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Romantic Shows Stories

Sam and Diane. Ross and Rachel. Jim and Pam. Romances can be found at the heart of the most beloved series. Audiences can’t get enough of romantic TV shows like Never Have I Ever, Lovesick, or Hart of Dixie, and A Love So True’s coverage recommends the most swoon-worthy series. 

Want to watch the best first kisses in TV history, or explore the unions between your favorite fictional couples? This is the place to do that. Need a recommendation for what series to watch today on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services? We’ve got that, too.

As romancelandia continues to gain more of the attention it deserves, romance novel adaptations like Bridgerton and Virgin River are also being released. Regardless of whether you prefer book adaptations, soaps, dramas, comedies, or something else entirely, our romance series coverage can help you find your next great binge. 


Celebrity Couples: Why Do We Care So Much?

Sometimes, the breakup of a particularly charming celebrity couple can make us regular humans lose hope in love, too.