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The Best Free & Discount Romance Apple Books to Download Right Now

Need a steamy read, STAT? Take a bite out of these juicy free or discount Apple Books.

free ibooks

Craving a sweet and clean historical romance? A sexy, modern story with humor and heart? Or an angst-filled tale that will have you crying and begging for more? Regardless of which genre of romance gets your pulse pounding, Apple Books has it all. 

These free and discount Apple Books are sure to more than satisfy your hunger for passion-filled page-turners. Formerly known as iBooks, Apple Books has an impressive library of romances, and offers a staggering selection of great titles you can download today at a significant discount, or entirely for free. Plus, you'll fall in love with the new Apple Books reading experience—all you need to do is download these must-reads to your preferred Apple device. 

So what are you waiting for? Satisfy your cravings and discover what you've been missing with these great romance Apple Books.

Note: Prices are accurate as of publication, but may be subject to change. 


just a fling charity ferrell free & discount apple books

Just a Fling

By Charity Ferrell

After an incredibly messy and public break up, Hollywood it girl Stella has vowed to give up dating for good. But her ruggedly handsome new bodyguard has her second guessing that plan—even if it seems like he wants nothing to do with her. 

As for Hudson, he’s not impressed by the glamor and limelight of the industry—this gig is just a favor for his brother. But when Stella offers up a no strings attached dalliance, can he really manage to keep his emotional distance?

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the viscount's wallflower bride lauren royal devon royal free & discount apple books

The Viscount's Wallflower Bride

By Lauren Royal & Devon Royal

Lady Violet Ashcroft has led a sheltered life far away from the suitors warring over her inheritance. That suits her just fine—she’d rather spend her days poring over books than getting her heart crushed. But when a handsome gentleman shows up next door, she starts to reconsider her stance on love...

Ford Chase, Viscount Lakefield, is through wasting time on women. He’s ready to utilize the distraction-free peace of the countryside to help him come up with a world-changing invention. But the woman next door is more intriguing than he had bargained for... 

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loving lauren jill sanders free & discount apple books

Loving Lauren

By Jill Sanders

Lauren West was brought up to tackle life fearlessly, but after her dad died and left her a thousand-acre ranch and two younger sisters to take care off, “fearless” is a hard standard to live by. Physically, emotionally, and financially drained, all Lauren wants is a break. Chase breezing back into town is the last complication she needs.

After returning back home to help his dad with the veterinary practice, Chase has his heart set on Lauren. Years ago he made sure the two of them were bound together, but after everything they’ve been through, it’s on him to prove they should spend the rest of their lives together.

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free ibooks


By Rachel Van Dyken

Book one in this exceptionally sexy series by Rachel Van Dyken is full of all the angst, tears, and steamy scenes you could possibly want—and they're all available for free on Apple Books right now. 

High schooler Kiersten is barely living. Traumatized by a terrible tragedy in her past, it's all she can do to get through the day without breaking down entirely. Enter confident senior Wes. He's a football star who knows his moves on the gridiron are only surpassed by his moves in the bedroom. Basically, Wes is a big, bad wolf—and he's drawn to Kiersten's lamblike innocence. 

Before long, Kiersten has totally fallen for the boy she never expected to give her a second glance. How could such a wolf be the one to blow down her walls? And what will she do when she realizes that Wes is hiding a tragic secret of his own—one that could cut their happily ever after tragically short? 

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come away with me kristen proby free & discount apple books

Come Away With Me

By Kristen Proby

Natalie and Luke have a meet-cute that's more like a meet-confrontation. A professional photographer, Natalie is taking pictures of a Seattle beach when she's interrupted by a stranger who assumes he's the focus of her photos. Why would he assume Natalie is interested in him? And why is he so uncommonly handsome? 

It doesn't take a detective to know that before long, Natalie and Luke develop feelings for each other, or that Luke is keeping an unusual secret from the sexy photographer. But the ride to those revelations is red-hot and romantic enough to keep you gripped nonetheless. 


winning the boss's heart hayson manning free & discount apple books

Winning the Boss's Heart

By Hayson Manning

Mason Christian is making waves in the coastal New Zealand town of Footsteps Bay, flipping a beloved historical home into something modern and sleek. Billie McLeod is his personal assistant—his forty-second, to be precise—and though her boss is difficult, he’s certainly nice to look at. 

Mason is eager to finish the job and dart off out of town to something new, while Billie is just hoping she can keep her hands off him long enough to save up to finish her degree. Surely both of them can stay professional...

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to the stars and back camilla isley free & discount apple books

To the Stars and Back

By Camilla Isley

Christian Slade is Hollywood’s hottest leading man. But when the cameras stop rolling, his love life is less than screen-worthy. Women flock to him to get a taste of his fame and fortune, but none of them seem interested in the man behind it all. 

When Christian meets the gorgeous and brilliant rocket scientist, Lana, who has no clue who he actually is, things might start finally looking up. But will their differences seem too vast when Lana finds out the truth?


dirty irish magan vernon free & discount apple books

Dirty Irish

By Magan Vernon

Whiskey and rugby have always been the two most important things in Sean Murphy’s life. But when the clause in his late father’s will forces him to find a wife if he wants to save the Murphy Pub empire, he’ll have to put everything else on hold as he races to find someone to walk down the aisle. 

Luckily, his sister-in-law’s fiery American best friend, Leah, is the perfect person to help him nail down a spouse—even if she’s just gotten out of her own romantic mess. But what happens when the matchmaker becomes the match?

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some like it plaid angela quarles free & discount apple books

Some Like It Plaid

By Angela Quarles

Exhausted from working two jobs and drowning in debts left to her by her no-good, scamming ex-husband, Ashley Miller is ready for a break. So how could she pass up a free vacation to Scotland, complete with a Highland escort? But she travels a bit farther than intended when she ends up in the second century—and thrown into a marriage with a Highlander, no less.

Connall’s tribe is struggling to get by after a tragedy left them with very few marriageable women. But when his Druid priest gives him the idea to nab a wife from a place—or time—with an excess of available women, Connall gets way more than he bargained for from his outspoken bride. As Ashley causes an uprising in the women with her demands for equality, Connall’s life is turned upside down, even as he finds himself truly smitten.

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