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All of Laura Griffin’s Books in Order

After all, thrills are the best aphrodisiac. 

laura griffin book covers

Laura Griffin is the award-winning author of over 30 novellas, and is best known for being “the perfect mix of suspense and romance.” She’s had the ideal career for it too: starting off on the student newspaper at Vanderbilt, she eventually graduated and covered news in Chicago, Southeast Asia, and her homestate of Texas. 

She says that “the reporter bug never really left [her] and [she] often gets ideas for new stories by skimming news articles.” Interviews, research, and field trips to places like crime labs and law enforcement agencies helps her bring her ideas to life. 

Her newest release is Liar’s Point, the fifth book in the Texas Murder Files series, but she has a whole career of books to get through before you dive into that one. 

For an exhaustive list of all of Laura Griffin’s books in chronological order, read on!

Borderline Series

one last breath laura griffin

One Last Breath

By Laura Griffin

Starting strong, One Last Breath is the epitome of romantic thrillers. We meet blonde, spoiled, former cheerleader Feenie Malone, who takes a job writing fluff for her South Texas paper. Not realizing what she’s about to get herself into, she bumps into PI Marco Juarez during her first investigation. 

Marco has been trying to solve his sister’s murder, and Feenie knows the sexy PI’s information could be an incredibly hot lead. Normally, Juarez has no patience for reporters, but there’s evidence pointing to Feenie’s ex-husband, and he’s determined to solve this murder. He lets her in on the investigation, thinking he can keep close tabs on her–but he’s underestimated her, and they’ve both underestimated the danger they’re in. 

one wrong step laura griffin

One Wrong Step

By Laura Griffin

The second installment in the Borderline series features new characters, starting off with Celie Wells. She’s put in a lot of work to distance herself from her shady ex-husband, but when he’s found dead an hour after an altercation with him, she can’t avoid him–even from beyond the grave. Everyone suspects she’s the murderer, from the police to a vengeance-seeking drug lord. 

The only person who seems to believe her is sexy playboy John McAllister. She’s unsure if John’s support is stemming from his want of a story or a one-night stand, but since she desperately needs his help, Celie’s not sure she really cares what he’s in it for. 

Glass Sisters Series

Thread of Fear

Thread of Fear

By Laura Griffin

It’s not easy being a forensic artist; digging into victims’ memories and recreating the faces of sinister criminals takes a toll on a person. Fiona was ready to quit—but then Jack Bowman and his unrelenting persistence to help him hunt down the serial killer preying on teenage girls got to her. Now, not only is Fiona deeper into this investigation than both of them would’ve liked, but she also has a searing attraction to the rugged police chief that could seriously disrupt the case. 

Jack never wanted Fiona so close to this case, or his life, but his gut is screaming that she’s his best chance at finding this increasingly brutal psychopath. Plus, now that Fiona is caught in the crossfire, the only way to keep her safe is to keep her close, and unravel the small town’s darkest secrets, one thread at a time. 

whisper of warning laura griffin

Whisper of Warning

By Laura Griffin

Courtney Glass has been troubled all her life, but she’s never been a murderer. Now, she just has to prove it. In fact, not only is she not the killer, but she’s actually one of the killer’s intended victims. The police thus far have not been kind, and she knows she only has two choices: run, or place her trust in the brooding, sexy detective who’s made it his mission to see her behind bars. 

Will Hodges is no amateur. He knows that, under Courtney’s killer looks and sharper tongue, she’s just a vulnerable woman with a deadly secret. As the investigation continues, and the bodies pile up, it’s made clear to Will that Courtney is a victim, not a perpetrator. The killer is waiting, watching her every move until her cry for help turns from a whisper to a scream. 

Tracers Series (Chronological, not Publication Order)

untraceable laura griffin


By Laura Griffin

PI Alexandra Lovell is an expert at making people disappear–using her computer skills and natural cunning abilities, Alex helps clients drop off the radar so they can begin their lives anew. Melanie Bess, the wife of an abusive cop husband, came to Alex for her services. But then she disappeared for real, and Alex began to fear the worst. 

With the help of an elite team of forensic scientists, The Tracers, and sexy Austin PD with a chip on his shoulder, Alex embarks on her mission to uncover the truth. Nathan Deveraux desperately wants to believe that Alex is making a big deal out of nothing, but his instincts (and his attraction to Alex) tell him otherwise. The more they find out, the more grim the case begins to look, and the closer Alex gets to being the next person to disappear. 

unspeakable laura griffin


By Laura Griffin

Elaina McCord desperately wants to become a FBI profiler, but her first case of a string of drugged and murdered women may keep her from living that dream–and maybe even from living, period. Her hunch is that this string of murders isn’t the first, but the local police aren’t taking her seriously. So she has no choice but to turn to her only ally, playboy and true-crime writer Troy Stackton. 

He may be untrustworthy (and extremely attractive), but Troy and the Tracers are the only ones on her side. And when the killer begins reaching out to Elaina, taunting her, she’ll need all the help she can get to solve this case and keep herself out of danger. 



By Laura Griffin

Kelsey Quinn, a forensic anthropologist, never expected to unearth a deadly secret while she was unearthing ancient bones, but now that she has, both her dig, and her life, are in danger. Gage Brewer, a US Navy SEAL may be the only person brave and lethal (and sexy) enough to help. 



By Laura Griffin

DNA expert Mia Voss knows how to trace a killer–but she never thought a killer would end up tracing her. Now, the only way to protect everyone she loves is to destroy her own reputation and risk letting the killer walk free. 

Detective Ric Santos can tell she’s scared. They used to be close, before he ruined his chances with her. But can he get her to open up about her secrets and her life again so they can catch the sadistic killer from Mia’s haunting, long-buried cold case? 



By Laura Griffin

By some miracle, Sophie Barrett escaped a lethal sniper attack on a college campus unscathed. As details from the investigation unearth themselves, Sophie is convinced that this attack wasn’t as random or senseless as it seemed, but no one believes her. 

Jonah, the homicide detective, wants to believe she’s wrong, but Sophie is as determined and fearless as she is sexy. And if he can’t resist her, he can at least protect her. Because if she’s right, she’s become the new target. 



By Laura Griffin

Rookie detective Allison Doyle’s department is sure they’ve identified a suspect in a young woman’s murder–but Allison isn’t. Then legendary FBI profiler Mark Wolfe arrives on the case, theorizing that the real murderer is an elusive psychopath he’s been trailing for 10 years. 

As the two work together, Mark realizes he could be moments away from catching the killer who’s slipped past him time and time again, but Allison proves to be a tempting distraction.



By Laura Griffin

Kelsey Quinn and Gage Brewer from Tracers book three are back–and they’re in more danger than ever. This time, Kelsey’s find from a dig in the Philippines suggests a grim story, and her search for answers leads her to her ex-fiance’s murder site. 

The only person who can help not only broke her heart just months before, but he’s also a prime suspect. Will Kelsey and Gage be able to track down the madman (and rekindle their romance) before it’s too late? 



By Laura Griffin

Maddie Callahan is no stranger to seeing crime up close—she’s a forensic photographer after all, and a good one at that. So good, in fact, that she appears to have photographed the kidnapping of a key witness in a federal probe. 

FBI agent Brian Beckham has been trying to capture the sinister criminal known as the Doctor, only to have a key witness go missing on his watch. And now he’s falling for the criminal’s next target. But before he can heal a heart he didn’t break, he needs to make sure she survives the Doctor’s target practice.


Beyond Limits

By Laura Griffin

FBI agent Elizabeth LeBlanc, still reeling from her last case, runs into the one man from her past that will disrupt her life even more. Navy SEAL Derek Vaughn, recently returned from a rescue mission in which he found a secret terror cell on US soil, would do anything to solve the case, including seducing Elizabeth for information. 

Not that she really minds–but the closer they get to the truth, the more quickly they realize that they may not find it fast enough to avoid a fatal attack.


Shadow Fall

By Laura Griffin

When Special Agent Tara Rushing arrives on the scene of a grisly murder, she’s instantly sure it’s the work of a serial killer–and a good one at that. There’s not a trace of evidence at the scene. 

The local sheriff thinks the culprit is Liam Wolfe: ex-marine and current security expert. Tara is instantly attracted to him, and her attraction only grows as they work together. But when another body is found, she must decide if she can trust the man she’s falling for. 


Deep Dark

By Laura Griffin

A beautiful young woman murdered at home—no forced entry, no motive, and she’s clearly not the killer’s first victim, and she’s unlikely to be the last. Detective Reed Novak’s first clue comes in a text, linking to a dating profile. 

Laney Knox, a hacker in the cyber investigation unit, can’t ignore the similarities between this case and her own savage attack years ago. She offers to help the sexy lead detective, but when he makes it clear he wants more than just a promising tip, she’s put-off. The more they work together, the closer she gets to revealing the long-buried secrets that make her a key witness…or the next victim.


At Close Range

By Laura Griffin

If you’re a fan of the best friend’s brother trope, At Close Range is the perfect read for you. Police detective Daniele Harper arrives at a lakeside double murder scene with tons of clues, but nothing that adds up. She turns to the crime lab for help, but her secret attraction to Scott Black, ballistics expert, former Navy SEAL, and her brother’s best friend, threatens to distract her from the most important case of her career. 

Scott feels the same way. But even though they’ve both resolved to keep their eyes on identifying the killer, the investigation brings them closer together. And when the killer targets Daniele, there’s nothing Scott won’t do to protect her. 


Touch of Red

By Laura Griffin

Crime scene investigator Brooke Porter is determined to track down the witness that fled the scene of a murdered woman. And homicide detective Sean Byrne is determined to help her; he’s had his eye on the sexy CSI for months. 

As the investigation and their relationship heat up, Sean gets a taste of just how difficult it is to keep his work and personal life separate–especially when the killer sets their sights on Brooke. 


Stone Cold Heart

By Laura Griffin

When forensic anthropologist Sara Lockhart gets the call to take a look at some human bones local rock climbers found in a remote Texas gorge, she didn’t expect to find similarities between this case and one from her past. 

Though the evidence is scarce, police detective Nolan Hess thinks the bones belong to a teenage climber who disappeared last summer. The stakes rise higher and higher as Sara discovers that this case could rock Nolan’s community, and when another young woman disappears. 

Moreno & Hart Mysteries


Crash and Burn

By Laura Griffin

Laura Griffin teamed up with Allison Brennan to write Crash and Burn, which centers on Scarlet Moreno and Krista Hart, best friends and partners in the Orange County PI firm, Moreno & Hart. Scarlet is working double-time on a cheating spouse case and on absolving her bartender friend at her favorite pub from murder allegations—with or without the help of brooding and arrogant Detective Alex Bishop. 

Krista is hired by a big-time criminal defense attorney to find the sole witness to murder the day before the trial. But the witness is in hiding, her client is keeping information from her, and someone is following her. Sexy investigator R.J. Flynn has offered to help–for a price–and though she doesn’t want his help, she does want to elevate Moreno & Hart beyond being divorce voyeurs. 


Hit and Run

By Laura Griffin

Scarlet and Krista are back with another double-crime. Scarlet gets a call from long-time friend Jason Jones, panicked because a LAPD street cop is accusing him of killing his girlfriend. 

Before Scarlet can figure out who’s framing him, a SWAT team descends, sending Jason running, and leaving Scarlet to clear his name—and to escape the killer who wants her dead, too. This case may connect to the one that nearly killed her and Krista three years ago.

Meanwhile, Krista begrudgingly helps unscrupulous trial lawyer R.J. Flynn with his mysterious case about a Laguna Beach housewife murder. But in her unrelenting quest to uncover the truth, she manages to provoke all the wrong people, the killer included. 



By Laura Griffin

Against Krista’s better judgment, she takes on the stalker case of Adam Stone, an up-and-coming actor, and cheating ex-husband to Krista. Krista and Scarlet arrive to find that they’re forced to stay in Adam’s suite, and Krista worries that this is all just some PR ploy—until he gets robbed. 

While navigating her own worries about the ambush that nearly got her and Krista killed three years ago, and a boyfriend who is suddenly distant and moody, Scarlet is also interrogating anyone in Adam’s life who may have some information, and keeping Adam safe from his own stupidity. 


Lost and Found

By Laura Griffin

Scarlet and Krista’s PI business is on the brink of failure when Scarlet has finally unearthed some key information into the ambush that almost killed herself and Krista years ago. But to prove her case, she needs the help of a previously overlooked witness who’s gone off the grid. 

Krista, with the help of PI R.J. Flynn, tracks him down, while Scarlet embarks on her quest for answers. Just as Scarlet begins to unravel a shocking conspiracy, Krista hones in on the witness—but someone close to them is watching their every move. It’s a race against the clock for them to find the culprit before their new case becomes their last. 

Alpha Crew Series


At the Edge

By Laura Griffin

When Emma Wright’s government plane goes down in the Philippine jungle, she has no choice but to try and survive on her own until an elite Navy SEAL team can go in after her. Ryan Owen, the leader of the crew, must get Emma home safely. But his unexpected (yet undeniable) desire for her could lead to deadly consequences. 

Once back home, Emma is convinced the event was no accident, and determined to figure out the truth, no matter the costs. And Ryan is determined to find a way to win her heart while also protecting her from an invisible enemy who wants her dead. 


Edge of Surrender

By Laura Griffin

In part two of Emma and Ryan’s story, Emma flees after a night of passion between them, and Ryan quickly discovers he’s not the only one looking for her. He needs to figure out who’s after her and why…but will he do it in time? 

Emma wants justice for her fallen comrades, but she needs Ryan’s help to do it. The only problem? She would have to trust him. She doesn’t know if there’s a possibility of a future for them, but she finds herself praying that they live long enough to find out. 


Cover of Night

By Laura Griffin

When Karly Bonham, a reporter on her first overseas mission covering the new United States ambassador to Thailand, is taken hostage by terrorists, she has only her wits and her courage to keep her alive, until elite Navy SEAL Ethan Dunn arrives. Ethan is no stranger to rescue ops, but he’s impressed by Karly’s narrow escape from the terrorist’s clutches. 

He knows that working with a civilian could make this already-dangerous mission fatal, but Karly has key intel that could ensure the success of the rescue mission. Can the power couple bring a terrorist mastermind to justice? 


Total Control

By Laura Griffin

Navy SEAL Jake Heath has had his heart set on Alexa Mays, a FBI agent who’s just as smart as she is gorgeous, for some time. Normally, she won’t give him the time of day, so he’s ecstatic when she calls–but he quickly finds out she needs him for a mission, not a romantic dinner. 

Her counterterrorism group is nearly right on top of an extremist that Jake’s team has been tracking for months, and now that he’s on American soil, Alexa has no choice but to ask for Jake’s help. Lots of things are at risk; her heart, her career, the lives of everyone involved. Can she save her heart and save everyone else at the same time? 

Wolfe Security Series


Desperate Girls

By Laura Griffin

More of a thriller than a romance, Desperate Girls focuses on Brynn Holloran, an intimidating defense attorney with a messy personal life. When a sinister murderer she once helped prosecute reappears and embarks on a killing spree targeting everyone who helped put him behind bars, Brynn knows she needs to run for her life. 

The police are no help, so she turns to a private security firm for her protection. But when she defies advice and gets involved in the investigation, even the initial secret service agent assigned to her protection may not be able to help her. 


Her Deadly Secrets

By Laura Griffin

Fiercely independent PI Kira Vance knows the ins and outs of Houston’s crime-ridden underbelly like the back of her hand. But when she’s delivering a report to her top client and everything goes awry, the meeting ends in a bloodbath and suddenly a killer is after Kira. 

As is Kira’s way, she doesn’t want help from anyone, especially not from an unscrupulous lawyer and his elite security team. But when her own investigation becomes too perilous, and she discovers that she alone may hold the key to finding the vicious murderer, she knows she must take whatever help she can get if she wants to survive…

Texas Murder Files Series



By Laura Griffin

Investigative reporter Bailey Rhoads turns up on the scene of a brutal mugging-turned-murder of a young woman in Austin with questions—but Jacob Merritt, the lead detective, has nothing to tell her; the clues are just not adding up. Going off a hunch that the victim wasn’t who she said she was and that the murder was premeditated, her clues lead her to a high-tech fortress. 

The researchers there are testing cutting-edge technology that could be fatal if placed in the wrong hands. As the murderer’s mission becomes clear, Bailey and Jacob must embark on a desperate search to save the next target before it’s too late. 



By Laura Griffin

Miranda Rhoads, former forensic photographer, moved to Lost Beach to become a wildlife photographer and put the grisly crime scenes behind her. But one morning, she rows by a couple asleep in a canoe, entwined in a loving embrace. Except, upon a closer look, she realizes they’re not asleep, but dead. 

Detective Joel Breda has questions: who are these people from this marshy death scene? Who killed them? Why? And who is this aloof yet beautiful photographer, and why does she know more about his investigation than he does?


Midnight Dunes

By Laura Griffin

Macey Burns came to Lost Beach looking for respite from her derailed television reporting career, but ended up getting anything but. Documentary filmmaking is her first passion, and she landed a new job working for the island’s tourism board. But all the relaxation and excitement falls away when she discovers the cottage she’s renting belonged to the woman who was just found murdered in the sand dunes. 

Detective Owen Breda is determined to get to the bottom of this. Not only can he not handle seeing any more crime take over his small town, but he especially does not want to see anything hurt the beautiful documentarian he keeps crossing paths with. Together, Macey and Owen must use all the resources at their disposal to track down the killer without making themselves victims too. 


Deep Tide

By Laura Griffin

Leyla Breda is distraught at the discovery of one of her employees’ bodies in the alley behind her coffee shop. With that comes the constant presence of a new law enforcement officer. But Leyla has two brothers on the police force, and so this officer’s presence only sharpens her instincts. 

Sean Moran is on an undercover mission: though his little seaside town may look like an idyllic oasis, his team suspects it’s actually the intersection for several crime syndicates that the FBI has been investigating for years. And when the brash and beautiful coffee shop owner starts bossing him around, he’s intrigued; and he can’t keep away from her shop. 

Between Leyla’s connection to the local community and Sean’s skills, they’re able to get key information for the mission. But then a single crime transforms into something much more sinister, and Sean’s carefully-planned mission goes fatally awry. 


Liar's Point

By Laura Griffin

Detective Nicole Lawson's first date in months is cut short by a call from the chief of police, saying that a body has been found at Lighthouse Point, and the medical examiner has discovered some strange clues. Emmet Davis, a veteran detective and also Nicole’s biggest rival and simultaneously her secret crush, is leading this investigation. 

Nicole sets out to look for leads, starting with the yoga instructor who first discovered the body, as Nicole is certain that she knows more than she’s letting on. But then another person is found dead under mysterious circumstances, and Nicole poses a theory based on a bizarre pattern, but no one believes her. She must set her feelings aside and work with Emmet to figure out who is targeting her seaside hometown and why—before she becomes a target herself. 

Standalone Novels


Far Gone

By Laura Griffin

PD Andrea Finch was a rising star in her department until a split-second decision derailed her career. While on leave from her job, she gets a call from her brother begging for cash. He’s done this before, but this time, her instincts tell her that something is very wrong. Her investigation takes her to a Texas border town where danger is rampant and nothing is what it seems. 

FBI agent Jon North has been working undercover trying to solve a murder that may be linked to a terrorist plot. Unfortunately for Jon, evidence is pointing to Andrea’s brother, and he quickly finds that persuading her to help him will be harder than solving the murder. 

Andrea wants to do what’s right while also protecting her only sibling. But it’s a race against the clock and Jon and Andrea must do what it takes to stop the heartless killer who will stop at nothing to deliver one final, terrifying message. 


Last Seen Alone

By Laura Griffin

Leigh Larson is a fiercely ambitious attorney who represents victims of sexual extortion, harassment, and online abuse. Brandon Reynolds, an Austin homicide detective, is summoned late at night to an unusual crime scene: a pool of blood in the woods, an abandoned car on a desolate road, and no victim in sight. 

The vehicle is registered to 26-year-old Vanessa Adams, and all Brandon finds in the car is a smear of blood and a business card for Leigh Larson, attorney-at-law. Vanessa had hired Leigh right before her disappearance, but Leigh has no leads. Amidst bizarre evidence and shocking twists at every turn, Leigh and Brandon must work together to solve the case. 


Vanishing Hour

By Laura Griffin

Corporate lawyer Ava Burch moves from the big city to the small town of Cuervo to escape daily grind culture. She grew up in rural Texas with her father, a trainer of search-and-rescue dogs, and she wanted to return to her roots. When out on a walk with her dog Huck one day, they discover an abandoned campsite on a volunteer search-and-rescue mission, and she carefully photographs it just in case. 

All Deputy Sheriff Grant Wycoff chalks Ava up to be nothing more than a city slicker–but when she shows him the photographs, he realizes there’s more to her than meets the eye. Her discovery reminds Grant of an unsolved missing-woman case from two years ago, and as they continue to investigate, another woman goes missing. With time running out, the two must beat the heat of both the Texas sun and their own chemistry to get to the bottom of this case. 


The Last Close Call

By Laura Griffin

Rowan Healy, forensic genealogist, is a seasoned veteran of helping investigators trace the family trees of violent criminals who have evaded the law. But recently, she’s shifted her focus to helping adoptees find their biological families to escape the burnout from the crime life. 

Austin detective Jack Bruner has only ever been evaded by one criminal: the West Campus Rapist. No one knows this criminal’s identity, and after the latest two victims come forward, it’s clear to Jack that the violent behavior is only escalating. 

Moved by Jack’s dedication to the case and all the details he’s collected, Rowan agrees to help him. Using her ground-breaking DNA research, she uncovers the criminal’s background and helps define their search radius, getting them closer to the killer who’s only growing bolder by the day. 

Short Stories & Novellas

Surrender at Dawn

By Laura Griffin

Former Navy SEAL Jack Brenner didn’t plan on getting involved in anyone’s life or problems, but when Charlotte Whiteside walks into the seedy Thai bar and asks him for help, he has no choice but to accept. 

Her brother is being held hostage on a nearby island, and an obligation to a SEAL teammate leads him to help her out. But neither one thought this rescue mission would be so dangerous—or passionate. 


By Laura Griffin

Holly Henricksen, alone on a dangerously icy road at nightfall, has no choice but to trust a charming stranger. But she quickly discovers that he’s harboring a dangerous secret. 

Night Heat

By Laura Griffin

Mike Dietz and his Navy SEAL team abandon a mission to rescue hostages from an embassy under siege by terrorists. It wasn’t going well–until a wounded hostage gave the team crucial information. But can they save the informant, the hostages, and the ambassador? 



The Mammoth Book of Special Ops Romance

By Laura Griffin

Including 23 passionate love stories, this anthology features work from Laura Griffin, Shannon K. Butcher, Sydney Croft, and Stephanie Tyler. They center on stories of the Navy SEALs, Delta Force, Air Force Pararescue, the Green Berets, the Army Rangers, and other special forces who live and die for our freedoms. 


Deadly Promises

By Laura Griffin

This anthology includes Just Bad Enough by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love, Leave No Trace by Cindy Gerard, and Unstoppable by Laura Griffin. Each of these stories details the scorching-hot romances of alpha heroes from the Bureau of American Defense, Black Ops Inc., and the Navy SEALs. 


Love is Murder

By Laura Griffin

Edited by Sandra Brown, Love is Murder is an anthology featuring 30 of the hottest voices in romantic suspense. From bodyguards to vigilantes, to stalkers to serial killers, to cops, thieves, PIs, and a plethora of people in jeopardy, these toe-curling stories are instant page-turners.