10 Erotic Historical Romance Novels You Haven’t Read Yet

Things are about to get steamy.

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  • Photo Credit: Aung Soe Min / Unsplash
Buy Simply Sexual at Amazon

Simply Sexual

By Kate Pearce

Buy Their Guilty Pleasures at Amazon

Their Guilty Pleasures

By June Tate

Buy An Invitation to Sin at Amazon

An Invitation to Sin

By Jo Beverley, Sally Mackenzie, Vanessa Kelly and Kaitlin O'Riley

Buy Come the Morning at Amazon

Come the Morning

By Heather Graham

Buy Scandal's Child at Amazon

Scandal's Child

By Sherrill Bodine

Buy A Woman Made For Sin at Amazon

A Woman Made For Sin

By Michele Sinclair

Buy Venus in Furs at Amazon

Venus in Furs

By Leopold von Sacher-Masoch

Buy Destroy, She Said at Amazon

Destroy, She Said

By Marguerite Duras

Buy Prayer-Cushions of the Flesh at Amazon

Prayer-Cushions of the Flesh

By Robert Irwin