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8 Stuck Together Romance Books To Draw You In

Love the one you're with!

stuck together romance books featured image

How many ways are there for one person to be trapped with someone they find impossibly sexy? Fortunately for us, there are countless methods to force potential lovers into achingly close proximity. The romance world can’t get enough of this trope, and neither can we.

What are stuck together romance books?

Stuck together romance books put our romantic leads in a situation where they have no option but to spend time together. Maybe they’re forced to live together,  put in a hotel room with only one bed, stuck in a tiny location thanks to the weather, or even stranded on a desert island. Therein chemistry lies! 

Here are eight forced proximity romances for people looking to get a little hot and bothered.

act your age eve brown

Act Your Age, Eve Brown

By Talia Hibbert

Of the three Brown sisters, Eve is considered the least reliable. She's never been able to get her act together, and now her parents are threatening to cut her off if she doesn't get a job and stick with it. Somehow, she ends up at the B&B of Jacob Wayne, a control freak who needs a new chef. Eve interviews for it, fails instantly, then hits him with her car. Accidentally. Sort-of.

With a broken arm and in desperate need of staff, Jacob is forced to let Eve stay and run his life. They're total opposites. It shouldn't work. But Eve is tough to resist and soon the thaw between them begins to melt. Maybe opposites can make perfect bedfellows.

amazing winter romances whiteout


By Adriana Anders

After months of living in the most desolate place on Planet Earth, Angel Smith is ready to leave Antarctica. But on what was meant to be her final day, the research station is attacked. Someone wants her dead. There's nowhere to run.

Now, Angel is stuck with glaciologist Ford Cooper, bound together by fear and trust, as they try to survive in the most inhospitable place in the world. If they don't make it, the outside world will suffer.

books like Jasmine Guillory

The Bride Test

By Helen Hoang

Khai Diep is irritated by his family's constant meddling and strangers' claims that he has no emotions. He does, but since he's on the spectrum, he just processes things differently. Relationships aren't for him, but his mother has different ideas. She wants him to marry, and she thinks she's found the ideal candidate in Esme Tran, a poor Vietnamese single mother who wants to find her father in America.

Khai doesn't want her around but Esme isn't leaving anytime soon, and as her feelings for her reluctant suitor grow, she eagerly works to find ways to have him reciprocate. He thinks he can’t love, but what if he’s wrong?

the roommate

The Roommate

By Rosie Danan

The Wheatons are an infamous family of socialites, but Clara's the one who's always had her s**t together. She's the one who doesn't take risks, but when her childhood crush invites her to move cross-country, the offer is too much to resist. Unfortunately, it’s also too good to be true.

Now, she finds herself sharing a lease with a charming stranger. Josh is handsome and seems easy enough to live with. He's also an adult film star who loves his job and can fulfill any woman's desires. He offers Clara a chance to truly discover her own pleasure, and who would she be to resist? 

crash landing

Crash Landing

By Lori Wilde

Gibb Martin is a billionaire who works hard and plays hard. Risk is his addiction, but when his business partner and longtime friend suddenly bails on a major venture to get married, that's a step too far! He needs to charter a plane to Florida to stop the wedding, and by his side is Sophia Cruz.

She immediately dislikes the cocky rich boy, but as a pilot, she can't turn down his big-money offer. Mid-flight, disaster strikes and she's forced to crash-land the plane. Now, they're alone on a deserted island with nothing but one another for company, for safety, and for so much more...

shipped, a closed door romance


By Angie Hockman

Henley Evans is ambitious, overworked, and determined to prove her worth at her job as a marketing manager for a cruise line. All her sacrifices seem to be paying off when she’s shortlisted for the promotion of her dreams. 

Unfortunately, her competition is Graeme Crawford-Collins, the remote social media manager and the bane of her existence. They've never actually met in person but their email fights are the stuff of legends in the office. Their boss tasks each of them with drafting a proposal on how to boost bookings in the Galápagos. The winner gets the job.

But now, they have to go on a company cruise to the beautiful Galápagos Islands. Together. They both want this job bad, but now that they've met, they realize that they don't actually hate one another. Indeed, maybe the connection they're fostering is worth more than any promotion.


Rafe: A Buff Male Nanny

By Rebekah Weatherspoon

Dr. Sloan Copeland had a nasty divorce that pushed her to take her twin daughters a thousand miles away to try for a new life in Los Angeles. When their live-in nanny bails with no warning, Sloan is desperate for a replacement. Anyone will do. She doesn't expect Rafe Whitcomb to enter the scene. He's tall, bearded, muscled, tattooed, and a nanny.

It doesn't take long for the Copelands to invite Rafe into their home, where he reveals himself to be the ideal nanny and perfect addition to their family. If only he and Sloane weren't so desperately attracted to one another. But the longer they spend living together under the same roof, the more undeniable their growing emotions become.

ship wrecked

Ship Wrecked

By Olivia Dade

Maria had a magical one-night stand several years ago with a thick-thighed Viking god of a man, then left the next morning without a word. Now, they're working together as co-stars on the beloved fantasy series Gods of the Gates. The chemistry is still there but Peter's not interested now. He wants to focus on his career and not make things even more awkward at work.

After all, they’re going to be stuck together for many years, working on this tough series located on a tiny and desolate Irish island. Maybe one day they can be good colleagues or even friends, but never lovers. Right? It's not like all that pent-up passion will get in the way of things...