7 Romantic Alexandra Ivy Books to Read Right Now

This romance author does it all.

born in blood, an alexandra ivy book
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Bedding The Baron

By Alexandra Ivy

Frederick Smith is searching for the truth about his wayward father. He’s led astray himself when his journey leads him to cross paths with the alluring Portia Walker—he knows he must make her his. But first, Frederick will have to melt his icy exterior...which means things are about to heat up.

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Lord Carlton's Courtship

By Alexandra Ivy

Miss Roma Allendyle is frustrated with the trappings and restraints that come with being a “proper” lady, especially since she’s a better rider and shot than any man she’s ever met. So when he brother goes missing, she decides to search for him herself—even if she has to pose as a man to do it. 

Roma knew it would be difficult, but she didn’t count on getting ambushed—or being rescued by the handsome Lord Giles Carlton. And she certainly didn’t count on what their relationship would become. 

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My Lord Vampire

By Alexandra Ivy

The first book in the Immortal Rogues trilogy introduces readers to Gideon Ravel. It’s been centuries since he’s been among humans, but now he must earn the trust of one woman, Simone. She has an amulet of unknowable power, though she’s naive to the threat it brings her. Gideon had heard that Simone was both beautiful and intelligent...but he never imagined he’d be this drawn to her. 

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Born in Blood

By Alexandra Ivy

In the first book of her dark, seductive Sentinels series, humans with hidden abilities are outcasts, walking the line between life and death, right and wrong, and pleasure and pain. 

Sgt. Duncan O’Connor is used to gruesome cases, so he isn’t surprised to see an erotic dancer has been murdered...until he notices someone’s literally stolen her heart. To solve the case, he enlists the help of a necro named Callie Brown—one of the freaks who can channel the dead. Callie quickly senses this isn’t a normal homicide...and something is going to put her and Duncan’s lives—and hearts—on the line.

"An exciting and sizzling new paranormal romance series." —RT Book Reviews

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Kill Without Mercy

By Alexandra Ivy

Five former military heroes make up the ARES Security team, and together they take on civilian missions that no one else can. In this debut novel of the ARES series, Rafe Vargas meets Annie White—she’s hauntingly beautiful, and in clear danger.

Unable to walk away, Rafe links a mysterious serial killer to Anna’s part. And it’s only a matter of time before Anna is next.

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When Darkness Comes

By Alexandra Ivy

Love vampire romance books? Then you’ll love the Guardians of Eternity series. In this debut novel, a woman named Abby Barlow finds herself entangled with Dante, an unbelievable sexy vampire demon. She both desires and fears him—and she has no idea that fate has made it his duty to be her guardian.

Buy A Very Levet Christmas at Amazon

A Very Levet Christmas

By Alexandra Ivy

In this spinoff of the Guardians of Eternity series, fan favorite character Levet gets his own Christmas story. When a Christmas angel asks Levet’s help in fulfilling her duties, he agrees—but he didn’t quite realize what he’d be getting into. 

Published on 27 Aug 2020