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7 Gargoyle Romance Books to Make Your Wicked Imagination Come to Life

With their statuesque figures, it's no wonder that gargoyles have become the hot new thing in monster romances.

Gargoyle book cover montage

Step aside, vampires. Get back in your cages, werewolves. There’s a new sexy monster in town, and he’s a stone-cold fox. Gargoyles have sprung up as the hot new thing in monster romances. 

We totally get it. If you grew up watching the Disney cartoon Gargoyles and developed an irrepressible crush on Keith David’s stoic leader Goliath, then this genre’s rise in popularity won’t surprise you in the slightest! Who doesn’t love a strong, muscled, enigmatic hero with a protective streak and rock-hard … abs? If you’re new to the world of sexy gargoyles but are curious to see what it’s all about, never fear. We’ve got seven gargoyle romances, including an upcoming title, for you to sink your teeth into. 

'Deceived by the Gargoyles' cover by Lillian Lark

Deceived by the Gargoyles

By Lillian Lark

For her entire life, Grace has struggled to overcome her family's scorn and lofty expectations. She wants a family of her own, but dating is a total nightmare. A matchmaker offers to help her deal with the messiness of it all and find her a suitor who's uninterested in her family's fortunes. 

Elliot Bramblewick, a stunning gargoyle, seems to be the perfect candidate, but he has two other mates back home. There’s Alasdair, the brooding gentle giant, and Broderick, the charming artist. Now, Grace must deal with a trio of monsters who crave her love. Will this group of gargoyles offer her the family she’s always wanted? 

Cover of 'Titan' by Jillian Graves


By Jillian Graves

Julianna Novak is a former child star who has lost everything thanks to her shady managers. Now, broke and without options, she hopes a sugar daddy will alleviate her financial woes. 

When Titan, a wealthy businessman, makes her an offer she can’t refuse, she soon realizes he may not be what he seems. Gargoyles shouldn't exist but here they are, and Julianna is intrigued by what Titan offers. Leader of the last surviving gargoyles, Titan wants to save Julianna from her solitude. 

One night of passion soon becomes so much more as they are forced together to confront their respective pasts.

the gargoyle's captive, a new romance book in 2023

The Gargoyle's Captive

By Katee Robert

Grace is a monster-hunter who made a deal with a demon. Years ago, her mother made the same choice and was never seen again, so Grace is determined to get the answers she's sought her entire life. Her deal leads her to be auctioned off to a gargoyle, but she doesn't plan to stick around. 

Unfortunately, she didn’t read the small print of her contract. Every time she tries to escape, she’s transported back into the realm of Bram, who is far gentler and more caring than she expected. She keeps fighting for her freedom but the more Bram offers his tender loving care, the more she finds herself falling for his charms. 

Can love with her captive ever be real, and will it conflict with her plans to find out her mother's fate?

'How to Marry a Marble Marquis' by C.M. Nascosta

C.M. Nascosta

By How to Marry a Marble Marquis

Eleanor Eastwick, a wallflower with no marriage prospects, must save her family from financial ruin. She needs a husband, but her options are slim. She decides to attend the Monsters Ball to find a suitable match, but she'll need a guide. 

The Marquis of Basingstoke gives Eleanor a crash course on courting monstrous bachelors. Love is not on the cards for the perennial bachelor, a gargoyle who only comes awake at twilight. He couldn't ask any woman to commit to a half-life like his, but Eleanor is impossible to resist and could be his perfect match.

Cover of 'The Point of No Return' by Devyn Sinclair

The Point of No Return

By Devyn Sinclair

Singer Christine Daniels was only supposed to be at the opera in Paris for one month. It was a chance to advance her career then move onto bigger things, but now she's embroiled in a strange world of monsters and magic. Voices echo through walls, gargoyles come to life, and a harem of monsters have their eyes on her. 

At night, they claim her, offering her pleasure that no human could ever give her. This group of alphas want to have her for themselves, always and forever. Is Christine ready?

Cover of 'When a Gargoyle Awakens' by Elizabeth Ann Price

When a Gargoyle Awakens

By Elizabeth Ann Price

Kylie Summers was an ordinary woman with a not-so-great life with no future prospects. Things, however, take a very unexpected turn when she has a drunken encounter with a stone statue who suddenly becomes a gargoyle named Luc. 

Now, he's staying in her house and planning to free all gargoyles from a fate worse than death. There are nefarious forces at play who want to stop Luc from awakening his kin. Kylie is thrown head-first into a world of myth and danger, and now she has begun to fall for the gargoyle who understands her better than any human ever could.

Cover of 'Inextricably Tied' by Aveda Vice

Inextricably Tied

By Aveda Vice

Harbinger is a banshee who keeps the world at arm's length. Anyone who touches her will become connected to her forever. It's a system that works, even for her partner and bodyguard, the gargoyle Flint. 

But then they accidentally touch and soon Harbinger is aware of the romantic feelings he’s denied himself for years. Things grow ever more complicated when Agony enters the scene, a night terror extracted from a serial killer whose entire life is pain. Forced together by circumstance, the three search for a murderer's victims, and their bond takes them to unexpected and passionate places.