The Best Netflix and Chill Movies to Stream Tonight

    The seven best movies to watch—or 'watch'—on Netflix right now.

    I got my first kiss while Monty Python and the Holy Grail was playing. I was 16, George W. Bush was president, and the term “Netflix and chill” wasn’t a thing yet, probably because waiting for a physical DVD to arrive in the mail wasn’t seen as very “chill.” I wouldn’t call Monty Python romantic by any stretch, but I had a feeling this guy was going to kiss me, and I guess I wanted something funny on the TV to try and break the tension. I wouldn’t choose that movie now, but comedies can make a lot of sense depending on the situation. For me, a good Netflix and chill movie should be silly enough to defuse any anxiety, sexy enough to ramp up the sexual tension in a pleasing way, or both. Cartoon violence is fine, but a movie with graphic murder scenes probably isn’t, and sexual violence is a definite no-no. 

    There are a few suggestions below, but everyone Netflix and chills a little differently. If you’re with someone that you want to make out with (or do other stuff, since the word “chill” has about as many possible interpretations as “hooking up”), then you’re most of the way there; just make sure you don’t pick the wrong movie and risk ruining the moment. 


    Netflix and chill
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    How is this movie 20 years old? Anyway, it’s not exactly good. In fact, it’s pretty bad, but it’s bad in an endearingly corny way rather than an aggressively toxic one. You know the, uh, drill: An asteroid is going to hit earth unless a bunch of oil rig workers save humanity, and oh yeah, Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler do foreplay with animal crackers. Aerosmith may not want to miss a thing, but with a running time of 2 hours and 30 minutes, it’s more than okay if you and your viewing companion miss a few things.  

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    Thor: Ragnarok 

    Netflix and chill
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    I once had a guy over to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier and made way too many cracks about Bucky’s metal arm. I couldn’t recommend that even if I wanted to, because as of this writing, none of the Captain America movies are streaming on Netflix. Of the available Marvel options, Thor: Ragnarok is by far the best choice because of how funny it is. There’s not a romantic subplot, unless you count the one between Thor and his mighty hammer. But who needs romance when you have all those attractive people fighting bad guys and/or each other?  

    Sleeping With Other People 

    Netflix and chill
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    Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis run into each other at a meeting for sex addicts over a decade after they lost their respective virginities to each other in college. This movie manages to be both raunchy and sweet, and Brie and Sudeikis have a nice chemistry as two former lovers who are trying to keep it platonic this time around.  

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    Drinking Buddies

    Netflix and chill
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     This indie romantic comedy doesn’t have a lot in the way of plot, and the actors, including leads Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson, improvised their dialogue. It’s a hangout flick, and it turns out a movie about people drinking beer and trying to ignore sexual tension is a great excuse to drink beer and not ignore sexual tension. Unlike most romantic comedies, the ending is somewhat ambiguous.   

    Sliding Doors

    Netflix and chill
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    Here's another movie from the 90s, but this one features Ben Affleck’s ex, Gwyneth Paltrow, and she’s sporting a British accent. It contains dual timelines: In one universe, Paltrow’s Helen catches the train home and finds her boyfriend cheating. In another universe, she misses the train and remains oblivious. If following those timelines sounds like too much work, just pay attention to whether Helen’s hair is short or long. If it’s short, she made the train. If it’s long, she missed it.  

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    Obvious Child

    Netflix and chill
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    This ribald comedy is about a one-night stand that results in an unplanned pregnancy. Leads Jenny Slate and Jake Lacy bounce off each other wonderfully, and when she finds out she’s pregnant, her decision to get an abortion is presented both hilariously and unapologetically. The dark humor and political subject matter means this probably isn’t the best movie for the first time you Netflix and chill with someone; it’s more of an advanced seminar rather than an introductory class. But the central romance is both sweet and sexy, and while you hopefully won’t need it, there’s also a hysterical reminder of exactly how not to use a condom. 


    Netflix and chill
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    Cate Blanchett stars as the titular Carol, a woman who loves other women. That may not seem like a big deal today, but Carol is set in 1950s New York. Carol’s estranged husband wants her back, and if he can’t have that, he’ll do what he can to deny Carol access to their daughter. As Therese, Rooney Mara is younger and less experienced. She has no husband or children to speak of, but she still has plenty to lose if she follows her heart. The romance is more restrained because the setting requires it, but the sense of longing is very much alive.  

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