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9 Navy SEAL Romances That Serve Us Well

We have heart eyes for Special-Ops experts.

navy seal romance novels

You don't need to be waiting at home for your own SEAL to experience what it’s like to love a member of the armed forces. Instead, you can live vicariously though these stories of Navy SEAL romances. 

If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to be loved by a strong and protective Navy SEAL, these books are for you. 

Locked, Loaded and SEALed

Locked, Loaded and SEALed

By Carol Ericson

A dedicated bodyguard is sworn to protect a renowned doctor and his secrets at any cost. When the doctor is murdered, the bodyguard provides his protection to the doctor’s protégé. Now he must protect the secrets even she isn’t aware of while trying to tame his attraction. Will he have to protect her against his own advances?

Her Mission with a SEAL

Her Mission with a SEAL

By Cindy Dees

They must ignore their heart’s desires while trying to take down Russian operatives during the heart of a storm rampaging through New Orleans. Who doesn’t love enemies to lovers? AND enemies coming together to take down an ever bigger threat? This Navy SEAL romance has it all.

Every Step She Takes

Every Step She Takes

By Jannine Gallant

A journalist with a painful past and a former SEAL turned PI must work together to navigate the Alaskan wilderness to catch a witness and get the story of their careers. Between unknown territory, waves of tension, and careers at stake, there’s not a dull moment in this Navy SEAL romance novel.

Navy SEAL Bodyguard

Navy SEAL Bodyguard

By Tawny Weber

An injured SEAL gets his chance to experience some action again when he’s given a new assignment. He swore he wouldn’t let anyone lay their hands on her, but does that include his own? A man is torn between duty and desire. Protecting an admiral’s daughter may become more complicated than it seems…

Navy Seal Seduction

Navy Seal Seduction

By Bonnie Vanak

A SEAL must navigate a war-stricken island to save the one that got away—and maybe even win her back. This novel takes us through the past of two lost flames as they navigate a country as broken as their hearts. Read to experience them overcome it all.

The SEAL's Secret Heirs

The SEAL's Secret Heirs

By Kat Cantrell

A SEAL returns home to tackle a new special operation: fatherhood. He’s fought to protect his country, now he must fight to remain the guardian of the twins who have fallen into his life. His heart is also at stake as his guardianship may be the path to rekindling an old flame…

house for sale, a navy seal romance novel

House for Sale

By Cora Seton

A man and a woman are both on paths back to their fathers. They’re able to strike up a good deal before trouble comes knocking on the front door of their newly renovated home. Everything seems perfect until it’s not. Who can’t relate to a life-changing set of circumstances?

navy seal newlywed romance novel

Navy SEAL Newlywed

By Elle James

Cord Schafer is a presumed dead SEAL on an assignment, while Tracie Kosart is a Covert Cowboy operative. Cord is used to working alone, but his new mission isn't a one-man job. To avoid suspicion, two two need to pose as husband and wife. But they may not have to act as much as they think…

chosen, a navy seal romance novel

Chosen - Navy SEAL Romance

By Carla Parker

Leaving her abusive and cheating husband behind, Teresa Cobbs moves herself and her daughter to the small town of Troy, Montana. There she finds herself stuck between twins—one, kind and sweet; the other, an exciting Navy SEAL. Who will she choose?