25 Couples Costumes for Halloween (and Beyond)

    These costume ideas will ensure you and your boo have the most fun night ever.

    Whether you'll be making your Halloween debut with a friend or a romantic partner, these couples costumes will ensure you stand out from the crowd, both in October and beyond. Need some inspiration for what to wear to comic con or a costume party? Have a fabulous themed dance coming up on your social calendar? Look no further. These creative costume ideas will help you dress to impress. 

    To ease the panic of finding the perfect costume and ensure you make a statement, we've compiled a list of the cutest, scariest, and most stunning couples costume ideas to make your night one to remember. 

    Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow 

    Are you in a chatty mood? If you wear this costume, prepare for friendly Game of Thrones banter all night because this costume idea is legendary. After that season seven finale of Game of Thrones, who wouldn’t want to see Daenerys and Jon walk into a Halloween party? Jon Snow may know nothing, but we guarantee you will know just about everyone at the party if you wear this costume. Yes, that finale was crazy. Sure, it would be crazy if dragons existed in real life. Either way, we're sure you'll win the Iron Throne of the night with this look. 

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    Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole

    couples costumes
    Photo Credit: Julie Scott / Flickr (CC)

    "I'm Janet Snakehole. I'm a very rich widow with a terrible secret." Recreate this iconic roleplaying moment between Parks and Recreation's Andy and April by dressing up as their respective alter egos, FBI agent Burt Macklin and mysterious widow Janet Snakehole. Relive every perfect moment by slapping your very own Burt Macklin when he dares to come near (just make sure you ask your costume-partner for consent first). In these get-ups, just see if you and your costume partner can go the whole night without adopting a three-legged dog. We'd like to see you try. In the meantime, good luck trying to find all the president's rubies. 

    Mario and Princess Peach

    couples halloween costumes
    Photo Credit: Gene Han / Flickr (CC)

    Highlight this favorite video game duo, Mario and Princess Peach. Get creative; you can make them scary, or keep them classic. Whatever route you choose, level up your look by creating your own take on the iconic characters. 

    Sandy and Danny 

    best romance movies Netflix Grease
    Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

    A classic! You can never go wrong sporting the iconic Grease couple Sandy and Danny. The only question is, does the Sandy half of your duo go as innocent Sandra Dee (lousy with virginity, as the song goes), or post-greaser-transformation "You're the One that I Want" Sandy? If you want to keep your look general and go as a tertiary character like Rizzo or Kenickie, just deck yourselves out in some T-Birds or Pink Ladies gear. 

    The White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter

    couples costumes Mad Hatter Hare
    Photo Credit: Debs / Flickr (CC)

    Work with the classic Lewis Carroll look or add your own scary twist as the White Rabbit and the equally eccentric Mad Hatter. Perhaps a zombie Mad Hatter? Or a vampire White Rabbit? Either way, these Alice and Wonderland-themed costumes are sure to take you through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole. 

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    Rey and Finn or Finn and Rose (or Finn and Poe!) 

    couples costumes Rey and Finn
    Photo Credit: Chris / Flickr (CC)

    Why not give these heroes from the Star Wars saga some love? Even if you haven’t seen the latest Skywalker Star Wars trilogy, everyone will be able to recognize this pop culture pairing. Depending on whom you ship, you could also go as Finn and Rose, as seen in The Last Jedi. Alternatively, you could also go as Finn and hotshot rebel pilot Poe, and share one jacket between the two of you. 

    Bonnie and Clyde

    couples costumes
    Photo Credit: vonguard / Flickr (CC)

    Whether you’re inspired by the film or the real-life characters, dressing as this couple will ensure you enter this Halloween with a bang. 

    Betty and Jughead

    couples costumes Betty and Jughead
    Photo Credit: The CW

    You're sure to see costumes celebrating "Bughead" from The CW's Riverdale this Halloween. Betty and Juggie's romance might not be endgame, but that doesn't mean you can't show Riverdale's most iconic high school reporters/Serpents some love. Uh, or you could also go as their romantically entangled parents, FP Jones and Alice Cooper? Yup, it's a weird dynamic. 

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    Pennywise and a balloon

    couples costumes
    Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

    With the breakout success of the movie adaptation of Stephen King's It, scary clowns are everywhere right now. You and your partner can add a fun twist by having one of you dress as Pennywise's balloon, while the other goes as the iconic monster himself. Regardless, this Halloween, you're sure to both float. 

    Barbie and Ken

    couples costumes
    Photo Credit: Nathan Rupert / Flickr (CC)

    Here’s another where you and your partner can get inventive. Go as the classic Barbie and Ken from their earliest years, or in their more recent appearances such as in Toy Story 3. Regardless, you’ll be recognized everywhere this Halloween. 

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    Westley and Buttercup

    couples costumes
    Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

    It's inconceivable that this costume wouldn't be a hit! Westley and Buttercup from The Princess Bride are a classic, easily recognizable duo with legendary chemistry. Plus, you'll have the added fun of exchanging Westley and Buttercup's iconic quotes with each other all night long! 

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    Forrest Gump and Jenny

    best romance movies netflix forrest gump
    Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

    Forrest and Jenny from Forrest Gump are instantly recognizable, and it's easy to put together their costumes based on clothing that may already be in your closet. 

    Johnny Cash and June Carter

    couples costume ideas
    Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

    Legendary singers and songwriters Johnny and June Cash will forever be cherished by die-hard fans of country music. You don't necessarily need to be trained singers to pull off these iconic musical looks, but you should at least be prepared for requests of "Walk the Line." 

    Mary Poppins and Burt

    couples costumes Mary Poppins
    Photo Credit: Matt Biddulph / Flickr (CC)

    With a new Mary Poppins movie coming to theaters in 2018 starring Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda, what better way to show your excitement for the remake than by dressing as this favorite film duo? This creative costume will have everyone saying supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

    The Joker and Harley Quinn

    couples costumes
    Photo Credit: gritphilm / Flickr (CC)

    Perhaps one of the most talked-about pop culture couples, dressing up as the Joker and Harley gives you a lot of freedom—you could go as their iterations from Suicide Squad, or take on a more classic look from the comics. Regardless, Mr. J (puddin' to his lady love) and Harley are sure to make a splash. Just make sure the Joker half of your couple doesn't stoop to any Jared Leto-level method-acting shenanigans

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    Marty McFly and Doc Brown

    couples costumes back to the future
    Photo Credit: Memphis CVB / Flickr (CC)

    Roads! Where we're going we don't need roads! Roll into a Halloween party with this classic Back to the Future attire, and you're sure to have a heavy night.  

    Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor

    couples costumes
    Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

    Steve and Diana are #relationshipgoals. Together, they fight fascism using their warmth, their wit, and (when called for) their brawn. They're champions for peace, and have a truly equal partnership. Steve happily recognizes when Diana knows better than him, and isn't afraid to play the damsel to her knight in shining armor. You and your costume partner could dress up as World War I-era Steve and Diana from the first film, or nod to the upcoming movie with a more 80's aesthetic

    Baby and Johnny

    couples costumes
    Photo Credit: Vestron Pictures

    Channel the well-loved Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing to show off your dancing moves this Halloween and have the time of your life. Bonus points if Baby carries a watermelon around with her. Fair warning: if you do choose to embody Johnny and Baby, it's best to practice that iconic lift at home first before whipping it out in public.

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    Clarke and Bellamy 

    couples costumes
    Photo Credit: The CW

    True, they despised each other at the start of The 100, but since have become one of Netflix’s most swoon-worthy couples.

    Scully and Mulder 

    couples costumes
    Photo Credit: Fox

    Want to believe in your most fun Halloween ever? Then consider dressing as the iconic will-they-won't-they duo Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Dress up as these iconic X-Files FBI agents, and have fun pointing out all the supernatural creatures you run into during your Halloween revels!

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    Mickey and Minnie Mouse

    Keep it cute or make it terrifying. Whatever you choose, this iconic rodent pairing is always magic.

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    Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby 

    couples costumes
    Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

    Want to party like it's 1922? Grab your best costume jewelry and get ready to recreate this iconic duo from F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel The Great Gatsby. This makes a particularly great look if you're attending a party where the decadence is only matched by the simmering, implicit despair. 

    Captain America and Peggy Carter

    couples costumes
    Photo Credit: Cosplay Parents / Facebook

    You can’t go wrong as Captain America and Peggy Carter. This powerhouse pair shows that you and your partner, to quote Peggy Carter, know your worth. Or you could also go as everyone's favorite non-canonical Marvel ship, Bucky Barnes—aka the Winter Soldier—and Cap. Whatever you do, just don't go as the cursed pairing of Sharon Carter and Captain America. 

    Jack and Sally 

    couples costumes
    Photo Credit: monnibo / Flickr (CC)

    What's this? What's this? It's a creative costume idea! If you want to try something more on the spooky side, dress as the Pumpkin King and his ragdoll sweetheart from The Nightmare Before Christmas! Doubles as an excellent dress-up idea for any themed Christmas parties you might have on your festive itinerary. 

    Joyce and Hopper 

    couples costumes
    Photo Credit: Netflix

    In season one of Stranger Things, Sheriff Hopper and Joyce Byers are implied to have a romantic history. Although in Season 2, Joyce seems reasonably content with her new boyfriend, Bob, who's considerably dorkier than Hopper. Perhaps you could step out on the town as Bob, Hopper, and Joyce, so everybody wins! 

    This article was originally published on October 11th, 2017.

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