10 Great New Adult Romance Books

These stories of romance and growing up make incredible reads at any age. 

new adult romance books
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Trade Me

By Courtney Milan

Bestselling and RITA Award-winning author Courtney Milan traded in her historical romance hat to pen this swoony and socially-aware story of two people who trade places. Tina Chen is trying to get her degree to support her immigrant parents, so when she hears billionaire heir Blake Reynolds make an ignorant comment about being poor, she calls him on it. But then Blake surprises her by offering to switch lives with her for a month. But stepping into each other’s shoes has some unintended consequences …  

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Kissing Tolstoy

By Penny Reid

If you’ve read any Penny Reid, you know she writes hilarious romance with nerdy nuggets of goodness, and Kissing Tolstoy is no exception. The fun story follows Anna, a student who discovers that the man she had a blind date with months ago is now (eep!) her Russian literature professor. Reid originally released a shorter version of the story to her newsletter subscribers, but thanks to its popularity, she brought it to the masses. 

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Emergency Contact

By Mary H.K. Choi

It’s only been out a month, but already college romance Emergency Contact is generating buzz. When Penny, a budding writer who has just begun college in Texas, meets local boy Sam, it’s more awkwardness-at-first-sight than anything else. But the two exchange numbers and begin texting each other, growing closer with each message. If you love that combination of sweet, funny, and witty romance, this debut will probably be up your alley. Need more proof? Author Rainbow Rowell said that she loved it, and that Penny and Sam are “so real and vulnerable, you want to send them care packages.” 

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A Crack in Everything

By L.H. Cosway

L.H. Cosway writes gorgeous prose that’s easy to fall into, and in this New Adult romance, she spins the beautiful story of two working class teens in Dublin who fall in love. Dylan is running from a gang when he slips into Evelyn’s home looking for a place to hide. The two form a connection that’s almost magical—but comes with heartbreak as well as happiness. Be forewarned the story here continues in a second book, the appropriately-called How the Light Gets In, though it promises to be as lovely as the first. 

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Remedial Rocket Science

By Susanan Nix

If nerdy romance is your jam, Remedial Rocket Science, the first in Susannah Nix’s Chemistry Lessons series, will warm your geeky heart. When she was in college, Melody had a fun night with a stranger named Jeremy—then she never saw him again. But when she moves to L.A. and begins work at an aerospace company, she discovers Jeremy is her boss’s son. And a playboy. So totally off-limits. Maybe? With a fun, relatable heroine like Melody, and a will-they-won't-they tension that's totally gripping, you’ll be rooting for the STEM girl to get the guy. 

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Dance With Me

By Alexis Daria

This sequel to Alexis Daria’s double RITA-nominated Take the Lead follows dancer Natasha, who’s struggling to find work as a professional dancer. But she’s just not making ends meet, so fellow dancer Dimitri offers to let her stay with him. Natasha agrees, as long as they keep things platonic. But how can she keep her hands off the guy she’s tempted by the most? If you love dance, reality TV shows, and roommate romance, there’s a lot to sweep you off your feet here. 

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Beginner's Guide: Love and Other Chemical Connections

By Six de los Reyes

Another nerdalicious New Adult romance — this time set in the Philippines! —Beginner’s Guide takes love to grad school as 25-year-old molecular genetics student Kaya uses her scientific brain to develop a method of finding a date to her cousin’s wedding. She thinks she’s found the perfect negative control—i.e., an unsuitable guy—in relaxed local guy Nero. But as the two get to know each other, their developing feelings just may skew Kaya’s data. 

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By Jay Crownover

A gritty, enemies-to-lovers romance, Recovered shows the darker side of New Adult, for readers who are in the mood for something less light-hearted. Straight-laced Affton Reed finds herself falling for Cable, a bad boy who struggles with addiction—and whom she used to hate. When the two opposites see beyond their facades one summer, they find themselves falling in love. But will it last? New York Times bestselling author Jay Crownover delivers all the angst you could want in this read. 

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XO, Zach

By Kendall Ryan

In this sexy romance, Zach finds out the new graduate poetry student he’s advising is the smart and seriously hot woman he recently met at a party. At that party, single mom Poppy wanted him to pretend to be her date to get back at her ex. But once she realizes he’s her advisor, anything between them is forbidden. Or is it? Penned by bestselling author of steamy romance Kendall Ryan, this one may have you thinking of going back to school to get your own master’s degree. 

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By Lo Brynolf

Readers who love the friends-to-lovers trope will flock to Bashful, a story about a romance that plays out on stage. College major Callie has been picked to play a big part in an upcoming theater production. Little does she know, her friend and former crush Sebastian wants to be her boyfriend for real. But between the demands of rehearsal and Callie’s reluctance to put her heart on the line, Sebastian’s got his work cut out for him. Fortunately, it won’t be half as hard for this New Adult romance to put a smile on your face. 

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Published on 15 May 2018