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The 7 Best Romantic Comedies on Netflix

You had me at “Netflix.”

Ranging from heartwarming originals to 80s classics, Netflix has no shortage of adorable and hilarious rom com options. For the most part, they all follow one magic formula: The fated lovers meet. There’s some sort of spark, to which they’re pretty much always oblivious. Something goes wrong and destroys any chance they have of being together... but eventually everything comes together for the perfect sappy and sweet ending. 

With so many great films to choose from on the streaming service, you could spend ages trying to narrow down your options. To make it a bit simpler, we’ve selected some of the best romantic comedies on Netflix, in one convenient list. Check them out below, in order of release date. 

I Love You, Man (2009)

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There’s only one thing missing from Peter Klaven’s (Paul Rudd) life: a male best friend. Normally, he doesn’t mind. He has a great job as a realtor, a wonderful fiancée named Zooey (Rashida Jones), and lovely female friends. But at the moment, he’s in dire need of a best man and has exactly zero friends to ask.

He asked his gay brother for advice on talking to men, which, unsurprisingly, results in him making uncomfortable advances on men he’s simply trying to befriend. He finally befriends Sydney (Jason Segel), a man who shows up at his open house to pick up divorced women. They quickly grow close, but Sydney takes advantage of Peter and comes between him and Zooey. Is Peter truly willing to trade the love of his life for the male best friend he never had?

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Naomi & Ely’s No Kiss List (2015)

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Naomi (Victoria Justice) and Ely (Pierson Fode) are best friends. They’re determined to never let a boy come between them, so they’ve made a no kiss list. A name that gets added to the list is off limits to both of them. Their cute doorman, Gabriel (Matthew Daddario), is at the top of the list. As the movie opens, Naomi has recently started dating a guy they call Bruce 2 (Ryan Ward), while Ely continues to have a series of casual hookups.

Their friendship is put through the ultimate test when Ely falls for Bruce 2. Just to make matters worse, Naomi has fallen in love with Ely. She refuses to accept that he’s gay and continues to hope that he will one day return her feelings.

Sleeping With Other People (2015)

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In 2002, Lainey (Alison Brie) and Jake (Jason Sudeikis) have a one-night stand. They lose their virginity to one another, but never intend to see each other again. Twelve years later, Lainey and Jake run into each other at a meeting for sex addicts. Lainey has just broken up with her boyfriend on whom she consistently cheated. Jake is incapable of committing to anyone.

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The pair go on a date, comparing problems and consoling each other. Jake suggests that they have sex, but Lainey thinks they’re better off as friends. They become best friends but can’t quite seem to get the sexual tension out of their systems.

The Kissing Booth (2018)

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Elle Evans (Joey King) and Lee Flynn (Joel Courtney) were born on the exact same day, at the exact same time, in the exact same hospital, to women that had been best friends forever. Now teenagers, Elle and Lee have been best friends for as long as they can remember. They know that guys and girls don’t always have the easiest time staying friends once high school hits, so they make a set of friendship rules. Rule number nine: “relatives of your best friends are totally off-limits.”

Elle is determined to follow all the rules, including this one, but has a massive crush on Lee’s super hot older brother Noah (Jacob Elordi). When her pants rip on her first day of junior year, she’s forced to wear a skirt that’s way too short and really shows off the body she developed over the summer. Just to make matters a little more complicated, Noah kisses Elle while she’s working at a kissing booth, and they admit their feelings for one another. They come up with their own set of rules. The most important one? Lee can never find out about them.

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Set It Up (2018)

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Kirsten (Lucy Liu) is the editor of a super successful sports journal. Her assistant, Harper (Zoey Deutch), is a bored 23-year-old. Rick (Taye Diggs) is a venture capitalist. His assistant, Charlie (Glen Powell) is a 28-year-old with a model girlfriend for whom he has no time. Kirsten and Rick are high-strung workaholics who make their assistants work ridiculous hours. When Harper and Charlie bond over their ridiculous hours, they come up with a plan.

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They’re going to set up their tense bosses and hope that dating will help them both relax. Kirsten and Charlie hit it off and the assistants use their extensive knowledge of their bosses to keep the fire going. But their plans go off course when their bosses discover the truth.

When We First Met (2018)

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Noah (Adam DeVine) first met Avery (Alexandra Daddario) at a Halloween party three years ago and has been in love with her ever since. At her engagement party, he’s devastated that he’s lost his chance with her and gets very drunk. Avery’s roommate, Carrie (Shelley Hennig), brings Noah to the piano bar where he works, and he admits to her that he has feelings for Avery.

In the bar, he uses the photobooth and travels back in time to the day he first met Avery. As he uses the photobooth to redo their meeting over and over, desperately trying to make Avery fall in love with him, Noah realizes that they were never meant to be together and that he had been overlooking the woman he truly loved all along.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before (2018)

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The internet fell quickly for this charming adaptation of Jenny Han's novel of the same name, about a high school wallflower and a jock whose fake relationship becomes more complicated than they anticipated. Lara Jean (Lana Condor) is more comfortable reading about romance in books than pursuing it in real life, particularly since the current object of her affections is her older sister's boyfriend, and strictly off-limits. Lara Jean copes with her feelings by writing love letters she never intends to send. But when the letters to her unrequited loves somehow get out into the world and into the hands of her current and former high school crushes, Lara Jean and one of her crushes, Peter Kravinsky (Noah Centineo) agree to enter a mutually beneficial fake relationship. Not surprisingly, though, their arrangement soon leads to real feelings, and Lara Jean finds herself on the brink of finally taking a real romantic risk...


romantic comedies on Netflix

How far would you go to explore a promising romantic connection with someone? In this 2018 Netflix Original rom-com, Harper (Gillian Jacobs) is traveling with her friends for a work trip when she meets Leo West (Richard Madden), a ridiculously hot international DJ. Leo and Harper hit it off, but practical Harper knows there's no future there. Her friends Leah (Phoebe Robinson) and Nikki (Vanessa Bayer) feel differently, and convince Harper to take a quick break from work obligations to fly to Ibiza for Leo's next set. A sexy, funny vacation romance that's ultimately just as much about friendship as it is romance, Ibiza is a fun watch during a night in. Put on your unicorn suit and get ready to trip. 

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Published on 07 Aug 2018

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