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10 Creative Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Partner

Gift ideas your SO is going to love!

hands holding flowers shaped like heart
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  • Photo Credit: Amy Shamblen / Unsplash

Arriving just 7 weeks after Christmas, we’re somehow surprised by how quickly Valentine’s Day manages to arrive each year. And having spent so much time figuring out the perfect Christmas presents, it’s easy to be stumped by what to do for Valentine’s Day. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up 10 creative Valentine’s Day gifts, each with speedy delivery options so no one has to know that you haven’t been planning this for weeks.

Jerky Heart

jerky heart, a creative valentine's gift

If chocolates aren't your (or your boyfriend's) thing, may we suggest a heart-shaped box full of beef jerky? From Garlic Jerky to Whiskey Maple to Honey Bourbon, this is a Valentine's gift perfect for any one who identifies with Ron Swanson.

The Ultimate Game for Couples

ultimate game for couples, a creative valentine's day gift

The couple that games together, stays together. This tabletop game is reminiscent of The Newlywed Game, with questions designed to test how well the two of you know one another. You can play with just the two of you, or competitive partners may be interested in playing against another couple!

Mini Cryptex

mini cryptex, a creative valentine's day gift

The Da Vinci Code isn’t exactly known for being a romance favorite, but we do love the idea of encrypting a secret message for your loved one using this device. You can set a password that only the two of you know, then leave notes and trinkets for one another inside. Sounds like a pretty romantic and creative Valentine’s Day gift to us!

Customizable Zodiac Heart Print

zodiac heart print, a creative valentine's day gift

Does your partner look to the stars for guidance? Show them you know you’re meant to be with a personalized zodiac heart print. If you go for this option, you may want to double check your zodiac compatibility first!

Date Night Idea Scratch-Offs

date night ideas valentines gift

Everybody loves scratch offs. But instead disappointment is never an option with these! This set of 35 scratch offs each reveals a different date night idea, guaranteeing fun, adventurous and hilarious memories with your partner.

Wooden Heart Card

wooden heart card, a creative valentine's day gift

Regular paper cards are so cliche—and, let’s be real, liable to get tossed out with the trash in a few weeks. Get your boyfriend or girlfriend a card they’ll cherish forever, like this gorgeous wood card. P.S.—If you need ideas for the perfect thing to write inside, we suggest checking out some of our favorite short love quotes.

Customizable Letterboard Collage Frame

letterboard collage frame, a creative valentine's day gift

A photo collage of all your treasured moments together is always a great idea for a gift, and we especially love this frame that also includes a felt letterboard, letting you write whatever you like in the center.

Mini Heart Waffle Maker

mini heart waffle maker, a creative valentine's day gift

Breakfast in bed is a tried-and-true romantic gesture, but you can up the creativity factor with some heart-shaped waffles. Or, really think outside the box and surprise your partner with heart-shaped paninis or quesadillas!

Personalized Wine Glasses

personalized wine glass, a creative valentine's day gift

If you and your partner like nothing more than curling up on the couch with a good bottle of wine, then you’re sure to get a lot of use out of personalized wine glasses. Plenty of sellers on Etsy will etch just about anything you want on a wine glass, but if you’re pressed for time, these cute glasses can ship in just a few days.

Punny Dish Towel

i love you from my head tomatoes towel, a creative valentine's day gift

Making Valentine’s Day dinner together will be so much sweeter with this adorable towel hanging in the kitchen! And if you’re the type of couple that loves corny jokes, you can keep the laughter going with these cute romance jokes.

Featured photo: Amy Shamblen / Unsplash