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Cute Clothes for Romance Readers

Wear your passions on your sleeve.


Want to shout your love for romance from the rooftops? A Love So True celebrates fashion that tells everyone you're obsessed with literature and love, and proud of it. Check out these cute clothes for romance readers below, including two original designs from the A Love So True staff!

I'm Booked

An A Love So True original design!

cute clothes

For readers whose to-read pile is more tempting than a night out, this shirt celebrates the joy of staying in and diving into some scintillating stories. Even better, take a photo of you wearing the shirt to send to friends when you get the inevitable "where r u" text at 11 pm on a Friday night. We're busy, Brenda! Leave us be with our books and tea! Because why spend your night in a sweaty club when you can pass the time on your couch, fully unbothered, with the sweetest T-shirt in all the land. 

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Book Lover

An A Love So True original design!

cute clothes

How is anyone going to know you love books if you're not wearing this shirt? Yes, you may be carrying a bag full of library books and independent bookstore fliers, but is it really enough if the words aren't displayed directly across your chest? We don't think so. Shout about your purest love from the rooftops and from your own body by wearing this cute shirt. Hey, maybe you'll even snag a fellow book lover to help you drag those heavy books around. Love is pain, my dear reader. Honor the most pure, enduring love there is—the love between a reader and a good book. 

I Want Adventure

cute clothes

Book-lover Belle from Beauty and the Beast gets all the adventure she wants—and then some. Hopefully your adventure will come without your capture and possible Stockholm Syndrome, but we can't promise anything. Hey, this shirt is powerful! Instead of talking dishes, this shirt supplies its wearer with cute fonts, a fun design, and a slogan you'll be ready to show off. Tell the universe you're ready for an epic journey with this Belle-inspired shirt, and you'll look anything but provincial.

Romance Books

cute clothes

While we may cringe thinking about being serenaded in public (it's the one PDA we just can't get behind), these sweet cartoon books look pretty happy. And why shouldn't they be? They're romance books in love! These cheeky books know the importance of sharing your feelings with those you love. We bet they're singing "The Book of Love" or "Paperback Writer." Too much book humor? Impossible. Celebrate love ballads, roses, and sweeping romances with this fun tee. 

Dinna Fash Yourself

cute clothes

Still watching Outlander with subtitles? No, we totally aren't either... Confuse the casual observer with some Scottish nonsense displayed proudly on your torso. Don't stress lass, this shirt can be yours. No time travel required. Outlander fans will fall for this Jamie-inspired tee. 

Romeo + Juliet

cute clothes

You may get the question, "Didn't they die?" when you wear this shirt, but what about it? If Baz Luhrmann's version of Romeo and Juliet taught us anything, it's that they went down violently and fashionably. Honor their fictional memories by keeping your head in the fashion game with this artsy tee. Romeo and Juliet's romance came to a tragic end, but feel free to retcon their story to add a happily ever after while wearing this gorgeous shirt. 

Will You Accept This Rosé? 

cute clothes

Gather round, Bachelor fans. We can debate about which Bachelor guy is the actual worst later, but for now slip on this shirt to show that not only are you into reality tv, you're also punny and clever. True fans know that every season of the show is best paired with wine. In fact, sometimes the wine is the only thing that makes an awkward rose ceremony remotely tolerable. Just leave, hot dog suit guy, we are begging you. Spare us the horror of a two-on-one! Prove you're trying to win hearts for the right reasons with this cute slogan.