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Diana Cosby Recommends 5 of Her Favorite Scottish Romance Novels

The bestselling author of The Forbidden Series recommends Scottish romance novels that will touch your heart.

Diana Cosby Scottish romance novels
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I love reading Scottish romance. There’s something magical about the medieval era, the knights who live by the code of chivalry, and the woman who dare not only to forge their own way, but fight for what they believe in. In this era of high-stakes turmoil, I enjoy turning the pages of a Scottish historical romance to watch how the characters overcome challenges and fall in love.

As a teenager, I remember reading two romance novels a day, and becoming totally engrossed in each story. For me the stories offered an escape to where the good guys lost and life had happy endings. So, with the numerous books I’ve read over the years, deciding what my top favorite Scottish romance novels are was a fun challenge.

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Scottish romance novels

The Secret

By Julie Garwood

The Secret is my all-time favorite ‘go to’ Scottish medieval book when my muse needs to be refilled. Ms. Garwood has an incredible knack for making a reader laugh, cheer for her hero and heroine, and sweeping you into her stories. If you’ve not read The Secret, a saga of woven around friendship, trust, and passion, enjoy!

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Scottish romance novels

The Devil of Kilmartin

By Laurin Wittig

I love reading authors who write tremendous characters, and Laurin Wittig is a master. In her dynamic tale, The Devil of Kilmartin, Ms. Wittig draws the reader through the lush setting of the highlands filled with danger, intrigue, and in the end love.  

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Scottish romance novels

Laird of the Wind

By Susan King

I admit it, I love stories with a touch of magic in them. In Laird of the Wind, Susan King draws her readers into her well-crafted story world with a touch of mysticism, a riveting tale filled with intrigue, betrayal, and romance that will have readers turning pages until they reach the memorable end! 

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Scottish romance novels

You and No Other

By Cathy Maxwell

Love You and No Other! Cathy Maxwell creates wonderful characters who make you laugh, cheer for them, and in the end delivers a wonderful happy ever after. She’s an author for me who always delivers a satisfying read. Enjoy this fun romp!

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Scottish romance novels

For the Roses

By Julie Garwood

For the Roses is a soul-touching tale. Ms. Garwood crafts a unique and intriguing story of sacrifice and challenge that captivates the reader throughout. Though set initially in Montana, later in For The Roses, the heroine travels to Scotland. For me, this book is a must read, and an easy choice to be chosen for my top 5 favorite Scottish romance novels!

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Featured photo: George Hiles / Unsplash