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8 of the Hottest Paranormal Reverse Harem Books

Because the more, the merrier.


Reverse harem books have grown in popularity over the past several years, with readers drawn to their irresistible blend of eroticism and high drama. 

While the traditional harem focuses on male protagonists surrounded by women, the reverse harem trope has a woman front and center, adored by men of all shapes and sizes. We're not sure what could be hotter...except perhaps the addition of werewolves, vampires, demons, dragons, and all other kinds of paranormal pleasures. Sound up your alley? Keep reading for eight reverse harem romances with a paranormal twist.



By Jaymin Eve

In Minatsol, being a dweller means you're at the bottom of the ladder, the lowest of the low. Will Knight is a non-magical being who is worthless in the eyes of the sols, the magic-blessed beings who could one day be chosen to become gods. 

Everything changes when Willa is awarded a position to serve at Blesswood, the top sol academy in the world. Now, she is under the harsh eye of the gods, tasked with serving the Abcurse brothers. They are vengeful, almighty, and Willa has just been handed to them on a silver platter.

a kiss of shadows

A Kiss of Shadows

By Laurell Hamilton

Merry Gentry is a private investigator for the Grey Detective Agency, which deals with problems of the supernatural variety. It's a tough job, often dangerous, but it's a bed of roses compared to her old life. 

In the high court of Faerie, she is Princess Meredith NicEssus, the heir to the throne and enemy of its current occupant, her aunt, the Queen of Air and Darkness. Everyone thinks she's dead, but now the fae world needs her back. She needs to claim the throne and birth an heir, then stay alive long enough to be a queen. 

By her side is an array of men, magical and monstrous, who will protect her and ensure her every need is satisfied. Every single one.

queen takes knights, a vampire reverse harem book

Queen Takes Knights

By Joely Sue Burkhart

Ever since her mother was murdered by monsters five years ago, Shara Isador has been on the run, just trying to stay alive and ahead of those who want her slaughtered. Arriving in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, she feels like she may have found her respite. But then the monsters come and suddenly two men leap to her rescue. 

They are knights, sworn to protect their vampire queen, and they claim Shara is she, the lost monarch descended from Isis. They have offered Shara their blood, their protection, and their bodies. They must help her stay ahead of those who want the queen dead, and they'll also ensure that Shara is satisfied in every conceivable way.


Power of Five

By Alex Lidell

Orphaned and sold to a harsh master, Lera seems doomed to a life of servitude under the iron grip of a bully who seems determined to own her in every conceivable manner. Her job is to clean out the stalls and stay clear of the magical forest that separates the mortal and fae realms. But nothing can stop others from coming to her, like the four fae warriors who have turned up at Lera's barn declaring themselves to be her bondmates. 

River, Coal, Tye, and Shade have waited a decade for their new fifth to be chosen, and none of them expected it to be a mortal woman. They want to sever the bond and find a fifth more suitable for the lofty task. Yet she is alluring, so beautiful and enigmatic, that they can't resist her. Together, they will hold more power than even the most dangerous figures across the land, but now, Lera's life is at risk.


New Beginnings

By C.C. Masters

Lori knows that her pack has plans for her when she turns 18, and she has no desire to comply with their demands. The night of her birthday, she makes a run for freedom and ends up lost in a strange small town that seems a touch too perfect from the outside. 

Grayson, Corey, Wyatt, and Kannon are banished from their home after a violent takeover from a rival pack. They too have found sanctuary in this town with darkness in its heart. The lone wolf Lori immediately captures their interest as she stumbles into their territory. Perhaps the five of them can create a new pack together, one that will keep them all safe from the impending storm on the horizon.


Dragon Found

By Sam Hall

Lady Pippa Wentworth was never supposed to be the wife of a dragon, never meant to bond with him. But now she is wed to the Crown Prince, a man as known for his stunning beauty as his ferocious temper. When the King and Queen reject the pair for being too weak, Pip is forced into the dragon rider corps and told to prove her worth. 

Among them are four men who once rescued her from ruin and who now seem eager to be her consorts. But now human woman has taken four riders as her mates since the Queen, and doing so will see Pip become the biggest threat to the royals in generations.


Power of Lies

By Auryn Hadley

When Jaeda is named as the Chosen, she expects complications. Working for a sex mage will do that. The mage needs a sacrifice, and she's willing to give it. Maybe too willing. But desire is her line of work now and the Jackal is who she must obey. She must spend her days beholden to his power, her body the altar for his power. 

Affection should have absolutely nothing to do with it. But when the enemy decides she'll make the perfect weapon to steal the Jackal's power, things grow more tangled than ever. She's not supposed to be the one in control, but now she has no choice.


Fire, Blood, and Beauty

By Zara Zenia

At the age of 19, Eva already has a lot on her plate. The last thing she needs or expects is to be abducted by aliens and charged with saving the human race on an entirely different planet, millions of light-years away. 

She is tasked with a mission: to have a baby. Four men have stepped forward to ensure her success. Only they aren't men at all: they're alien dragon shifters and vampires. It's Eva's destiny to be their mate, but getting on with the job is easier said than done, no matter how alluring these suitors are.