From Enemies to Lovers: Johanna Lindsey’s Latest Historical Western Romance 

Marry Me by Sundown will leave you breathless…and in need of a sexy miner of your own. 

marry me by sundown
  • Photo Credit: Tobias Keller / Unsplash
marry me by sundown
  • Photo Credit: Bhakti2 / Pixabay

Morgan wanted to make it on his own, which is why he left the Callahan cattle ranch in order to mine his way to riches. But when Violet shows up claiming to be his late partner’s daughter, he thinks she's an actress trying to steal his land. Taking the old saying “keep your enemies closer” to heart, Morgan brings Violet to his camp where he can keep an eye on her. 

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What this rugged Westerner didn’t account for were his feelings towards courageous and determined Violet…and how difficult they are to suppress. Though these two are at odds over most things, there’s one thing they can agree on: They’re crazy about each other. That is, if they can admit it to themselves first. 

In the following excerpt, Morgan is teaching Violet how to shoot—in order to defend herself from wild animals or intruders. The day before, Morgan had suddenly kissed Violet…but she pushed him away. Now, it’s all she can think about. Will she learn anything in her lesson? Or will passion get the best of these two enemies? 

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Featured photo: Tobias Keller / Unsplash; Additional photo: Bhakti2 / Pixabay  

Published on 10 Jul 2018