26 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Favorite People

    Having trouble finding that perfect gift? Look no further.

    It’s that time of year again. A time filled with chocolate, flowers, romance, love … and gifts. Sometimes finding the perfect gift for those you love most, both romantically and platonically, can be difficult. If you’re in need of a little assistance, check out our list of 26 Valentine’s Day gifts, and find the perfect romantic gifts and thoughtful presents to make this February 14th one to remember. 

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    Maison Miru Pave X and O Studs

    Your loved one will never be without your hugs and kisses when they're rocking these studs from NYC brand Maison Miru. Each stud is made of 14k gold plated brass with high quality CZ crystals, and adds a subtle but sweet symbol of love to any ensemble. Pair these earrings with the XO Bracelet for another touch of whimsical romance. 

    Star Wars-inspired coffee mugs

    Is there a better way to start your morning than a Star Wars-themed mug quoting one of our favorite intergalactic couples? Whatever the recipient’s morning pick-me-up is, Princess Leia and Han Solo are sure to warm their heart—and yours, when you see their excitement upon receiving this timeless Valentine’s Day gift. Perfect for that couple who are die-hard Star Wars fans

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    Never Have I Ever board game for adults

    You’ve probably played Never Have I Ever, but you’ve never played it like this. You’ll learn your friends’ darkest secrets and wildest stories. It’s the perfect way to liven up any gathering. This drinking game will have you laughing late into the night and knowing your friends like never before.

    Anatomical heart mug

    Here’s how you show your love for a friend, family member, or partner: Give them a heart in its purest form. This handmade anatomical heart mug features a black and white heart with a red circle in the center, reading “You Are Here.” Whether it’s for a dear friend or lover, this gift sends a heartfelt message, showing the recipient just where they sit in your heart. 

    Vegan bath bombs

    Whether the person you’re buying for is vegan or not, these bath bombs invite the recipient to sit back and relax. Filled with natural and organic ingredients, you can give the gift of a luxurious at-home spa day. Thoughtful and conscious, this gift will show your favorite person just how much you care about them. These vegan bath bombs are great gifts for any gender or any age.. 

    “I’m here for the right reasons” throw pillow

    So maybe you and your favorite person won’t be the star couple who emerges from the next season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. What you can do, though, is express your commitment through one of the show’s most quoted phrases. Who will be receiving your bright red rose this Valentine’s Day?

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    Luxury bathtub caddy tray

    Made from craft wood, this bathtub caddy comes with space for a tablet, book, phone, snacks, and a wine glass. Fit for a romantic night for one or two, pair this luxury bathtub tray with some beautifully scented candles, fine wine, and relaxing tunes to make for the perfect night in. Combine with the bath bombs above for a soak so inviting, the recipient will lounge until the water gets cold. 

    “I’m booked” tote

    Here’s a Valentine’s Day gift for your favorite book nerd. You can bet that more than once, they’ve passed on social gatherings in favor of staying home with their books. Give them the power and pride to show off their love for literature with this tote. 

    Solar orbit necklace

    With this gift, the recipient can carry the planets with them wherever they go and make a fashion statement. Stylish and scientific, this necklace will be a great conversation starter. Invite your favorite person to show off all their geekish pride. 

    Book-scented candle

    This book-scented candle is for your friend or significant other who you’ve caught smelling the pages of a book. The company who created the candles values creating the sense of peace and nostalgia that comes with a familiar scent. Now, your recipient can make their entire space smell like their favorite possession with a gift from their favorite person. 

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    Eyeglasses holder

    If you have a glasses-wearer in your life, this makes a thoughtful and adorable gift. This wooden owl glasses holder is also a piggy bank and a cute decoration for any home. As the animal of wisdom and intelligence, the owl will send the message that words can’t, showing just how highly you think of the recipient. 

    Drawing Without Dignity adult uncensored drawing game

    You’ve probably played Pictionary once or twice. Drawing Without Dignity is like that, but with no rules for what can be drawn. Give the gift of fearless and funny art, and an evening full of laughs. Together, you’ll put your drawing skills to the test to get your party to guess correctly based on a series of naughty clues. 

    “Talk Darcy to me” tote

    This one is for the person in your life who swoons at the mention of Jane Austen’s literary creation, the legendary Mr. Darcy. Featuring the side silhouette of the man himself with the saying “Talk Darcy to me,” this tote is a great way for the recipient to show off their endless love for the character who has stolen the hearts of many a reader. They can use it for groceries, a daily bag, or just hang it in their home for everyone to enjoy. 

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    Buy Love Poems at Amazon

    Love Poems

    By Pablo Neruda

    There are just some things you need the elegant words of others to express. Who better to look to than world-renowned poet Pablo Neruda? With the original Spanish version on one side of the page, and the English translation on the other, this collection of love poems will make anyone swoon. 

    Love Poems

    By Pablo Neruda

    Love You More throw pillow

    Who loves who more? How do you show it? This throw pillow is a place to start. Handmade with the saying written in calligraphy, this gift is the perfect combination of sweet and practical. It’s plush and soft, and perfect for the recipient to hug when they’re missing you.

    Gold-Plated wine glasses

    Give the gift of drinking wine like royalty with these gold-plated wine glasses. They will make a great addition to any party or a quiet night in. Pair it with the vegan bath bombs and wood bathtub tray to create a luxurious evening of pampering. Like your Valentine, these glasses are stylish and attractive, and will make a nice addition to any home. 

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    Two Hearts notebook

    Do you have that person in your life who’s always looking to write things down? Give them a gift they’ll use daily with a cover that will remind them of you. It features two royal red hearts on a white background. If you like the pattern, there are more products to choose from at the link below to make your Valentine’s Day one to remember. 

    Insulated wicker picnic basket

    Hey boo, let's get us a pic-a-nic basket! Give the one who has your heart a gift that will keep on giving. This Nature Gear picnic basket comes with enough plates, wine glasses, cutlery, and napkins for a four-person 'nic. The basket is temperature controlled, so you can keep your muffins hot or your wine chilled during an idyllic hike to a romantic destination of your choosing. If you're looking for a gift that says both 'I envision spending years exploring together' and 'I am not afraid of dealing with ants,' look no further. 

    'We'll be friends' mug

    This handmade black and white mug will show your bestie how dedicated you are to your friendship, and allow them to do the same anytime they drink from it. It reads, “We’ll be friends until we are old and senile, then we’ll be new friends.” There’s no better way this Valentine’s Day to show your best friend how much you love them. 

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    Unicorn Snot - glitter gel for face, body, and hair

    Add a little shimmer to your favorite person’s daily look with unicorn snot. You can choose between pink and silver. It’s a fun and quirky gift for the person in your life who would appreciate something a little different this Valentine's Day. They can wear the glitter to a party, a date, or incorporate it into their everyday look. Regardless, they’ll feel glamorous wearing this unicorn glitter. 

    Why You’re My Bestie Fill-in Journal

    This little journal is filled with lined blank pages for you to fill to tell your bestie why they’re you’re favorite. Crack some of your inside jokes, share your favorite memories, and tell them how much they mean to you all inside this little book. It’ll be a prized memento they’ll cherish and keep for the rest of their life. 

    “You abducted my heart” tee 

    On this Valentine’s Day, combine science fiction with a little seasonal love by gifting this t-shirt. It’s perfect for your friend who shamelessly adores all things alien and strange. This gift will tell them how much you love them and their unique nerdiness. They’ll wear it around town so everyone will know they have a great person in their life like you. 

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    Buy My Glory Was I Had Such Friends: A Memoir at Amazon

    My Glory Was I Had Such Friends: A Memoir

    By Amy Silverstein

    Amy Silverstein was the recipient of a heart transplant, but 26 years later, her new heart began to fail. However,the story she tells in her memoir isn’t solely about her struggle to live. Amy tells her readers about her friends who did everything for her that medicine couldn’t. She measures the importance of what it means to be there for your friends in the worst of times through a story of resilient friendship and fierce loyalty. If you want to show your favorite person that you’ll be there for them through thick and thin, here’s your gift. 

    My Glory Was I Had Such Friends: A Memoir

    By Amy Silverstein

    'The book is better' coffee mug

    Chances are, you’ve heard it said from your favorite person who knows books better than anyone else you know. The book is always better, and they have no problem letting the people around them know. This gift will show them just how much you love their passion, and let them never forget how much you care about them. 

    Buy Hot Dudes Reading  at Amazon

    Hot Dudes Reading

    By Hot Dudes Reading

    We have here a Valentine’s Day gift bound to make the recipient laugh and swoon all at once. The Hot Dudes Reading Instagram account took the social channel by storm, gaining thousands of subscribers (there’s a strong chance your book nerd friend is following). Now, they’re compiled some of the best photos into one book so fans can hold a physical right in their hands. 

    Hot Dudes Reading

    By Hot Dudes Reading

    Ultrasonic aromatherapy fragrant oil vaporizer humidifier

    If you share a living space with your sweetie, this aromatherapy humidifier with LED lights is a great way to create a zen, romantic vibe in your home. In addition to improving air quality—helping you and yours avoid allergens, dust, and dryness—the LED lights also help add atmosphere to any apartment. Comes with a safety auto-switch that turns the humidifier off when it runs out of water to avoid overheating. 

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