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10 New Romance Books to Get Lucky With this March

These sizzling and sweet new releases deserve a spot on your TBR list.

new romance releases march feature

With spring on the horizon, the weather’s warming up and so are this month’s new romance books. While you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, these heroes and heroines are green with jealousy in fake relationship romance plots. And if you can’t find someone saying “Kiss me, I’m Irish,” then a steamy historical Scottish tryst might do just as well. 

Whether you’ve got a soft spot for contemporary cowboys or your heart beats faster for regency scoundrels, these March romance releases have it all.

the wrong/right man aurora rose reynolds new romance releases

The Wrong/Right Man

By Aurora Rose Reynolds


Dakota Newton finds herself in quite the pickle when, after a steamy and passionate night in bed with her blind date, she gets a text grilling her about why she stood him up. Maybe it was silly to assume the gorgeous man outside the coffee shop was her blind date, but the stranger wandering half naked around her kitchen could have come clean at any time.

Braxton Adams has never considered himself a liar, but he knows a good opportunity when he sees one. Maybe his relationship with Dakota got off to a rocky and dishonest start, but now he’s determined to prove that the wrong man is exactly who she’s been looking for.

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the two lives of lydia bird josie silver new romance releases

The Two Lives of Lydia Bird

By Josie Silver


Freddie was Lydia’s true love—they’d been together for nearly half her life, and it seemed like nothing could tear them apart. Until Freddie died in a terrible car accident, leaving Lydia to wither away crying in bed.

When Lydia finally starts to get back on her feet, something incredible happens. Pulled back and forth through a doorway to her past, Lydia lives two lives—the one where she has to pick up all the pieces after a tragedy, and the one that never shattered in the first place. But even as she revels in her beautiful and impossible life with Freddie, it’s still not as perfect as it used to be. Because while she was picking up those broken pieces, she opened her heart to someone new.

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the billionaire in boots julia london new romance releases

The Billionaire in Boots

By Julia London


All Nick Prince wants is to become a pilot, but when his dad dies, he’s left to pick up the pieces of the family cattle ranch. Charlotte Bailey is the office manager on the ranch, and while she knows it’s her job to help Nick out, he’s just so grumpy and moody—and handsome. Sparks may be flying between them, but they both know the other is absolutely off-limits. Except, for the first time, Nick is finding he might have a reason to stay...

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only mostly devastated sophie gonzales new romance releases

Only Mostly Devastated

By Sophie Gonzales


Putting a queer spin on the classic high school romance Grease, this book follows Ollie after his amazing summer fling with the sweet and caring Will. But after Will ghosts him come fall, his life just keeps turning upside down. Following a family emergency, Ollie is carted across the country to a new school—the same school Will happens to attend. This would all seem exciting if, on top of disappearing from Ollie’s life after summer vacation, Will’s school persona wasn’t a closeted jokester jock.

Ollie knows better than to let the hot and cold Will back into his life. But when the other boy makes himself ubiquitous in all his classes and social circles, it gets a little harder for Ollie to remember why he’s supposed to keep his distance.

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love hard nalini singh new romance releases

Love Hard

By Nalini Singh


Jacob Esera is so much more than a star rugby player—he’s also a single father to his perfect six-year-old daughter. After the death of his childhood sweetheart, he’s done everything he can to build a quiet, safe, and simple life for his daughter. And his old classmate Juliet Nelisi has no place in it.

Juliet has a past full of scandal and rebellion, but these days she’s settled into an impressive job and a group of caring friends. And after a tumultuous break up with her cheating sports star boyfriend, she’s done with athletes for good. That includes the goody-two-shoes Jacob who used to be in love with her best friend.

But when the two of them are thrown together and unexpected feelings catch fire, what will happen to all their best laid plans?

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reborn yesterday tessa bailey new romance releases

Reborn Yesterday

By Tessa Bailey


Funeral home director Ginny Lynn was spending an average night alone in the morgue when the man on her embalming table woke up. Even though vampire Jonas Cantrell feels an immediate connection to Ginny, he knows he has to wipe her memory—humans aren’t supposed to know creatures like him exist. 

But when Ginny reveals a starling secret, their worlds intertwine in inextricable ways. Blurring the carefully placed boundaries between humans and vampires, past and present, and dark and light, the two of them build a beautiful love story—one that may be the only thing capable of saving them.

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the highland rogue amy jarecki new romance releases

The Highland Rogue

By Amy Jarecki


After his ship falls to a brutal attack, Sir Kennan Cameron finds himself near death and stranded on an isolated Scottish island. For Divana Campbell—abandoned by her family—the terrifying Highlander from a rival clan might be her only hope. Divana tends to Kennan until he’s restored to his strength, and he returns the favor by rescuing her away to his castle. But they’ve shared more than just a perilous island—they’ve shared growing and forbidden feelings.

Kennan is next in line to be chieftain, with thoughts of bloody revenge on his mind. How could there possibly be room for Divana in his life?

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if i never met you mhairi mcfarlane new romance releases

If I Never Met You

By Mhairi McFarlane


When Laurie’s boyfriend ends their relationship after more than ten years, her pristine life is turned upside down. As if it’s not bad enough that they work together and have to see each other every day, the modern day dating scene is absolutely abysmal. And the announcement of her ex’s pregnant girlfriend is just rubbing salt in the wound. But Laurie formulates a plan after a fateful exchange in a broken-down elevator.

Jamie Carter is the office’s playboy, but if he wants to get on his bosses’ good sides, then he needs a relationship with a respectable gal. With Laurie eager to get her own gossip spreading through the office, a fake relationship sounds like exactly what they both need. But the more they flaunt their sham of a romance, the more the lines start to blur.

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number neighbors emma hart new romance releases

Number Neighbors

By Emma Hart


One woman finds herself in a world of complications after a simple joke spirals out of control. All her friends were doing it—sending a dirty text to their “number neighbor”—but her text was the only one that got a serious response. Things were starting to heat up after four straight nights of steamy texting. But things really got out of control when her new kitten got sick.

Her real neighbor—handsome British vet Isaac Cooper—promised to take a look at the feverish feline. After taking on the kitten for the night, Isaac passed along his phone number so she could call him in the morning. But the number wasn’t as new to her as it should have been—and it came with a string of scorching-hot texts.

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lord holt takes a bride vivienne lorret new romance releases

Lord Holt Takes a Bride

By Vivienne Lorret


Winnifred Humphries would do almost anything to get out of marrying the despicable man her parents have picked for her. She has her heart set on marrying for love—if only she knew how to recognize when a man loved her. Setting out to learn the marriage habits of London gentlemen, Winn finds herself in hot water when she and her friends accidentally kidnap a wicked lord who wants revenge. 

Lord Asher Holt finally figured out a way to get out from under the weight of his father’s debts. But when three foolish women foil his plans by tying him to a chair, he’ll have to think up something new. Learning that Winn is actually an heiress makes him think that a kidnapping scheme might actually pan out pretty well…

As the two of them set out on a strange adventure together, they find more than what they were originally after. But if this love is real, how could Lord Holt ever hope to convince Winn it’s her he desires, and not money?

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