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Why Tales from Ara Is the Fun Fantasy Romance Series You've Been Looking For

Two authors are better than one.

tales from ara romance books

If you love fantasy books that are filled with action, humor and quirky characters (and of course, a dash of romance), then this is the series for you. Written by Gleem, the chosen pen name for the pair of best friends who co-author the series, these stories are perfect for anyone who loves both The Princess Bride and the darker sides of fairy tales.

So far there are five books in this series—get to know them all below.

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tales from ara into the unknown

Tales From Ara: Into the Unknown

By Gleem

“An inventive…tale with comical, often erotic escapades.” —Kirkus Reviews

Harlette has always been a bit of a dreamer, and it doesn't help that her foster family has kept her hidden away from the real world. However, before she can go to college or find a job, Harlette suddenly finds herself in Ara, a place too fantastical for even her to have imagined. 

Giants, talking chickens, and one very sexy (and very brooding) elven king all await her in this new world—and only time will tell whether or not she'll thrive there.

tales from ara: lost dimensions

Tales from Ara: Lost Dimensions

By Gleem

The second book in the series sees Harlette having grown up a little. She's free from the elven kingdom (and Karayan's charms), and has settled in a new place: Lagoria, a human kingdom. 

Meanwhile, Harlette's sister Yuka is in trouble, and in search of Harlette. When she can't find her in Ara, Karayan might be the only one who can help reunite them.

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tales from ara: valentine's special

Tales from Ara: Valentine's Special

In the third book of the series, the tables turn. Though Karayan has always protected Harlette, he realizes she's more powerful than he often gives her credit for. After she frees thousands of Chebenian souls from the ancient sword, Zaida, putting his world in danger, Karayan decides to see just how innocent Harlette really is. To test her, he puts Harlette in a dream state and explores her memories—but her mind is much more complicated than Karayan ever thought it could be.

tales from ara the drug den

Tales from Ara: The Drug Den

By Gleem

The fourth book of the series focuses much more on Yuka, Harlette's sister. Yuka has been hiding from her family and become a soldier for a dark elf mercenary company. Of course, that's a life with plenty of danger of its own. Yuka will need to rely on quick thinking and a fair amount of luck to survive—will she give up, or will she see it through to the end?

tales from ara a force to be reckoned with

Tales from Ara: A Force to Be Reckoned With

By Gleem

The fifth (but not final!) book in the Tales from Ara series returns its focus on Harlette. After Karayan explores her mind, Harlette is still hard to define. She's both innocent and a threat; a weak human and the savior of the Chebenian elves. 

And now there's a whole lot more to deal with: the giants of Far-Flunga want to move; a Nimrodian council wants to interrogate her, and just as importantly, Karayan is finally ready to pursue the passion between them.

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