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Sarah J. Maas Answers Reader Questions in Intimate House of Earth and Blood Livestream

Maas found a way to be close to readers, even during the coronavirus crisis.

This is what book promotion looks like during a pandemic. Speaking from her home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Sarah J. Maas used a YouTube livestream Q&A to connect with readers after the tour for her new book House of Earth and Blood was cancelled due to coronavirus safety concerns. 

House of Earth and Blood is the long-awaited first book in Crescent City, a new series from the bestselling author of fantasy romance. Although Maas' previous series, Throne of Glass and a Court of Thorns and Roses, were sizzling in their own right, this latest release is her first official foray into adult fantasy. 

Watch the recorded livestream below to hear Maas discuss the inspiration for House of Earth and Blood's heroine; how she finds balance while working from home; and her feelings about cancelling the book tour. Maas' husband Josh and adorable dog also participate in the Q&A.

House of Earth and Blood introduces Bryce, a free-spirited half-fae, half-human. Bryce spends her evening partying in Crescent City — but after her friends are murdered during an evening of debauchery, she questions everything. Even when the demon behind the massacre is imprisoned, Bryce can't find peace. 

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After similar killings occur across Crescent City, Bryce must work with fallen angel Hunt Athalar to discover who is really behind the violence, and how it can be stopped. Alpha male Hunt is accustomed to employing his brutal strength against his bosses' rivals. But now he's compelled to help the determined Bryce, and to use his deadly abilities to save her from an unseen evil sweeping the city.

Like the rest of Maas' bibliography, House of Earth and Blood is a fantasy romance full of lovable characters, steamy romance, and plenty of action. In other words, it's a great read for when you're stuck inside and in need of some sexy escapism.  

House of Earth and Blood

By Sarah J. Maas

Featured still via YouTube and Photoshop.

Published on 16 Mar 2020

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