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New Romance Movies & TV Shows on Netflix in November 2020

Who needs an actual love life when you’ve got all these?

vanessa hudgens in a coronation gown
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Netflix is already decking their halls with a truly spectacular set of Christmas-themed romances. Spend your November nights with Netflix and chill out as you’re sucked into merry celebrations of love. Plus, if you’re not yet in the holiday spirit, they’ve got a heart-warming tale of human love based on real life events for you too. Either way, these tales of passion, romance and love are sure to make you laugh out loud, sob into your pillows, and appreciate that warm fuzzy feeling you get after a good love story. 

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Dash & Lily

2 teens back to back
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A magical Christmas connection builds as the cynical Danny and unlucky in love Lily send each other on a scavenger hunt all across the brightly-lit streets of New York City. As the two pass dares back and forth in a little red book, they begin to fall in love with their on-page counterparts. 

But finding out if the pair could work as a real-life couple proves their biggest challenge yet. Season 1 of Netflix’s original adaptation of the Dash & Lily's Book of Dares series premieres on November 10th, and promises to send you on a wild adventure of dares, dreams and desires.


interracial  couple romance
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On November 16th, experience a love story that changed the laws of the United States. Arrested under the discriminate assertion that their marriage was unlawful, Richard and Mildred Loving were forced to fight against Virginias’s state laws which prohibited interracial marriage. 

Honest and moving, this heart-wrenching biographical romance film is based on the true story of the couple in the late 1950s, and is simply a must-watch this year.

Midnight at the Magnolia

midnight at the magnolia, a romance movie coming to netflix in november 2020
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Childhood family friends Magie and Jack work as partners on a radio show giving dating advice. When their boss suggests they introduce their significant others during a live New Year’s Eve special, they’re both up for it. But they didn’t both expect to be dumped before the big event. 

To save the show, Maggie and Jack decide to pose as a couple of lovebirds and surprise their listeners with a midnight kiss. But their families find out about the masquerade, and are so supportive of the pairing, it drives these two friends to wonder if there may be something stronger between them after all. This sweet Christmas-themed holiday movie to give you butterflies on November 5th.

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The Princess Switch: Switched Again

prince and princess at ball
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Vanessa Hudgens returns on November 19th for Part 2 of the modern rom-com twist on the classic Prince and Pauper tale, and this time, there’ll be three times the royal shenanigans. When Duchess Margaret unexpectedly inherits the throne, it causes some serious complications with her love life. In a whirlwind of whimsical ball gowns and Christmas coronations, Margaret’s double, the down-to-earth baker and wife of the prince, must save the day before a third look-alike ruins their plans.

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Jumping the Broom

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When two very different families must come together for a weekend-long wedding, it proves to be a chaotic event full of secret affairs, fresh passions and the question of true love. Drama and confusion amass as the wedding-goers form both intricate romances and rivalries, and some long-hidden family secrets are revealed. 

This romantic comedy-drama will be available for streaming on November 1st, and promises to be lots of fun while still tugging on the heartstrings.