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9 Mermaid Romance Books That Make a Splash

Experience the magic of mermaid love. 

mermaid romance books featured photo

Mermaids have long captured our imaginations, from old wives’ tales to children’s stories to horror re-imaginings. In the Western world mermaids are usually depicted as sirens of the sea, able to seduce humans with their song. It’s no wonder romance lovers are enthralled by these beautiful and mythical creatures, torn between the land and sea, and so in touch with the natural world.

If you’re in the mood for a mermaid romance, here are nine books of underwater passions for you to float away with!

siren's secret debbie herbert

Siren's Secret

By Debbie Herbert

At first glance, Shelly Connors looks just like any other normal woman, but she's actually a mermaid hiding in plain sight among mere mortals and split between two worlds. One evening in the bayou, she witnesses a murder, and now the killer is hot on her trail.

Terrified of becoming the next victim, Shelly has no choice but to turn to Sheriff Tillman Angier, a human with whom she shares some complicated feelings. He's determined to solve the murders and figure out the secret he knows that Shelly is hiding from him. Can she trust Tillman with her identity, and can he stop the killer before it's too late?

sea witch virginia kantra

Sea Witch

By Virginia Kantra

Caleb is an Iraqi war vet who has returned home to his small island home of World's End, all in the hopes of finding peace in his new role as a New England sheriff. One evening, he sees Margred, a gorgeous woman walking the beach who instantly enthralls him. Her big secret: she's a selkie, a sea creature who can take human form and walk on the land to seduce men.

It was supposed to be a one-off encounter for her, but Margred can't get Caleb out of her head. When she returns, the unthinkable happens: her pelt is stolen and burned, leaving her stuck as a human. Can she find true love with Caleb? Can she keep her secret from him? Or will the call of the sea be too much for her to resist?

in over her head judi fennell

In Over Her Head

By Judi Fennell

Reel Tritone is the rebellious royal second son of a powerful underwater dynasty, and he's the black sheep of the clan since he doesn't have his tail. Getting involved with a human could only make things worse, especially one like Erica Peck, a marina owner who is terrified of the ocean.

Reel's been enamoured with her from afar for years. After almost being eaten by a shark, Erica is saved by Reel, who is thrilled to finally have her by his side. It's just a shame that the ocean is hell on Earth for Erica! But maybe he can change her mind, especially once he drags her on a wild adventure through the water in search of a stolen treasure.

the merman king michelle m. pillow

The Merman King

By Michelle M. Pillow

Lucius is the almighty king of the Mermen and ruler of the city of Atlantes. With that power comes a mighty responsibility. He bears the weight of the guilt for his people's curse, forced to life under the sea for over two thousand years. But now, the time has come for things to change, for his subjects to finally break the surface of the water and breathe air.

First, he must test his theory, but things come to a halt when he ends up saving a human woman. Olivette was a simple human waitress who fell overboard from a boat. Her attraction to Lucius is instant, but to be with him could mean sacrificing her life on land. Will she stay in Atlantes or can Lucius finally break the curse?

oceanborne katherine irons


By Katherine Irons

Elena Carter has a dream job as an underwater archaeologist, exploring the unseen depths of the ocean and uncovering treasures of the past. She's used to uncovering mysteries, but she doesn't expect to pull a handsome stranger from the water in the midst of a storm, least of all one with a tail!

Prince Orion quickly disappears, but Elena is now hooked, eager to find out more about this secret merman world and explore the passion Orion ignited in her soul. He embodies a world of magic, darkness, and forbidden love. Now that she's experienced him, can she ever be satisfied with life on the land?

the seafarer's kiss

The Seafarer's Kiss

By Julia Ember

Ersel has always wanted to know what life is like beyond the ice shelf she calls home. She gets her wish when she rescues and befriends Ragna, a shield-maiden stranded on the mermen’s glacier. Their bond is instant but it's forbidden, and when Ersel's suitor catches them together, he gives Ersel an ultimatum: leave Ragna behind or face justice at the hands of the glacier’s brutal king.

Terrified, she turns to Loki, the trickster god, and makes a deal. Of course, it immediately backfires, and now she must work to save herself, Ersel, and all she holds dear before Loki destroys it all.

the girl from the sea molly knox ostertag

The Girl From the Sea

By Molly Knox Ostertag

Morgan wants to survive high school, get away from her broken family, and escape her island town as soon as possible. Nobody truly understands her, and they especially don’t understand her desires to kiss another girl. One night, she is saved from drowning by a mysterious girl named Keltie, who offers a fresh new perspective on life from under the sea.

As their friendship grows, island life starts to feel freeing for Morgan. But both of them have their own problems to deal with, and there are dangers that could hurt them as well as Keltie's home. Is Morgan ready to truly be herself or is it too soon for her to come out?

surface tension valentine wheeler

Surface Tension

By Valentine Wheeler

Sarai ran away from home to find a new life on the high seas, but her dream came to an end during a massive storm. Now, she's shipwrecked in the place she spent most of her time as a child. With a hole in her memory and nothing but the clothes on her back, she needs to figure out what happened, restart her life, and deal with her unbearable yearnings to return to the sea.

Under the surface, a mermaid named Ydri desperately wants to know how humans work. She's willing to kidnap someone to find out, and soon Sarai becomes her guide to the world on land. While they embody two very different worlds that fear one another, their bond reveals something common between mermaid and human: love.

king of the sea nathan bay

King of the Sea

By Nathan Bay

After battling cancer, Carlos Santiago has developed an obsession with death and is convinced he's constantly on the verge of losing his life. It doesn't help that he has to deal with a vindictive former boyfriend, a doctor who is performing shocking medical experiments behind his back.

There's nobody for Carlos to trust, until he has an unexpected encounter with a mysterious merman named Ross who loves watching sitcoms on his iPad and got his name from Friends! With no other options, Carlos puts his safety in Ross’s hands, and together, they must unlock the doctor’s dark secrets before it’s too late. And maybe, just maybe, Carlos will learn to live again.