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Eight Perfect Hours Is A Meet-Cute Romance That Will Make You Believe in Fate

Who knew one night could change Noelle Butterby and Sam Attwood’s lives forever?

Eight Perfect Hours Lia Louis

If you’re in the mood for a sweet love story to warm you up as the months get colder, then you’ll want to reach for Lia Louis’ latest novel, Eight Perfect Hours. This meet-cute romance will make even the most cynical readers believe in soulmates. 

This serendipitous novel is set in England, and centers around Noelle Butterby. She’s thirty-something, single, and stuck—literally, she’s stuck on the M4 motorway. 

Noelle is on her way home from a class reunion, an event she attended despite weather advisories. Noelle had dismissed the warnings of a mid-March snowstorm, but the trip had become a disaster. Not only did she have an awkward run-in with her ex-boyfriend at the reunion, but now she’s trapped in the midst of a massive blizzard. 

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Noelle doesn’t have any food, water, or snacks. To make matters worse, the phone charger in her old car is famously unreliable, and when her phone battery dies, she has no way to call her Mum to let her know what’s happened. 

Luckily for her, help arrives in the form of one Sam Attwood, a stranger stuck in a car near hers. He’s American, kind, handsome, and he has a working phone charger. Sam offers to let Noelle get into his car and charge her phone. With nothing to do but wait out the storm, the two of them spend eight perfect hours together. 

At least, the eight hours seem perfect in Noelle’s estimation. In the morning, when the roads are cleared, Noelle and Sam go their separate ways. Sam will be flying to the U.S., and when they don’t even swap contact information, Noelle is a little heartbroken. She’s sure that she’ll never see Sam again. 

But Noelle and Sam bump into one another just a few weeks later. Call it fate, call it kismet—but it can’t be pure coincidence. Something keeps bringing the pair together. 

Eight Perfect Hours is the ideal read for anyone that needs a dose of sweetness on their reading list. Whether you’re a die-hard romantic in real life or an absolute skeptic, Lia Louis’ Eight Perfect Hours will make you believe in fate. 

Eight Perfect Hours will be available on September 28, 2021.

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