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22 Hockey Romance Books That Can Melt Ice

These books are like a slapshot to the heart.

hockey romance books

Who doesn’t love a book about a man in peak physical shape? Who doesn’t want to read about a hockey god who seems to have it all—from fans throwing themselves at him to unlimited access to VIP lists—but wants to give it up for the one person who’s unlike anyone else he’s ever met before? 

If you don’t love these types of books, then we probably wouldn’t have anything in common. 

The intensity, dedication, and hard work that goes hand-in-hand with being an athlete is something that can be very attractive. And when these attributes translate from the rink to the field of love, we can’t help but swoon. 

We created a list of some of the best hockey romance books that encompass all of our favorite types of love stories—from second chances to unrequited love and everything in between. 

Our Favorite Hockey Romances

The Dixon Rule

The Dixon Rule

By Elle Kennedy

Shane Lindley is a tall, handsome hockey player, but Diana Dixon has no trouble telling him to get out of her face, even if he is her new neighbor. She's too busy juggling two jobs, practicing for her ballroom dance competition, and avoiding her ex who can't seem to take a hint to give Shane any of her time.

But what Diana doesn't know is Shane is tired of hookups after his own ex broke up with him. And now, to make his ex jealous, he's told her that Diana is his new girlfriend. To keep her own ex away, Diana agrees to play along…but soon enough, their fake relationship starts to feel a little too real.

The Deal Elle Kennedy

The Deal

By Elle Kennedy

For Hannah Wells, sex is wrapped up in a lot of personal hangups. Luckily for her, she’s finally found someone she’s willing to navigate her baggage for—if only she had the confidence to actually do something about it. But Hannah has a plan to catch her crush’s attention. 

All she has to do is go on a fake date with the popular and cocky captain of the hockey team, Garrett Graham, and then the man of her dreams will have to take notice.

Garrett’s dreams of playing professional hockey after college hang in the balance as his declining GPA threatens his position on the team. He’ll do anything to keep his future on track, even if it means he has to play boyfriend with the girl he needs tutoring help from. 

But when his and Hannah’s game of pretend spirals out of control into a night of passion, Garrett realizes that he might want their fake relationship to turn into something real.

Game Play

Game Play

By Lynda Aicher

Things gets complicated when Minnesota Glaciers defenseman Dylan Rylie learns that his one-night stand, Samantha Yates, has been hired to coach his team. Neither expected to see each other again, but soon brutal on-ice workouts lead to kinky locker room sessions as Samantha and Dylan try to forge a path forward together.

Pucked Helena Hunting


By Helena Hunting

Violet Hall is no stranger to the way hockey players operate—after all, her stepbrother plays for the NHL. She knows that they’re a bunch of playboy meatheads with pretty faces, magnificent bodies, and very little beyond that. 

So of course, when she meets team captain Alex Waters she wants nothing to do with him. That is, until Alex shatters all of her preconceived notions about himbo jocks.

When Violet and Alex spend a mind-blowing night in bed together, Violet assumes it’s one and done. But then Alex calls her, and as he keeps reaching out the adorable gifts start to pour in. Maybe he’s more likable than Violent bargained for, and maybe there’s a lot more to him than she could’ve known. But the media disagrees.

Icebreaker by Hannah Grace


By Hannah Grace

If one winter-sport athlete just isn't enough, consider this TikTok sensation by Hannah Grace. The story follows prospective Olympic skater Anastasia Allen and her battles for rink time with University of California, Maple Hills Hockey Captain Nate Hawkins. 

Enemies become unlikely allies when Anastaia's skating partner puts her Olympic dreams in jeopardy and she has to turn to Nate for help. But surely, they'll never be anything more than that. After all, Anastasia is sure she could never fall for a hockey player, right?

On the Surface Kate Willoughby

On the Surface

By Kate Willoughby

Tim Hollander has a temper. After an altercation with a heckling fan, he gets traded to play for the San Diego Barracudas. He’s on thin ice, hoping against all hope that he can surround himself in good publicity to keep his career afloat.

Erin Collier is clueless about hockey. However, the nurse finds herself in line for Tim’s autograph in hopes of impressing her doctor crush. When a rowdy fan starts to harass her, rescue comes in the form of one of Tim’s flying punches.

Tim’s in hot water now, but Erin is grateful enough for his intervention to stand by him at his press conference. Sparks fly, and the two of them find themselves tangled up in each other’s lives. Erin is skeptical about how serious a guy like Tim can be about a relationship, and all Tim wants to do is prove her wrong.

Body Check Deirdre Martin

Body Check

By Deirdre Martin

Janna MacNeil has one goal: change the rough and rowdy media image of the New York Blades. Ty Gallagher has a different goal: lead the New York Blades to another Stanley Cup victory. 

The publicist and the hockey team captain will do absolutely anything to see their plans come to fruition, even if it means butting stubborn heads with the person standing in their way.. But what happens when the heat of anger turns into an overwhelming heat of desire?

The Man She Shouldn't Crave

The Man She Shouldn't Crave

By Lucy Ellis

Most of the books on this follow either hockey coaches or players, but Lucy Ellis goes all the way to the top in The Man She Shouldn't Crave. Dating-agency owner Rose Harkness makes a proposal for a famous hockey team, which leads her directly into the orbit of its enigmatic owner, Plato Kuragin. 

It isn't long before Rose realizes that she has her hands full with Plato. The last thing she wants is to be just another in his long line of conquests, but one taste of the forbidden has her hooked on what ought to be off-limits…

On the Fly Katie Kenyhercz

On the Fly

By Katie Kenyhercz

Fresh out of grad school, the last thing Jacey Vaughn expected to happen was for her father to die. What she expected even less was to inherit his NHL team. She knows nothing about the rough, icy sport, but that’s not going to keep her from working hard to honor her father’s legacy.

Carter Phlynn was drafted into the NHL at eighteen years old. Hockey is the one constant in his life, and the only thing he’s ever wanted is to win the Stanley Cup. Passionate and focused, nothing can keep his mind off the game.

Of course, when Jacey and Carter start to fall for each other, everything descends into chaos. The media latches on to the scandal of a team owner in a relationship with a player, and everyone’s reputation is on the line. Jacey can deny feelings all day long to reporters, but how long can she deny them to herself? And Carter’s never been in a relationship for longer than a month—should he risk it all now?

Ice Flambe Rachelle Vaughn

Ice Flambé

By Rachelle Vaughn

Morgana Rossie left Red Valley with big plans and joined culinary school in Europe. However, those big plans start to crumble after a contentious and public break up with her politician boyfriend. 

Morgana sells her D.C. catering business and returns home with her tail tucked between her legs. She’s going to start fresh, and she’s not going to make the mistake of letting a man into her life again.

It’s fortunate that Lucas Leighton, a famous hockey player, isn’t looking for anything serious either. 

He lives from one one-night-stand to another, and when he runs into Morgana—the girl he harbored a crush on through high school—he assumes things are going to proceed as normal. But while some habits are hard to break, some feelings are even harder to shake.

Taking Shots Toni Aleo

Taking Shots

By Toni Aleo

The first book in the Assassins series, Taking Shots follows Elli Fisher, a girl who has always had insecurities about her appearance, her love life (or lack thereof), and her career. 

When she meets Nashville Assassins player Shea Adler during a photo shoot, Elli assumes he could never have any interest in her. She’s wrong. 

Shea’s life outside of hockey is quickly going out of bounds before he meets Elli. He’s tired of the women who approach him because he’s a famous athlete, and he’s over the partying that his teammates indulge in. 

When he talks to Elli at the photoshoot, he’s amazed with how different she is from everyone else. Her humor and intelligence are unparalleled, but she can’t see it. Shea must do everything he can to help Elli see what they could have together—before it’s too late.

From the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Toni Aleo, Taking Shots will remind you of the importance of self-love and finding someone who will make you believe in yourself. 

Right Man, Right Time by Meghan Quinn

Right Man, Right Time

By Meghan Quinn

When Ollie runs into her ex and discovers that he's now dating her nemesis, she makes a stupid, genius decision: She reaches for the closest guy at the bar and kisses him. Of course it didn't hurt that Silas, the man in question, was the most attractive man she'd ever seen. 

Walking away from Silas after proves more difficult than Ollie expected—in all the best ways. Soon enough he's staying at her dorm, and Ollie's only fear is that her feelings are the only ones involved.

Simply Irresistible Rachel Gibson

Simply Irresistible

By Rachel Gibson

Georgeanne Howard seems to have it all: She’s a Southern belle set to marry an incredibly wealthy man. But he’s more than triple her age, and she doesn’t love him. 

Enter John Kowalsky, a professional hockey player who unintentionally helps Georgeanne escape on the night of the wedding. The catch? Georgeanne’s abandoned fiancé is the owner of the team that John plays for. Now that’s complicated.

John is selfish, and he surely wouldn’t have helped Georgeanne if he had realized what he was doing. But, when you combine his excitement over driving the getaway car and her freedom with newfound singledom, the pairs’ undeniable immediate attraction gets physical. Their tryst produces a daughter that John doesn’t know about.

Seven years later, John learns about the daughter that resulted from his one night with Georgeanne. John has matured and wants to be a part of his child’s life. Georgeanne can’t deny that she’s loved John since that night, but she doesn’t want to be hurt. Will she let him in? Or will she be content with only letting him be a father to their daughter? 

This novel is the first in the Chinooks Hockey Team Series, and the sweetness of this second chance romance will have you running to order the other books as fast as Georgeanne ran from her ex-fiancé. 

Married to the Maverick Millionaire

Married to the Maverick Millionaire

By Joss Wood

Cal Carter imagined a marriage of convenience. She could think of no better partner in the ruse than her childhood friend, Quinn Rayne.

Quinn, for his part, is happy to oblige. As a heartthrob hockey coach, Quinn's personal life has long been an interest to the press, and he hopes that Cal's proposal will quiet the noise.

It seems perfect, except for the sizzling passion between them that neither one really wants to resist…

The Year We Fell Down Sarina Bowen

The Year We Fell Down

By Sarina Bowen

If you think you’re too old to read a new adult romance, then you’re missing out with this novel. The Year We Fell Down turns the typical hockey romance on its head with a burgeoning couple who is facing injury head-on … and together. 

Corey Callahan is a top hockey player. That’s why she was recruited to play varsity at her new college. When she gets in an accident, her dreams are put on pause ffor the immediate future, as she now uses a wheelchair. 

Coincidentally, across the hall is someone in the exact same position as her—another star hockey player with a broken leg named Adam Hartley. Corey is immediately drawn to Adam, but he’s in a relationship and her focus is on getting better.

The pair agree to help each other get better so they can both get back on the ice. Each is the only one who really understands what the other is going through. As the semester progresses, they find themselves getting closer and closer …

The book is the first in a series that revolves around hockey stars from the same college. Each focuses on a new protagonist, and a new love story.

Breakaway Catherine Gayle


By Catherine Gayle

Eric “Zee” Zellinger is the captain of the Portland Storm hockey team. His team was victorious, well-organized, and unstoppable. Until they weren’t. 

Dana Campbell’s older brother is Eric’s best friend. She trusts Eric completely, and that’s why she asks him to help her one night over dinner. She has been through trauma, and her doctor recommends a particular type of therapy that she thinks Eric can assist her with. 

Fans of the forbidden romance will soon add this book to their collection of beloved books. Gayle’s narrative will have you wondering when it is okay to abandon unspoken friendship rules when true love is on the line. 

Offside Juliana Stone


By Juliana Stone

In a small town, old traditions die hard. Billie-Jo Barker comes home after pursuing a hockey career and wants to play in her small town’s Friday night league. But there’s never been a woman on the team before, and many of the men in town would like to keep it that way.

Billie has always had feelings for her ex, Logan Forest. They dated when she was a teenager and she hasn’t forgotten about him ... Seeing him every week during the game is a constant reminder to her about how much she cares. All she needs is for him to care as much. 

This novel will have you rooting for the institution of a coed hockey team as much as the rekindling of Logan and Billie-Jo’s relationship.

Him Sarina Bowen Elle Kennedy


By Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

Jamie Canning and Ryan Wesley were roommates and best friends at their summer hockey camp. On the last night of camp, their relationship turned physical and they haven’t spoken since. 

Ryan wonders why it matters, because it was just a one-time thing, and he’s pretty sure that Jamie isn’t interested in guys anyway. 

When Jamie gets a job coaching at the summer camp, he’s surprised to see that Ryan is also there. Jamie wants to know why things had to change so much, and along the way, he’ll find out more about Ryan than he ever could have imagined. 

In the first of their collaborative novel series, Bowen and Kennedy show the masculinity that we associate with hockey players and juxtapose it with sensitivity, as one character comes to grips with his sexuality—without the approval of his family. 

Good Boy Sarina Bowen Elle Kennedy

Good Boy

By Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

In a spin-off from the above Him series, Good Boy centers on Jamie Canning’s sister, Jess. She’s the black sheep of the family, so she wants everything to be perfect when planning her brother’s wedding. Because he’s a professional hockey player, Jamie’s wedding has a high profile guest list, including fellow hockey star and best man, Blake Riley. 

The two have an undeniable connection, but Jamie needs to devote all of her attention to the wedding planning. Blake has other ideas, and wants to prove to Jamie that he’s worth her time. 

In this comedy, Blake’s funny courting methods are just the tip of the iceberg when drunk grandmas and other shenanigans ensue.

Off Sides Sawyer Bennett

Off Sides

By Sawyer Bennett

Now known for a prolific romance writing career, Sawyer Bennett’s debut novel makes it clear why there was such a demand for her to keep writing. 

Off Sides includes the story of a demanding family putting strain on a son do what is best for them. Ryan Burnham grew up privileged and good at hockey. 

He wants to play in the NHL and would make it there, except his family wants him to pick a more respectable career path. He’s the son of a Congressman, and playing hockey professionally was never part of their plan.

When he meets Danny Cross, everything changes, and Ryan finally has the ability to fight for what he wants. She’s different from anyone else that he’s ever met. She’s had no other choice but to become self-made. 

Her parents died, and she has to pay her way through college by working multiple jobs, yet she still makes time to volunteer. But she had to give up her passion for music. The pair are so different, but they forge a strong bond—can it be enough?

Room for You Beth Ehemann

Room for You

By Beth Ehemann

When her husband left her, Kacie Jensen had no other choice but to raise her twin daughters on her own. Because she wants to finish her studies, she moves back to her mother’s bed-and-breakfast for some help watching the girls. 

During a torrential storm, hockey player Brody Murphy seeks shelter at Kacie’s mom’s bed-and-breakfast. With nothing else to do but get to know each other, Kacie falls for Brody and sees a future with him and her girls. She soon wonders if he’s her second chance, or if he should just be another guest at the inn. 

Though hockey isn’t the main attraction of the novel, the idea that a rugged athlete would have the best weekend of his life at a small bed-and-breakfast named The Cranberry Inn is undeniably adorable. 

Thin Ice Liana Laverentz

Thin Ice

By Liana Laverentz

Thin Ice is the story of falling in love with the person you least expect to. Emily Jordan is an ER doctor who hates violence of all kinds—even when it’s on the rink. W

hen hockey player Eric Cameron gets into a bar brawl that lands him in Emily’s ER, he is enchanted by her strong will, independence, and intelligence. She isn’t affected—she’s too focused on caring for her son and rebuilding after tremendous loss at the hands of an abusive ex-husband. 

You’ll swoon over the scenes when Eric proves to Emily that he can be a positive figure in her son’s life, and you’ll cry when you read about the abuse that Emily suffered before. The journey of two characters bettering themselves before they can fully fall is one you’ll happy to be a part of. 

Featured image from cover of "Him" by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy