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25 Couples Costumes for Halloween (and Beyond)

These costume ideas will ensure you and your boo have the most fun night ever.

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Whether you'll be making your Halloween debut with a friend or a romantic partner, these couples costumes will ensure you stand out from the crowd, both in October and beyond. Need some inspiration for what to wear to comic con or a costume party? Have a fabulous themed dance coming up on your social calendar? Look no further. These creative costume ideas will help you dress to impress. 

To ease the panic of finding the perfect costume and ensure you make a statement, we've compiled a list of the cutest, scariest, and most stunning couples costume ideas to make your night one to remember. 

Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow 

Are you in a chatty mood? If you wear this costume, prepare for friendly Game of Thrones banter all night because this costume idea is legendary. Jon Snow may know nothing, but we guarantee you will know just about everyone at the party if you wear this costume. Yes, that finale was crazy. Sure, it would be crazy if dragons existed in real life. Either way, we're sure you'll win the Iron Throne of the night with this look. 

The show has an amazing costume department that has tailored the clothes to fit the characters. Each character on the show is unique so you are very likely to stand out. Now for any power couple out there the obvious choice is Jon and Daenerys as they are goals! Lucky for you it is pretty simple to achieve their signature kick-ass style: for Daenerys all you need is a long black dress, a platinum blonde wig, and a dragon pin; for Jon you'll need a black shirt, a faux fur cloak, and a brown wig. Very budget friendly with a little DIY to make it your own, this is a great option! If only we could find a dragon or two... 

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Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole

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  • Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole in Parks and Recreation.

    Photo Credit: NBC

"I'm Janet Snakehole. I'm a very rich widow with a terrible secret." Recreate this iconic roleplaying moment between Parks and Recreation's Andy and April by dressing up as their respective alter egos, FBI agent Burt Macklin and mysterious widow Janet Snakehole. Relive every perfect moment by slapping your very own Burt Macklin when he dares to come near (just make sure you ask your costume-partner for consent first). In these get-ups, just see if you and your costume partner can go the whole night without adopting a three-legged dog. We'd like to see you try. In the meantime, good luck trying to find all the president's rubies. 

Another budget friendly costume that will have all your friends envious for not coming up with the idea first! For Janet Snakehole you'll need a black dress, a black fascinator hat, and—how could we forget—a cigarette holder. Of course it wouldn't be Janet Snakehole without her pearls so make sure you don't forget them! As for your significant other, they'll need a windbreaker with the letters FBI printed in the front and some khakis to pair. You can't forget the most crucial part of the look—Burt's shades. Now if you really want to take this to the next level, don't forget to use Janet Snakehole's accent! 

Mario and Princess Peach

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  • Photo Credit: Gene Han / Flickr (CC)

Highlight this favorite video game duo, Mario and Princess Peach. Get creative; you can make them scary, or keep them classic. Whatever route you choose, level up your look by creating your own take on the iconic characters. An iconic pair from Nintendo's Mario franchise, Princess Peach is under constant attack by Bowser but Mario is always there to rescue her. Princess Peach is the damsel in distress who can't help but find herself in situations that Mario needs to save her from. If you've found the Mario to your Princess Peach then this is the best idea for a couple costume.

In order to achieve this look there are some specific elements that you need to incorporate into the look! For Princess Peach make sure you're wearing pink—lots of it. She has a rosy complexion and generally wears a pink evening gown with frilly trimmings, short puffy sleeves, and a pannier-style overskirt. However, in recent sport games she is seen wearing a variety of athletic clothing. You can't forget her fascinating accessories: red high heels, white evening gloves, cyan brooch and earrings, and her gold crown. Mario also has his own signature style because men can be fashionable too! He wears a longsleeved red shirt, a pair of blue overalls with yellow buttons, brown shoes, white gloves and a red cap with a red "M" printed on a white circle. Don't forget the distinguishable brown mustache that Mario is always sporting!

Sandy and Danny 

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  • Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

A classic! You can never go wrong sporting the iconic Grease couple Sandy and Danny. The only question is, does the Sandy half of your duo go as innocent Sandra Dee (lousy with virginity, as the song goes), or post-greaser-transformation "You're the One that I Want" Sandy? If you want to keep your look general and go as a tertiary character like Rizzo or Kenickie, just deck yourselves out in some T-Birds or Pink Ladies gear. Nonetheless, if you and your beau decide to dress up as Sandy and Danny may we recommend going as the "You're the One that I Want" pair? It's a rather simple look but it is easily recognizable—trust us it's anything but boring. 

For Sandy's look you're going to need a blond wig (if you already have blonde hair, power to you!) and you're going to make sure it's super curly and super voluminous. Make sure to pair a black off-the-shoulder top with some skinny black jeans. To finish off the outfit add some vibrant red heels! If you really want to complete the look, add some hoops and red lip and nails to match. Now for the Danny in your life, make sure you match by coordinating a tight black shirt with some tight black jeans. To really add that greaser vibe make sure his hair to really slicked back. All that's left is to memorize the lyrics because with a costume like this friends are going to be begging for a sing-along!

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The White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter

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  • Photo Credit: Disney

Work with the classic Lewis Carroll look or add your own scary twist as the White Rabbit and the equally eccentric Mad Hatter. Perhaps a zombie Mad Hatter? Or a vampire White Rabbit? With everyone already putting their own twist on Alice and the Cheshire Cat, you can really stand out by dressing as the White Rabbit and Mad Hatter. These eccentric characters are sure to make your Halloween one of a kind. These Alice and Wonderland-themed costumes are sure to take you through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole. The costumes are both simple and fun, you can use plenty of things lying around, find a few pieces at your local party store, or even make some of the props yourself. 

We will be using Disney's adaptation of Lewis Carroll's beloved children's book as a reference for the costumes. The amazing thing about this costume is that it's pretty gender neutral—you can decide amongst yourselves who should be who. For the White Rabbit you'll need blue trousers, a yellow dress shirt, and a red blazer. You'll top it off with a blue bow and a some rabbit ears. For accessories, you should have an umbrella, some vintage spectacles, and—last but not least—a pocket watch. As for your other half, there are a few pieces we need before tea time. To really execute the look make sure you have some green trousers, a white button up shirt, a blue bow, and a mustard trench coat. You can also add a white wig if you want to go all out. The piece that will really tie the whole look together is the oversized top hat with a hatband that reads "10/6." It is the hat's price tag and indicates the Mad Hatter's trade. Now don't forget to ask: "why is a raven like a writing desk?" 

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Rey and Finn or Finn and Rose (or Finn and Poe!) 

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  • Photo Credit: Chris / Flickr (CC)

Why not give these heroes from the Star Wars saga some love? Even if you haven’t seen the latest Skywalker Star Wars trilogy, everyone will be able to recognize this pop culture pairing. Depending on whom you ship, you could also go as Finn and Rose, as seen in The Last Jedi. Alternatively, you could also go as Finn and hotshot rebel pilot Poe, and share one jacket between the two of you. If you ask us we really ship Rey and Finn—do we really have to explain why? If you and your partner really want transform your energy into something really cool, dress up as this incredible power couple. So if you've found the Finn to your Rey, follow our tips and tricks to master this awesome idea. 

Let's start with the simpler outfit of the two—Finn's. The most notable piece is Finn's jacket, it is a brown leather jacket with a noticeable red line across the front. If you really want to invest in the look you can find replicas of the jackets but if you're on a budget definitely check out your local thrift stores. Look for a brown leather jacket and simply use some red spray paint to add the red line across the top half of the jacket. As for the rest of Finn's look, keep it casual with  an all black attire: black top and black jeans. For Rey's costume, you can make this completely one-of-a-kind by making it yourself. You can use a white or grey long sleeve top and cut it into a tube top. You'll need the remaining sleeves to have a similar arm bands to Rey's. Add some tan short and black boots to the outfit. To really match Rey's look, you'll need some cream or grey colored fabric to throw over the base. Look for a brown leather satchel and a black staff and your look is complete. Have fun and may the force be with you! 

Bonnie and Clyde

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  • Photo Credit: vonguard / Flickr (CC)

Whether you’re inspired by the film or the real-life characters, dressing as this couple will ensure you enter this Halloween with a bang. From Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima to Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest, this is one of Hollywood's favorite costume. There's really nothing like a power couple. Okay they were criminals but their style was impeccable—especially if you reference the 1967 Bonnie and Clyde. The iconic looks were created by costume designer Theadora Van Runkle, which mix modernity and elegance. If you're looking to embody the glamorous outlaws with your partner, you've found the right place. Be prepared to be considered the "2017 Bonnie and Clyde."

We'll be focusing on the looks from the film but if there are any history buffs out there you can reference plenty of photos of Bonnie and Clyde. To achieve Bonnie's look you'll need to start off with sleek, blonde hair that hits just above the shoulder. Bonnie's clothes are rather formfitting to attenuate her figure. You can pair a knit sweater with a pencil skirt to achieve this look. Don't forget to top it off with square scarf and the iconic blush beret. As for Clyde, make sure he looks dapper in his three piece suit and a classy fedora hat. Don't forget your (fake) guns for all your bank robberies!


Betty and Jughead

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You're sure to see costumes celebrating "Bughead" from The CW's Riverdale this Halloween. Betty and Juggie's romance might not be endgame, but that doesn't mean you can't show Riverdale's most iconic high school reporters/Serpents some love. This is great idea because there are so many different options, they have various outfits so you can make your costume unique and iconic. With a Bughead costume you can keep it simple yet recognizable. Uh, or you could also go as their romantically entangled parents, FP Jones and Alice Cooper? Yup, it's a weird dynamic. 

This a great costume since you might already have most of these pieces in your closet already! Betty Cooper has a preppy style so think lots of sweaters and collared shirts. We'll be focusing on building a costume from the photo above since it's before Jughead and Betty started dating—in case there are any friends who want to dress up as the duo but aren't dating! For Betty you'll need a pink sweater, a brown suede skirt, and some booties. Don't forget her silver necklace and of course her famous ponytail. As for Jughead, to make him distinctive look for a tee with an "S" printed on the front and a dark colored flannel. Complete the look with Jughead's beloved dark beanie. 

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Pennywise and a balloon

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Any horror fans out there? This one is for you! With the breakout success of the movie adaptation of Stephen King's It, scary clowns are everywhere right now. You and your partner can add a fun twist by having one of you dress as Pennywise's balloon, while the other goes as the iconic monster himself. You'll really add the scary to Halloween and it's a fun way to dress up—it has an elaborate costume and some scary makeup. A great way to work together to build an amazing costume. No matter what, this Halloween, you're sure to both float. 

If you want to embody Pennywise down to the last detail, there are a few replicas online varying in intricacies. However, if you're on a budget or love DIYs, you can definitely make this look your own. Every part of this costume is very important since it comes together to create the terrifying Pennywise. Let's start of with the makeup, you can do it with some great—and affordable—products that will really make you stand out. Try going to a Halloween store to buy pre-packaged evil clown makeup. While you're there you can find some bright red clown wigs similar to Pennywise. As for the costume itself, we recommend checking out some local thrift stores; Pennywise sticks to grey and a lot of ruffles. You can use an pirate shirt or an Elizabethan collar with a lot of ruffles. As for the ballon, may we suggest a red latex outfit? Perhaps a dress or jumpsuit? Whichever you choose don't forget to take large red ballon! 

Barbie and Ken

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  • Photo Credit: Nathan Rupert / Flickr (CC)

Here’s another where you and your partner can get inventive. As far as iconic couples go there is nothing more iconic than this timeless couple: Barbie and Ken. Honestly, name a stronger couple then these two, we'll wait...Now that we've established how cute this couple costume is, we need to narrow down which version to use. Go as the classic Barbie and Ken from their earliest years, or in their more recent appearances such as in Toy Story 3. We love Toy Story and we love Barbie and Ken so why not go as that version of the gorgeous couple? Follow our advice and you’ll be recognized everywhere this Halloween. 

Raise your hand if you loved dressing up Barbie when you were younger! Well, guess what? You can do it again and this time you're Barbie. To really embody Barbie from Toy Story 3, look for a blue jumpsuit and some brightly colored striped leg warmers. Don't forget the matching pink heels and belt. To complete the look tie up your hair into a ponytail with a pink scrunchie—if you want to go all out buy a blonde wig at your local beauty supply store or Halloween shop. Let's not forget Ken! For the man in your life you'll need a blue leopard printed short sleeve button up with some blue shorts. Top it off with some blue boat shoes and a tan belt. Remember to add the blue scarf! 

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Westley and Buttercup

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  • Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

It's inconceivable that this costume wouldn't be a hit! Westley and Buttercup from The Princess Bride are a classic, easily recognizable duo with legendary chemistry. This is a cult classic so everyone will really get a kick out of this one. It is both classy and timeless and your partner will definitely enjoy this. No makeup, no over the top outfit, and they get to be a hero! It's simple enough since it's an all black outfit but for Princess Buttercup you get to live out your fairytale dreams. Plus, you'll have the added fun of exchanging Westley and Buttercup's iconic quotes with each other all night long! 

These costumes are a bit elaborate—especially Buttercup's—but there's nothing to worry about! Westley uses a black oversized pirate shirt with some tight black bottoms. The Westley in your life will also need some black boots and a black mask. It wouldn't be Westley without his black mask and fencing sword. Buttercup uses a gorgeous white gown with a flowy cape. The gown can easily be bought in a Halloween shop or even a thrift store. Every princess needs a crown so don't forget yours!

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Forrest Gump and Jenny

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  • Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Forrest and Jenny from Forrest Gump are instantly recognizable, and it's easy to put together their costumes based on clothing that may already be in your closet. Because the film spans through various timelines, there's a little something for everyone. From long beard, running across the country Forrest to peace and love Jenny there are endless iconic looks that are easily recognizable. This pair had their shares of ups and downs but in the end they made us believe in true love. Forrest Gump is a classic so you can totally pay it some respect by using it for a couple's costume. You'll sure make a fine and dandy couple!

Some have taken inspiration from Forrest and Jenny's wedding while others use younger versions of the pair to play around different timelines. For Jenny we decided to do the wedding because she looks beautiful in her wedding dress so if you're ready to dial into your inner hippie get ready to follow these steps. You'll need a flowy, white floor-length dress with some delicate sandals. Your hair should be short and blown out Farrah Fawcett style. To finish it up, adorn your head with a beautiful flower crown—you don't only have to wear them to Coachella. For Forrest, you can definitely match up and help your boyfriend find a tan suit similar to Forrest's in the wedding scene. But if you're up for playing around and mismatching, you can help your boyfriend find clothes to resemble Bubba Gump Shrimp Forrest. Look for a plaid shirt, some khakis, and some running shoes. You'll also need a red cap and a ping pong paddle. You can finish it off with a box of chocolates if you want!

Johnny Cash and June Carter

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  • Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

Legendary singers and songwriters Johnny and June Cash will forever be cherished by die-hard fans of country music. They were a beloved couple in the music industry—they were married for 35 years! We love a strong and successful power couple, Johnny Cash and June Carter take the cake. If you agree you can dress up as them this Halloween. You don't necessarily need to be trained singers to pull off these iconic musical looks, but you should at least be prepared for requests of "Walk the Line." 

Because the relationship between Johnny Cash and June Carter flourished during the 1960s, their style is simple but elegant. Johnny Cash enjoyed wearing black so your beau should wear some black pants with a black dress shirt. Add some black shoes, a black vest, and a black tie to complete the costume. It is Johnny Cash we're talking about so don't forget your acoustic guitar. For June Carter find a floral, knee-length dress with some brown pumps. Add some gold earrings and make sure you style your brown hair straight! Make sure you do some vocal warm-ups before you head out because you'll surely be asked to sing a little something!

Mary Poppins and Burt

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  • Photo Credit: Matt Biddulph / Flickr (CC)

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! This one goes out to fans of musicals, or Disney, or both! A film so colorful and imaginative, it truly pushes you to work within in your own imagination. Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke immortalized their roles of Mary Poppins and Bert. The film provided years of laughter and music for over 54 years. With a new Mary Poppins movie coming to theaters in 2018 starring Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda, what better way to show your excitement for the remake than by dressing as this favorite film duo? This creative costume will have everyone hoping the wind doesn't change anytime soon.

You don't need magic to transform into Mary Poppins, just a little help so pay close attention! For Poppins' iconic red look you'll need either a red coat or a red blazer and skirt set. Find a white ruffled blouse and add a pink bow. Add some finishing touches with a Poppins' black umbrella and her beloved black hat with flowers. For Bert look for some black bottoms with a matching black vest, a grey button-up, and a red scarf. Don't forget Bert's Victorian chimney sweep brush. Add a little grey powder around your face to resemble the chimney sweep sequence! 

The Joker and Harley Quinn

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  • Photo Credit: gritphilm / Flickr (CC)

Perhaps one of the most talked-about pop culture couples, dressing up as the Joker and Harley gives you a lot of freedom—you could go as their iterations from Suicide Squad, or take on a more classic look from the comics. Regardless, Mr. J (puddin' to his lady love) and Harley are sure to make a splash. Just make sure the Joker half of your couple doesn't stoop to any Jared Leto-level method-acting shenanigans

We are going to be using Suicide Squad as a reference because...why not? Harley Quinn and The Joker were literally crazy in love and their outfits were ever so cool. Harley Quinn is all about blue and red so you're going to need her shiny blue and red shorts with some fishnet tights and high-heeled booties. Add the recognizable "daddy's little monster" shirt with the blue and red satin jacket. Don't forget the belt, glove, puddin necklace, bracelets, and Harley's bat. Make sure to tie your hair into pigtails and spray one half of the ends blue and the other half red. Finish it off with blue eyeshadow on one eye and pink eyeshadow on the other and red lipstick. For The Joker, look for some black slacks and a maroon button-down. Get some green colored hairspray for the hair and a fake gun. If you want to win the costume competition, make sure you draw the Joker's various tattoos with a black liquid or gel eyeliner. 

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Marty McFly and Doc Brown

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  • Photo Credit: Memphis CVB / Flickr (CC)

Roads! Where we're going we don't need roads! Roll into a Halloween party with this classic Back to the Future attire, and you're sure to have a heavy night. There is no doubt people will know exactly who you are channeling, this movie is a classic! Play up with this dynamic duo and you'll have everyone reminiscing the beloved 80s. The costume is a great conversation starter, you can recite some of your favorite quotes or talk about the predictions the film got right—plasma TVs and mobile payment technology. You also can't avoid talking about that epic end to the Chicago Cubs' World Series drought since the film did predict the team would finally win, so what if they were a year off! 

This is a simple and easy costume to assemble. Marty McFly's outfit is made up of a few items that you can already find in your closet: a jean jacket, a red t-shirt, and some light wash jeans. You'll also need some suspenders, a calculator watch, a white checkered shirt, and some white Nikes with a red swoosh. Don't forget to add the red vest over the jean jacket to tie up the look. As for Doc Brown, look for a white radiation suit, yellow gloves, a tool belt, and a stop watch. Don't forget a radio transmitter and a white wig! All you're really missing is the DeLorean...if only there were enough plutonium. 

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor

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  • Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Steve and Diana are #relationshipgoals. Together, they fight fascism using their warmth, their wit, and (when called for) their brawn. They're champions for peace, and have a truly equal partnership. Steve happily recognizes when Diana knows better than him, and isn't afraid to play the damsel to her knight in shining armor. You and your costume partner could dress up as World War I-era Steve and Diana from the first film, or nod to the upcoming movie with a more 80's aesthetic

Wonder Woman has a very distinct armor so it might be best to check any shop that sells Halloween costumes or Amazon. Make sure you have your bodysuit and matching footwear—don't forget your arm bands. You'll also need your headpiece, lasso, shield, and sword. Keep your makeup simple but you can definitely play up with your hair; make sure you add a lot of volume, shine, and bounce to your waves. Steve wears a lot of practical clothing that your boyfriend might already have! He'll need some olive green cargo pants, a thick turtle neck sweater, and winter boots. Add a brown leather vest and an olive jacket to finish the look. Now you're ready to save the world!

Baby and Johnny

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  • Photo Credit: Vestron Pictures

Channel the well-loved Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing to show off your dancing moves this Halloween and have the time of your life. Bonus points if Baby carries a watermelon around with her. Fair warning: if you do choose to embody Johnny and Baby, it's best to practice that iconic lift at home first before whipping it out in public. This is a prefect idea for any couple who enjoys dancing, the 1980s classic, or both. They were seriously goals before it was even a thing! If your ready to undergo your own transformation like Baby get ready because you're really going to shine, don't forget...No one puts Baby in the corner.

You''ll have this look in no time, making it perfect for last minute couples costumes! We're going to be using the final dance sequence because it's the most iconic and the look is both effortless and elegant. For Baby's look, the star of the show is the flowy, knee-length pink dress. Because of its simple cut, the dress can be found in multiple clothing departments or even some thrift shops. Make sure you add some sheer stockings and your pink dancing heels. Add some voluminous curls as the finishing touch! As for the devilishly handsome Johnny, you'll need an all black outfit: black slacks, black button-up, and some black dancing shoes. All that is left to do is practice the Mambo.

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Clarke and Bellamy 

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  • Photo Credit: The CW

If post-apocalyptic science fiction is your thing then you have come to the right place. True, they despised each other at the start of The 100, but since have become one of Netflix’s most swoon-worthy couples. We enjoyed seeing Clarke and Bellamy go from enemies to lovers—as they say, hate is only one step away from love. As leaders of the 100, Clarke and Bellamy put their differences aside in order to lead their people to safety. Together they must overcome obstacles to ensure the safety of their people; they really put the power in powerful couples! If you and your boo want to channel your inner badass, survival-mode instincts then this is the costume for you!

Since we haven't experienced a post-apocalyptic setting, we can only imagine that the wardrobe would consist of one thing: practicality. Since everyone is trying to survive, Clarke and Bellamy dress to survive not impress so they use a lot of basics. That's great for us since we can use what we already have. For Clarke incorporate some military boots and leather jacket since those are her staple pieces. Add some dark wash jeans and some dark toned layering shirts to finish it off. For Bellamy, he'll need some black cargos and boots. Also look for a black jacket and some dark shirts; add a fake gun to perfectly resemble Bellamy. 

Scully and Mulder 

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  • Photo Credit: Fox

Want to believe in your most fun Halloween ever? Then consider dressing as the iconic will-they-won't-they duo Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Dress up as these iconic X-Files FBI agents, and have fun pointing out all the supernatural creatures you run into during your Halloween revels! There's really nothing else that screams Halloween like paranormal phenomena and look for you and your boyfriend, Mulder and Scully investigate just that. Any believers of extraterrestrial life out there? The expansive universe and all its secrets are pretty terrifying so channel all that is scary by dressing up as these FBI agents. It's scary without trying to be so it's perfect for any couple who likes to keep it cool and chill(ing).  

This costume consists of simple pieces so it's very budget friendly! Mulder and Scully are agents which means...lots of suits. It's likely you already have a suit in your closet—presentations, job interviews, prom, etc.—so you can just dust it off and use it for Halloween. Makes both top and bottoms are matching as any FBI agent would not been seen wearing mismatched suits. To really tie in the couple theme, we recommend keeping it classy by using black suits. Add some FBI badges and some fake guns and you're ready to investigate aliens. Warning: we are not responsible for any paranormal activity that may follow.

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Mickey and Minnie Mouse

This is a great idea for couples who are fans of the magical world of Disney! How else can you pay respect the beloved company and relieve yourself of the stress of having to pick a costume. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are the epitome of coupledom—they have been together for 90 years! Keep it cute or make it terrifying. Whatever you choose, this iconic rodent pairing is always magic. It is pretty easy to nail the style of these two lovebirds by sticking to their signature style. With a few pieces from your closet and some added accessories you'll have you and your partner ready for that Halloween party in no time. 

The key to achieving this costume? You'll need a lot of red and whit polka dots! If you want to keep the look simple you and your boyfriend can show off your unique style with your own pieces—just make sure your clothes are red. Add some Mickey and Minnie Mouse ear as a final touch and you're done (check the photo above for reference). If you are set in the perfectly executing this costume, you'll need a red and white polka dot dress with yellow heels for Minnie; make sure you have red pants, a white button-up shirt, yellow shoes, and a black tailcoat. Finish it off with some mouse ears and gloves!

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Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby 

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  • Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Want to party like it's 1922? Grab your best costume jewelry and get ready to recreate this iconic duo from F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel The Great Gatsby. Honestly we love any reason to travel back in time and the Roaring '20s was filled with over-the-top glamour that we love to relive and pay respect. Keep the spirit alive by using Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby as fashion inspiration—it balances Art Deco and 21st Century modernity. This makes a particularly great look if you're attending a party where the decadence is only matched by the simmering, implicit despair. Get ready to pop some champagne and throw an oh so lavish party—Gatsby style!

The Jazz Age gave us the flapper fashion: dropped waists, loose fitting, and—the ever so daring—knee-length dresses. Women had an idealized androgynous look, mixing masculine details like ties and short haircuts in order to have a youthful look. The flapper bobs and cloche hats mixed with the figure-flattering dresses from Luhrmann's film are a perfect way to give you the '20s fashion but with a modern twist. To really embody Daisy, you'll need to look for stores that sell vintage-inspired dresses. Throw on some pearls and a jeweled headband to really become Daisy Buchanan. For the Gatsby in your life, make sure you look for three-piece suits, windsor ties, or bowties, to really set the time period. Seal the deal with some proper headwear like fedoras, golf caps, or straw boaters to transform your man into Jay Gatsby. Just learn the Charleston and you'll be set!

Captain America and Peggy Carter

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You can’t go wrong as Captain America and Peggy Carter. This powerhouse pair shows that you and your partner, to quote Peggy Carter, know your worth. Or you could also go as everyone's favorite non-canonical Marvel ship, Bucky Barnes—aka the Winter Soldier—and Cap. Whatever you do, just don't go as the cursed pairing of Sharon Carter and Captain America. There are our OTP and the 1940s setting really makes us feel nostalgic. This is perfect for those hopeless romantics. Also it's Captain America, how couldn't you choose this one? If you're a fan of this superhero, or your partner is, this is a great balance of Marvel Comics and cutesy romance. 

The couple has a few wardrobe variations so you can pick from some options: from Army uniforms to post-war phases, there is something for everyone. If you are having a hard time deciding, may we suggest going as Army Peggy and hero Captain America? Peggy Carter's look just screams 1940s glamour. You'll need a 1940s Army uniform that really hugs your curves, similar to the fashion of the time. Finish off the costume with some red lipstick and victory rolls. Captain America can also wear his Army uniform for the film but we suggest having your partner wear Captain America's suit—it's a great way to stand out and he probably wants to wear a superhero costume. Make sure you don't forget the famous shield!

Jack and Sally 

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What's this? What's this? It's a creative costume idea! This is a fun way for you and your partner to get creative and work together to make this costume. If you want to try something more on the spooky side, dress as the Pumpkin King and his ragdoll sweetheart from The Nightmare Before Christmas! Doubles as an excellent dress-up idea for any themed Christmas parties you might have on your festive itinerary. Who would've thought a scarecrow and a skeleton could be so romantic? They are truly a testament of undying love. Just keep in mind that you will be tempted to break into song and sing "This Is Halloween" and, honestly, it's not the worst thing!

For Sally's unconventional look is a lot of fun to recreate! You'll need a patchwork dress—if you enjoy using a sewing machine you can sew together different scraps of fabric to make up the dress or can buy a similar dress from your local Party City. This costume has a lot of versatility, you can either spray your hair with red hair spray of buy a cheap red wig to have similar hair to Sally's. Don't forget to had Sally's stitched with a black eyeliner and if you want to be extra, you can use blue body paint to have the same tint that Sally has. As for the Pumpkin King, you can either buy the exact costume off of Amazon or find a striped suit. Add Jack's funky bow and white face paint with some black touches for the eye sockets and teeth and you're complete. This is great because you can either go all out or tone it down, whichever you and your partner feel most comfortable with.

Joyce and Hopper 

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Do we have any fans of Netflix's Stranger Things? It has quickly become one of Netflix's successful series and with good reason, it has two of the best things: classic scary movie themes and '80s funky fashion. Because everyone and their mother has seen the show—or at least knows of it—there characters are distinguishable. Their outfits are pretty simple which means it doesn't break the budget. In season one of Stranger Things, Sheriff Hopper and Joyce Byers are implied to have a romantic history. Although in Season 2, Joyce seems reasonably content with her new boyfriend, Bob, who's considerably dorkier than Hopper. Perhaps you could step out on the town as Bob, Hopper, and Joyce, so everybody wins! 

It's no surprise but...Hopper sure loves his Hawkins Police Department uniform. Your boyfriend will need some khakis and a tan button up to match Hopper's. He also uses some brown boots and a badge so make sure you have that as well. Don't forget Hopper's beloved hat to tie it all together. As for Joyce, her eccentricity is reflected in her fashion. You can channel her quirkiness by pairing some black jeans with an olive green long sleeve shirt. Throw a blue button up on top and add a Christmas lights necklace. Buy a fake axe to really sell the costume!

This article was originally published on October 11th, 2017.

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