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8 Beguiling Abigail Agar Romance Novels 

Some proper pining is in order.  

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Abigail Agar was born in Louisiana and now lives in Austin. Inspired by her fascination with the Victorian and Regency eras, as well as her love of a good romance, she decided to start writing her own stories. 

Now, she has literally dozens of romances to her name, as well as a legion of fans who love her sparky and clean historical stories. Here are eight Abigail Agar books for all fans of the genre.


Loving A Noble Gentleman

By Abigail Agar

As soon as Lady Mary Roberts becomes 18 years old, she is presented with an unpleasant surprise. Her father, through his will, dictates that she marry a man she has never met. If she refuses, she risks losing everything, including her beloved home. But to say yes could mean a life of pain and misery, similar to her sister Charlotte, who was forced to wed an abuser. 

Duke Edmund Smith, a respectable young businessman, and business partner of Mary's father, is the suitor. They instantly dislike one another when they are first introduced. But is a marriage to the Duke something to dismiss? Perhaps there is something special beneath his arrogant exterior. First impressions can be deceiving, after all.


A Governess in the Duke's Darkness

By Abigail Agar

It's been several months since the Duke of Wellington lost his beloved wife. Still in mourning, he knows that he must pull himself together and find help for himself and his four wonderful but difficult children. Soon, a terrible illness robs him of his sight too. 

Enter Marina Blackwater, the youngest daughter of a very poor family. When she's sent to the Duke's house as a last-ditch effort for the governess position, she doesn't know what she's up against. The kids are unruly, the Duke is furious, and the house is a mess. This broken family needs someone to help them heal, and the Duke needs to be reminded of the man he was before the darkness overtook him. Perhaps Marina is the one who can make the Duke see the light once more. 


The Captain of Her Betrayed Heart

By Abigail Agar

After what should have been one of the happiest nights of her life turned tragic, Gwyn Stanton decided to run away from England and escape everything that reminds her of her pain. For four years, she lived in India, making a new life for herself. But then an urgent letter suddenly arrives and beckons her to return home. Her father is sick, her family in ruins, and Gwyn is their only hope. Now, she must return to society, which means seeing the man who broke her heart. 

Jack Shelton joined the army when the woman he loved ran away with no explanation. He has no idea why she hates him so, but his feelings for her never diminished. Can true love overcome a terrible misunderstanding or was what they had forever dead and buried?


A Marquess' Miraculous Transformation

By Abigail Agar

After the death of her father, an esteemed doctor, Lavender Philips is left without money or social standing. When her friend, Melora, informs her of a work opportunity at the estate of a nobleman, Lavender sees this as a chance to carve out a life for herself as an independent woman. The Marquess Ronan Beckman has found himself injured in the midst of a robbery. He needs a maid and a nurse who can help him while he's at his most vulnerable. 

The delightful Miss Philips seems like the ideal candidate. He's so taken with her that he forgoes his usual arrogant bluster to let her get close. However, when Lady Foster, a woman who had always been after Ronan's title, sees that he is recovering, she places herself back in his life. And she knows that Lavender is a threat to her securing her fortune. Will Ronan manage to make the right choice and realize that Lavender is everything he's been looking for his entire life?


The Light in the Duke's Shadow

By Abigail Agar

Lady Penelope Withersfield had always dreamed of finding love like the kind in her favorite stories. But when she discovers a collection of old journals and diaries, a terrible truth comes to the surface. The women in her family seem troubled by a terrible curse wherein all love ends in heartache. Penelope vowed that she would never be chained to a man’s name, no matter how irresistible they may seem at first. 

Lord Jules Daventry, Duke of Richmond, is infamous among polite society. He's spent years trying to figure out the truth of his parents' murders, but all it has brought him is misery. He must let go of his past and stop his hunt for vengeance, especially if he is to prove to Penelope that their blossoming love can flourish without threat.


Loving a Fearless Duchess

By Abigail Agar

Penelope is beginning her season in London with low hopes. She's painfully aware that the large scar across her face will be seen as a deterrent to potential husbands, especially when she's up against so many beautiful young women without such problems. Nash met Penelope years ago and experienced an instant connection with her. Defying the odds, Nash and Penelope meet and connect again. 

But Penelope's cousin Henry works relentlessly to break them up. As the only son and heir to the Duke of Somerset, Henry's future depends on keeping Penelope single. If she gets free of his clutches, she'll be able to expose him for who he really is. Penelope won't give up on Nash so easily, not when her freedom and future is at stake.


Mismatched with an Earl

By Abigail Agar

As the young and intelligent Selena Dankworth returns home with her father, she witnesses a carriage robbery that will turn her life upside down. Her quick thinking saves Lord Ainsworth and his mother from the bandits, although the pompous man doesn't seem very grateful for it. 

Nicholas Addington, the Earl of Ainsworth, is a proud man, one who hates drama of all kinds. He certainly doesn't want his mother chasing after the father of Selena. To stave off the romance, he and Selena agree to a fake engagement. They're all wrong for one another, but the more time they spend together, the more that opposites seem to attract. After everything, can this turbulent affair, that started off as a fraud, become something more?


Enchanted by a Lady's Talent

By Abigail Agar

Pippa Blackwell dreams of being an author, despite her parents' demands that she give up her ambitions. When she loses her manuscript, she fears that her mother and father will get their way after all. However, when she sees a poster at her favorite bookshop for a novel that sounds nearly identical to her own, Pippa hunts down the shop’s owner who apparently stole her work. Furious, she demands justice. 

Doyle Brooks, the owner of a failing bookshop, hopes that the wonderful manuscript he discovered could help bolster his business's efforts. He doesn't expect it to become a huge hit, or for the real writer to turn up, or for her to be so stunning and alluring. Somehow, Pippa and Doyle are thrown into a confusing and messy relationship as co-authors and Doyle has to decide whether or not he will truly credit the woman who has changed his life forever. Can they trust one another? Can they let their feelings take control?

Featured photo: Siora Photography / Unsplash