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Everything You Need for a Socially Distanced Date

AKA Coronavirus Dating 101

two people having a picnic for a socially distanced date
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  • Photo Credit: Tim Collins / Unsplash

If there's one thing that couples who survived quarantining together deserve, it's a real date. Because while we love staying in and watching romantic movies on Netflix, we also enjoy things like sunshine, fresh air, and taking in a view other than the one from our living room windows.

With that in mind, we've put together this list of everything you need to step outdoors for a real date in the age of coronavirus. It may still be a while before you can visit your favorite museum or go to a concert, but we've come up with plenty of dates ideas that are fun, safe, and even a little sexy.

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Extra Face Masks

face masks for a socially distant date

First things first—you have to mask up! Even if your date is secluded, you should have face masks on hand in case you do come in contact with other people. We love these face masks because they're cute and reusable.  

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Sunglasses for Two

two pack sunglasses for a social distant date

The best socially distant date ideas all take place outside, mostly because it's usually easy to meet social distancing and ventilation requirements. To make sure you're prepared to stay in the sun, make sure you have water bottles, sunblock, and some stylish shades.

Waterproof Outdoor Blanket

waterproof blanket for socially distanced date

Whether you're headed to the beach, the park, or even taking a hike, you'll want to make sure you bring along a weather proof blanket to snuggle up on. We like this one because it's waterproof, rolls up for easy transport and has plenty of room for two to lounge comfortably.

Picnic Basket Tote

picnic basket tote for a socially distant date

Whether you grab take out or pack a meal from home, this adorable picnic tote bag with plates, cups and utensils for two will make it easy to pick a scenic spot for a picnic. We know it's not as classic as a regular picnic basket, but hey—it's a lot easier to carry!

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Binoculars for Stargazing, Birdwatching and More

binoculars for a socially distant date

While telescopes are arguably more romantic, binoculars win when it comes to transportation and ease of use. We love the idea of using them for birdwatching on a day hike, or even picking up this book about constellations and having a dreamy night of stargazing.

Travel Paint Set

travel paint set for socially distant date

Sip & Paint classes have been a trendy date idea for a while now—and there's no reason you can't recreate it on your own! All you need is your drink of choice, a scenic view and a couple of these paint sets. If you like, you can even follow a YouTube video for instruction.

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Water Guns

water guns for a socially distant date

Grab some water guns and get ready to play! It's probably a good idea to have this date in your own backyard, where you can run around without getting in anyone else's space.

Badminton Set

badminton set for a socially distant date

Couples who enjoy friendly competition should definitely own a badminton set. Unlike many other sports, badminton is pretty easy to pick up, and you can even have fun without a net.

Mini Projector for Outdoor Movies

film projector for social distance date

If your ideal date will always be cuddling up with a great movie, then you need a projector and a portable projection screen so you can have an outdoor film night. We suggest ticking off one of these must-watch romance movies.

Instax Camera

instax camera for a socially distant date

We know, you already have a camera on your phone. But there's something much more fun about instant film—we love holding the physical photos just moments after they're taken. Plus, they'll make for an extra special keepsake from your socially distant date.

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Featured photo: Tim Collins / Unsplash