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Steamy, Sweet, and Totally Free Kindle Romance Books to Read Right Now

Toe-curling free romances you need to read today, available via Kindle Unlimited.

free Kindle romance books

From the erotic and red-hot to Christian and sweet romances, Kindle has something for every romance reader. And, since there's a wealth of free Kindle Unlimited romance books available, there's no need to pace yourself: You can read as many of these books as your heart desires. Anticipating a long trip? Stuck inside during a rainy day? Download these incredible reads, and feel free to go for multiples. Just remember to take water breaks...lest you get completely parched.  

Note: These books were last updated on 3/23/20, and will be updated periodically to reflect changes to Kindle Unlimited selections. 

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free Kindle romance books

The Countess and the Rake

By Georgette Brown

Gertie Farrington has been nothing but disappointed by the men in her life, from her philandering husband to the other male members of high society (all of whom are too busy thinking with their own members to see Gertie as a human in her own right). But at Madam Botreaux’s Ballroom of Pleasures, Gertie is able to assume her alter ego of Athena, and release some of her frustration and resentment. 

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Gertie’s high society acquaintance, Phineas Barclay, is a remorseless rake for whom seduction is second-nature. The lothario finds himself drawn to both Gertie and her secret, seductive second identity. But will Gertie bend to Phineas’ ministrations, in either guise? And does Phineas truly love either version of Gertie? 

protecting what's mine, a free kindle unlimited romance book

Protecting What's Mine

By Lucy Score

Flight trauma surgeon Mackenzie O’Neil is worn out. To avoid total burn out, she decides to take a temporary job as a small town physician—a less hectic schedule should be just what the doctor ordered. What Mackenzie didn’t expect was her new neighbor, Fire Chief Lincoln Reed. Suddenly, her life is burning up again...

the dare, a kindle unlimited romance book by lauren landish

The Dare

By Lauren Landish

While we love a good romance series, sometimes you just want a one-and-done HEA. This sexy contemporary romance is just the ticket: Elle can never say no to a dare, so when her best friend Tiffany challenges her to use the office copy machine on her backside, she hops on board—and immediately gets caught by her hot boss, Colton Wolfe. But Elle is shameless, and all too eager to take on the biggest dare of all: making Colton fall in love with her. 

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free kindle romance books

The Billionaire's Inconvenient Obsession

By Nadia Lee

Mixed martial arts fighter/billionaire Iain Pryce has survived his turbulent past by keeping a tight grip on his emotions. By contrast, Jane Connolly is totally out of control. Running from debt and a man eager to take her life, she’s fled to the city to hide, but finds herself more desperate than ever before. When Iain insists on helping her, Jane has no choice but to accept this brooding stranger's offer in order to survive. But in giving each other what they most need, they first have to accept what they most fear. If you're craving a billionaire romance with an alpha male dynamic, The Billionaire's Inconvenient Obsession is a convenient choice. 

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free Kindle romance books

Slow Burn

By Autumn Jones Lake

This first book in the MC Kings series is positively simmering with taboo romance. If you’re a fan of bad boys, settle in for a sultry ride. Rochlan “Rock” North is the leader of the MC Kings, and he's never met a woman who could convince him to relinquish his bad-boy ways. Then he meets someone he’s undeniably attracted to, but who’s totally off-limits: Rock’s lawyer, Hope Kendall. For better or for worse, the feelings are mutual. But although she’s drawn to the charismatic biker, Hope isn’t ready to sacrifice her marriage or her career to explore her intense connection with her troubled client. But fate may have other plans for the lawyer and her hog-riding lothario ...

free Kindle romance books
hate mates, a kindle unlimited romance book by mickey miller

Hate Mates

By Mickey Miller

The old opposites-attract trope gets a new treatment in Hate Mates, a fun and funny college romance by Mickey Miller. Sweet, studious Alex is ready to move into her freshman dorm and meet her new roommate—but thanks to a huge screw up, she’s been paired with the school’s celebrity football star, DJ. She should hate him and his partying ways..but she can’t keep herself from fantasizing about him anyway.

free Kindle romance books

Until I Knew Myself

By Tammy L. Gray

RITA Award-winning author Tammy L. Gray is renowned for stories that marry drama, believable characters, and intense romance. Until I Knew Myself is no exception. Tyler Mitchell has a good life going for him, despite having had a rocky start—as an orphan, he was taken in by a friend’s family at an early age. When he receives the unexpected call that his biological grandfather has passed away, Tyler struggles to understand why his adopted family withheld the truth about the life he never knew. Tyler's journey to understand his past leads him down an intense—and intensely romantic—path. This Christian romance is the first in the Bentwood Book series. 

free Kindle romance books

Christmas Glitter

By Ann B. Harrison

If you're craving a little Christmas spirit, you'll love this festive tale of two lonely hearts connecting during the holidays. After the year from hell, a heartbroken Dakota moves to Cherry Lake for a fresh start. Eager to make new friends, she throws herself into helping plan seasonal celebrations, and meets Adam, a soccer pro briefly returned to his hometown to help his aging parents. Once Adam's father is fully recovered from a heart attack, the athlete plans to return to his decadent soccer lifestyle—but Dakota may make him think twice about leaving Cherry Lake behind him. 

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free Kindle romance books


By Christina Phillips

The first book in The Druid Chronicles follows the forbidden passion between Roman centurion Maximus and Carys, the princess of a powerful Druid clan. On the battlefield, they're enemies: Maximus has been charged to slaughter her people. But Carys is inexplicably drawn to the brute who's spilling Druid blood, and he to her. Can the love between two enemies stem the tide of battle?