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12 Enemies-to-Lovers Movies Like The Hating Game

Fall in love with these slow-burn couples as they toe the line between love and hate.

Film still from The Hating Game starring Lucy Hale.
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  • Film still from 'The Hating Game.'Photo Credit: IMDB

There’s something enthralling about an enemies-to-lovers story, and the beloved trope results in some of the most tense, sizzling romantic comedies. The Hating Game (2021) is a prime example. 

The movie follows two executive assistants at a publishing house as they compete for the same promotion. The brilliantly-executed slow-burn culminates in a steamy elevator scene that spins the pair's relationship into a new realm. 

The Hating Game stars Lucy Hale and Austin Stowell, and is on Hulu now. Have you already watched it, but can't get enough of enemies-to-lovers rom-coms? These 12 movies like The Hating Game are ready to stream. 

Pride & Prejudice


Screenshot of Pride & Prejudice

One of the most influential enemies-to-lovers stories ever has multiple adaptations, including the 1995 miniseries and the 1940 film featuring Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier. While different viewers will doubtless have their own favorites, the version starring Keira Knightley in the role of Elizabeth Bennet and Matthew Macfadyen as Fitzwilliam Darcy holds up against both its predecessors and the years that have passed since it first hit theaters almost two decades ago.

The Ugly Truth


romance movies netflix august 2020 the ugly truth
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  • Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

In this 2009 Katherine Heigl film, Abby is a tightly-wound morning show producer tasked with running a segment on relationship advice with a misogynistic host, Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler). 

To prove his romantic theories, Mike tasks Abby with a series of challenges to get her perfect man. However, the pair share a confusing encounter in a hotel on a business trip, and their relationship takes an unexpected turn. 

If you loved the passion with which the characters despised one another in The Hating Game, The Ugly Truth is a perfect follow-up.

Two Night Stand


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  • Photo Credit: Entertainment One

In this heartwarming rom-com, a blizzard transforms a casual hookup into a marathon of intimacy for Alec (Miles Teller) and Megan (Lio Tipton). While both parties initially regret their night together, the weather forces them to reconsider as they grow closer than expected.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days


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  • Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

This classic stars Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey as a couple who secretly bet on their romantic prospects with one another. 

Advertising executive Benjamin Barry bets that he can get any woman to fall for him in ten days. Columnist Andie Anderson is writing a story about how to lose a guy in ten days. 

With competing agendas at play, the pair’s relationship is tense, tenuous, and intriguing, making for a classic, heartwarming night-in film.

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement


Film still from The Princess Diaries 2 starring Anne Hathaway.
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  • Photo Credit: IMDB

Though this film is a sequel, you don't have to watch the first movie to keep up.

Anne Hathaway stars as Princess Mia Thermopolis Renaldi in a tale focused on monarchy and sabotage. Mia is set to succeed her grandmother as the Genovian Queen, when it is revealed that an outdated Genovian law requires that an incoming queen be married before assuming the throne. A power-hungry viscount sees his opportunity to thrust his nephew, Nicholas Devereaux (Chris Pine), into the mix as a possible monarch.

Mia is left with 30 days to find a husband, during which time she and Nicholas grow increasingly close.

Sweet Home Alabama


sweet home alabama
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  • Photo Credit: Buena Vista Pictures

In this charming Reese Witherspoon film, Alabama-native Melanie Carmichael is a successful up-and-coming New York City fashion designer set to marry the mayor’s handsome son. However, no one knows that she is technically still married to her childhood sweetheart.

A trip home to Alabama brings back old memories, long-lost friendships, a twangy Southern accent, and a love Melanie never thought she would feel again. Reese Witherspoon and Josh Lucas have incredible chemistry, and this feel-good comedy is the perfect next watch.

10 Things I Hate About You


10 Things I Hate About You
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  • Photo Credit: Touchstone Pictures

Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles star in this brilliant classic romance about a high school outcast. The story culminates in one of the most emotional declarations of love in any rom-com, invoking its Shakespearean source material. 

Pretty girl Bianca (Larisa Oleynik) and her sister Kat aren’t allowed to date, until their father changes the rule to stipulate that if one of them goes on a date, the other must have one too. 

For Bianca, securing a date with new kid Cameron (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a no-brainer, but Kat’s romantic prospects are sparse. When she and the mysterious Patrick Verona collide, everything changes for them both.

The Proposal


the proposal
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  • Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios

Margaret (Sandra Bullock), a powerful publishing executive who's originally from Canada, faces deportation. She schemes to marry her assistant, Andrew (Ryan Reynolds), as a means to secure her Green Card.

In return, Margaret offers Andrew a promotion, and the pair must convince a skeptical INS agent of the legitimacy of their relationship. However, a getaway to visit Andrew’s parents changes everything. The INS might not be convinced, but this fake relationship is becoming something real. 

The Sound of Music


The Sound of Music 1965

Maria's free spirit isn't just a cause for concern for the women at Nonnberg Alley. When Mother Abbess send her to become a governess for the children of Captain Georg von Trapp, her lack of discipline proves irksome to the strict Captain. Initially, the captain decides he wants to fire Maria.

Not only are Maria and the captain at odds, but Maria is literally a nun. The romance featured in The Sound of Music might be among the least likely of those featured in this list, but it's all the more beautiful for it.

You've Got Mail


Film still from You've Got Mail starring Tom Hanks.
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  • Photo Credit: IMDB

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan brilliantly depict rivals in this beloved film.

Kathleen owns a small book shop. Joe owns a chain of bookstores trying to shut Kathleen's down. The couple meet online, not knowing each other’s true identities. This leads them down a twisting path of real-life negative encounters during a whirlwind online romance. 

Life As We Know It


Life as we know it, a sad romantic comedy on netflix
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  • Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel co-star as the respective best friends of a couple who die in a tragic car accident. 

After the death of their friends, Holly and Eric are tasked with the care of their friends’ child. This is a challenging endeavor considering Holly and Eric hate one another. However, their loyalty to their friends prevails, and they commit to raising the baby.

This arrangement becomes more complicated as Holly and Eric transition from begrudging co-parents to hesitant lovers. 

Singin' in the Rain


Singin in the Rain

Not only did Don Lockwood (played by Gene Kelly) tease Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen) until she resorted to throwing a cake at him, but the fallout ends up getting Kathy fired. From that rocky start comes a professional and romantic partnership that made fans of both fictional audiences and real people.