twice as hard for what she wants.

As the two begin attending USC, the pressures on and off the court start to take a toll on the couple. Suddenly, the future doesn’t seem so sure for them as both question their abilities, their dreams, and their love. 

A Beautiful Mind

Screenshot of 'A Beautiful Mind' trailer

A drama, a thriller, a romance, and a biopic all tied into one, Ron Howard's A Beautiful Mind certainly has the hardware to claim its place on this list. The film earned four Academy Awards in 2002, including Best Picture. The film tells a dramatized story of MIT Professor John Nash and his love story with real-life physicist Alicia Lardé Lopez-Harrison, who was his student in the film. A Beautiful Mind isn't just about falling in love, though. It's also about just how difficult love can truly be, the low points and the triumphs that follow.

Though the onscreen romance is played by Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly, Connelly eventually married another actor from the set, Paul Bettany.

The Graduate

the graduate
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Benjamin Braddock is a recent college graduate with no idea what to do with his life. 

Upon returning to his parents home, he begins an affair with an older married woman, Mrs. Robinson, a close friend of his parents. During the tryst, Ben is introduced to Elaine, the daughter of Mrs. Robinson, and he quickly becomes infatuated with her.

As Ben’s feelings continue to grow stronger for Elaine, Mrs. Robinson attempts to sabotage the couple. Will their feelings be deep enough to survive the challenges they face, or is it all a huge mistake?

Good Will Hunting

Screenshot from the trailer of 'Good Will Hunting'

Will Hunting (played by Matt Damon) is the most brilliant mind at MIT, but he's not a student or a teacher. He's a janitor. While the most difficult mathematical problems and proofs are easy for Will, his tortured past makes it impossible to fulfill his enormous potential. More importantly to his court-appointed therapist Dr. Sean Maguire (played by Robin Williams), Will struggles to trust new people and believe he deserves happiness.

Will knows that he loves Harvard medical student Skylar Satenstein but can't believe he is worthy of her love. He must decide whether she's worth the risk of getting hurt again. 

Featured Still from "The Sun Is Also a Star" via Warner Bros. Studios.