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The Best Romance Novels by Stacey Abrams, AKA Selena Montgomery

She really does it all.

stacey abrams romance novels

It’s no secret that romance authors often publish their work under pseudonyms. But we’ve rarely been as surprised to learn an author’s real name as we were when we connected the dots between romance author Selena Montgomery and politician Stacey Abrams. Yes, that Stacey Abrams, who served as minority leader for the House of Representatives from 2011-2017, and whose voter registration efforts have widely been credited with flipping Georgia blue in the 2020 presidential election. 

As if she wasn’t busy enough launching her political career, Stacey Abrams somehow found the time to write multiple award-winning romantic suspense novels under the pen name Selena Montgomery. In fact, she wrote her first romance novel during her third year of law school at Yale (what, like it’s hard?).

Though her last romance book was published in 2009, Stacey Abrams used her clout to bring even more attention to Romancing the Runoff, a fundraiser formed by romance authors to support Democratic efforts in the January 5 Georgia Senate race.

Intrigued? Us, too. Below, check out our favorite romance novels by Stacey Abrams, AKA Selena Montgomery. And in September 2022, keep an eye out for Rules of Engagement, the first of three out of print Abrams novels to be republished by Berkley.

reckless, a romance novel by stacey abrams


By Selena Montgomery

Kell Jameson grew up to be exactly what she always dreamed—a partner at a law firm. She’s come a long way from her days as an orphan in rural Georgia, but one frantic phone call is all it takes to bring her right back. The head of her childhood orphanage has been accused of murder—and Kell is the only one who can defend her.

From the moment Kell meets Sheriff Luke Calder, sparks fly. But as much as Luke is attracted to Kell, he holds back—after all, she’s representing his prime suspect. And for her part, Kell has secrets of her own...and she’s not sure if she can trust Luke to keep them hidden.

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deception, a romance novel by stacey abrams


By Selena Montgomery

Playing to her strengths, Stacey Abrams once again tells a thrilling tale about a woman returning to her hometown to solve a murder. Fin Border has always been good at playing the odds, but this time, she won’t be doing it alone. FBI Special Agent Caleb Matthews is also on the case, working undercover. They know they’ll be safer if they work together—but they didn’t expect the passion that would overtake them both.

hidden sins, a stacey abrams romance novel

Hidden Sins

By Selena Montgomery

Mara Reed has always lived life on the edge. But now that two thugs are after her, she may be in serious trouble. After seeking refuge in her small Texas hometown, she almost gets caught—until an unexpected rescuer saves her. Dr. Ethan Stuart, the only man she ever loved, and the man whose heart she broke.

Now, the two must work together to solve a mystery linked to Mara’s father’s past. It’s a journey that could lead them back to one another...if they can survive it.

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secrets and lies, a stacey abrams romance novel

Secrets and Lies

By Selena Montgomery

Dr. Katelyn Lyda has just witnessed her uncle’s murder, and while running for her life, she comes face to face with one of the most beautiful men she has even seen. Too bad he’s one of the bad guys.

Sebastian Caine has a knack for separating prized possessions from their owners. But when Kat is the one with the artifact he’s after, he realizes she might have something that he needs much, much more.

With her life in danger, Kat doesn’t know how much she can trust Sebastian—or whether she can stop herself from falling in love with him.

never tell, a romance novel by stacey abrams

Never Tell

By Selena Montgomery

Despite her career as a criminal psychologist, Dr. Erin Abbott prefers to live a quiet life. No danger, no intrigue, and no romance. But when she realizes a serial killer is active in New Orleans, her investigation gets her all three.

Journalist Gabriel Moss is also on the case, and can tell there’s a lot of passion hiding beneath Erin’s boxy suits and sensible shoes. But even as he seduces her, Erin knows their love won’t last. She’s hiding a terrible secret, and is terrified of what will happen if Gabriel finds out.

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