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Free Romance Books That Will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

Clear your schedule and download these free ebooks today!

free romance books
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There are so many reasons why we read romance. Whether it’s for the promise of a happily-ever-after or a scandalous pairing of two people from different worlds, we can’t stop reading after the final chapter. It’s an obsession that costs more than just time ...

Which is why we’ve uncovered a slew of new books at an unbeatable price: FREE. From books that are really and truly 100 percent free to download, to free Apple Books and romance books from Kindle Unlimited, we've rounded up the best free romance books online right now. 

This article will be updated periodically to reflect changes on retailer sites.

Totally Free Romance Ebooks

These romance books are completely free, with no strings attached! They're just waiting for you to download them.

free romance books


By Nicola Rendell

During a masked ball at Yale, junior Naomi is dazzled by a masked suitor who sweeps her off her feet with a kiss, then whisks her away for a night of truly mind-blowing, acrobatic antics. But when the sun comes up and the masks come off, Naomi realizes that her masked paramour is none other than Dr. Benjamin Beck, a new member of the faculty and her College Master. The two try to deny their chemistry, but that’s easier said than done in this sizzling, smart, and oh-so-sexy standalone story.

This is perfect for those you love the student/teacher dynamic. The book is written through alternating perspectives, allowing the reader to connect with the characters. It is super steamy and fun as you follow the ways they try to make their romance work. Why is it that the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest? 

free romance books a mail order heart janelle daniels

A Mail-Order Heart

By Janelle Daniels

Clara Stewart had planned to marry her mail-order groom Ivan, but he dies before her arrival, leaving behind not only her, but eight other fiancées. Town Sheriff Sawyer Morrison had a quiet life, but when these nine women arrive, his once calm life turns chaotic. And when Clara, now the love of his life, is in trouble, he must choose between his tranquil past life or a future with her.

This is another story with a strong female protagonist! Clara looks after the brides after they move into Ivan's house and make sure to maintain the peace within the various personalities. It is well written with a fantastic plot that contains suspense, surprises, and humor. A great read for fans of Western Romance as we follow Clara and Sawyer. Will they be drawn closer together or pushed further a part?

All I Want is You by E. L. Todd

All I Want Is You

By E. L. Todd

Cayson’s biggest secret is the feelings he has for his best friend, Skye. Their friendship spans over twenty years; they grew up together, they bathed together, and they spent holidays together. But after a night of drinking, Skye drunkenly discusses the attraction neither of them has dared to speak of. Will Cayson get the love he hasn’t dared to even dream of? Or lose Skye forever? 

The protagonists are both strong and independent while really caring for one another. The book does a great job of adding the family. The other characters were firmly developed and made an impact that left a lasting impression. Although part of a series, this would be great for those of you that don't really enjoy collection of books. The conclusion of this book can be treated as a standalone. 

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free romance books

Romance Down Under

By Tracey Alvarez

Two books in one! Fall for In Too Deep, a sweeping story of second chance romance in an island setting. Piper Harland—New Zealand police officer and dive team member—left her home after the death of her father and let go of her one true love, Ryan "West" Westlake. He could never leave the island he grew up on but West never got over letting Piper go. Now Piper has returned home after nine years and they can't deny that the attraction is still there. Second chances don't happen often so West and Piper must make an important decision: stay the course or go into the unknown. 

Then dive into Hide Your Heart, the story of a starlet desperate to escape fame, but whose handsome neighbor may have a different plan in mind. Bounty Bay native, Lauren Taylor, is ready to leave the spotlight for a quiet life with her family. Having an abusive ex-husband, Lauren isn't ready to trust anyone with her heart. All of that will change when her hot new neighbor, Nate, moves in. It's hard to deny the passion between Lauren and Nate but can Lauren give love another chance?

Free Kindle Unlimited Books

These books aren't completely free, but they are all included on a Kindle Unlimited account! If you aren't a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can try it for free for three months. Check out even more Kindle Unlimited romance books here.  

An Unlikely Match by Barbara Dunlop

An Unlikely Match (The Match Series Book 1)

By Barbara Dunlop

From USA Today bestselling author Barbara Dunlop comes a light-hearted contemporary romance about senior citizens who play cupid with the hearts of their grandkids. The match consists of 27-year-old Morgan Holbrook, the grandson of JW, a retired general, and 22-year-old Amelia Camden, the grandniece of Hannah, a bubbly, beautiful woman. Amelia is upbeat, fun, and artistic while Morgan is the proverbial "rocket scientist" with an athletic side. The senior matchmakers arrange to have Amelia and Morgan living in condos in the same building in order to get them together. Will there plan work? Will opposites attract or will it draw them away from each other?

This would make a great addition to your New Adult category as it is funny and emotional as we follow Morgan and Amelia. The characters are mature, the hero and heroine are impressive throughout the story as they transcend their personas and discover more about themselves and each other. Because the book is written through multiple perspectives, the reader can connect deeply with the characters as they get to know each other better.

Second Summer by Shirleen Davies

Second Summer

By Shirleen Davies

Unlike his close friend Annie, a widow, Heath MacLaren of the powerful MacLaren Cattle Company has never been in love. Heath has witnessed love through the relationship between his younger brother, Jace, and his wife, Caroline. He wants what they share but can't seem the right person, the right companion. Annie has mourned her husband's death for more than two years but it might be time to come out of her shell and her home. The platonic friendship Annie and Heath share eventually blossoms into romance. In this friends-turned-lovers tale, the two must decide what they’re willing to risk for a love that can move mountains.

This story tackles real romantic issues we face: losing a loved one and the lack of love. It's a story about second chances that might be worth the risk. Through Annie and Heath we live vicariously as they learn from their mistakes. You'll laugh, you'll cry so hold on tight and enjoy the ride! 

Free Romance Books from Apple

If you have an Apple product—an iPhone, iPad or Macbook—then you have access to tons of free Apple Books, many of which are romance titles. Here are a few of our recent favorites—and we have even more free Apple Book romance recommendations here.

hard place, a free romance book by emily goodwin

Hard Place

By Emily Goodwin

Single mom Alexandra Harding can’t afford to lose her job—even if her boss is a callous, cold and cocky playboy. She’s determined to do her job well and avoid him as much as possible...until he asks her to join him on a weekend trip and pose as his partner. After all, their investors are more likely to trust a family man.

The more time Alexandra spends with her boss, the deeper in trouble she gets. There’s nothing worse than hating your boss—except for falling in love with him.

butterface, a free romance book


By Avery Flynn

“The perfect RomCom to make you laugh and happy sigh” (New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips), Butterface follows Gina, an unattractive woman who was all too glad to put her high school years behind. But 10 years later at a wedding, the bullies come out of the woodwork to put her on a KissCam with the hottest cop in town...and now sparks are flying. But Gina can’t be sure whether there’s a real connection—or if her new beau is just after her mob-connected brothers. 


His One Obsession

By Deborah Garland

Single father Edward Mendelsohn spends his days caring for his son and working as an architect. And since the girl he wants is one he can’t have, his only passion is being a volunteer firefighter. 

Skye Mallory is a lawyer whose apartment caught fire, and Edward is the one who shows up to save her life. The two hit it off … until Skye, desperate for work, agrees to help her rich ex-boyfriend sue some poor architect. Will the lawsuit destroy their relationship before it even begins—or is their attraction stronger than their circumstances?  

Featured photo: Josh Felise / Unsplash