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New Romance Books in October 2020

These stories will set your heart aflutter.

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Fall is here and the weather’s already getting chilly. What better time to curl up with a swoon-worthy novella or steamy one-shot romance? We’ve compiled a list of some sizzling hot October releases to warm you right up. Let tales of defiant princesses, forbidden love, secret crushes, and mistletoe kisses whisk you away to worlds filled with magic and passion.  

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Christina Lauren Romance

In a Holidaze

By Christina Lauren

Release Date: October 6th 

Maelyn Jones’ life has been just about as mundane as it can get. To make matters worse, she’s just spent her last Christmas ever at her favorite cabin in Utah. On the verge of a melt down as she drives away, she makes one desperate wish for happiness. 

All of a sudden, another car rams into her and her family and she wakes up on a plane bound for Utah...again. Follow the series of hysterical hijinks and holiday magic that begs the question: Can Maelyn figure her way out of this bizarre time loop in time to kiss her true love under the mistletoe?

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kendal ryan romance

The Boyfriend Effect

By Kendall Ryan

Release Date: October 13th 

The protagonist of The Boyfriend Effect would rather get a vasectomy and a root canal at the same time before facing the ridicule his friends have prepared over his latest in a series of bad breakups. Luckily for him, his best friend’s sister, the feisty Maren, swoops in and makes it her mission to show him all the ways he’d been failing as a boyfriend. 

He’s learning quite a lot, until he realizes he’s actually starting to fall for her. Now he’s got to preserve his reputation, their friendship, and most of all, his heart.

K webster Niki Ash Romance

Torn Apart

By K. Webster and Nikki Ash

 Release Date: October 20th 

The hero of this book is afraid his dad—who is also his school's dean—will actually disown her once he gets wind of his latest series of disasters. He already terrorizes his dad’s very existence with his troublemaking tendencies, slacker qualities and the overall fact that he’s gay. 

Just to ramp up the angst even further, the protagonist is about to wreck both their lives in a new way when he decides he wants to bone the school’s new hockey coach, make out with his worst enemy, and realizes that he’s in love with his best friend...who’s a freaking chick. It takes his entire life falling apart for him to realize he’s just about the worst human who’s ever lived, and his own worst enemy by far.

J.H. Croix Romance

Crash Into You

By J.H. Croix

Release Date: October 13th 

What happens when a hotshot pilot and a Southern princess collide in the wilds of Alaska? He’s got a younger sister to raise, but he can’t get the princess out of his mind. She’s everything he doesn’t need, but the only time he escapes his demons is when she’s around. 

He’s her boss for Heaven’s sake, but she makes him crazy in all the wrong ways. One little slip, one wild night. Things went too far, and suddenly, all bets are off.

J Hanley Romance


By J. Haney and S.I. Hayes

Release Date: October 27th  

It was the King’s wish that Maya one day unite the Normal and Paranormal realms—that is, until he was assassinated. Maya’s mother’s subsequent suicide leaves the princess under the strict watch of the Royal Guard. She has more important things to do, and Officer Zan Coreleali keeps getting in her way. 

He knows that he is going to have his hands full with Princess Maya, but he wants them full of something else. Her. He’s not the only one after Maya, though. Her Lady in Attending, Valaria Cosumos wouldn’t mind having Maya all to herself either, and she isn’t about to let Zane get in her way.

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Mary Gillgannon Romance

Lord of Hearts

By Mary Gillgannon

Release Date: October 22nd

Gerard of Malmsbury is stubborn, bastard-born, and worst of all, an English knight. He’s everything Marared despises, and she’s set on plotting an end to not only the accursed marriage, but also her father’s attempt at an English alliance. Gerard is set on holding onto his prized wife, and his new status as baron, so attempts to win his hostile new wife over with kindness and consideration. 

But Marared isn’t so easily swayed. Even as their attraction builds to steamy passion, she continues to scheme until they’re entangled in deadly Welsh politics. Too late she realizes Gerard is her true love, now not only is their marriage doomed, but both their lives are in danger. Can these once-enemies trust each other enough to survive and find their happy ending?

Lysa Kay Adams Romance

Crazy Stupid Bromance

By Lyssa Kay Adams

Release Date: October 27th

After coming forward as a victim of a celebrity chef’s sexual harassment, Alexis Carlisle’s cat café, ToeBeans, shoots to fame. Her best friend Noah, the genius-hacktivist-turned-computer-security-expert had been in her corner the entire time, and was being coached by his friends in The Bromance Book Club on how to confess his feelings for her. 

The last thing either Noah or Alexis expected is a new customer appearing at ToeBeans and insisting she and Alexis are long-lost sisters. Noah picks up his rebellious old skills once more to help Alexis figure this out, but he must decide if telling the truth is worth risking the best friendship he’s ever had.

Featured photo via Brigitte Tohm / Unsplash 

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