New Romance Books in July 2020

It's getting hot outside, but what's going on in these romance books is even hotter.

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Girl Next Door

By Emma Hart

Release Date: July 21

What do you do when a one night stand with your sexy neighbor turns into an accidental pregnancy? If you're the protagonist in this contemporary new romance novel, you convince him to pretend to be your new husband, lest your grandmother kill you. But these two might wind up with a relationship that's more than pretend.

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Heart Bones

By Colleen Hoover

Release date: July 28

New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover has remained tightlipped about the details of this upcoming book, but we trust that it will be brilliant anyway. Don't believe us? Just check out the reviews for Maybe Someday. 

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What the Heart Wants

By Audrey Carlan

Release date: July 28

For ten years Suda Kaye has been travelling the world, following the advice in the letters her mother wrote to her before she passed. But on her 28th birthday, Suda opens a letter that tells her to return home to Colorado, where she left her sister Evie and her first love, Camden, behind. 

Unsurprisingly, Camden has moved on. But Suda is unsure if she has, and is wondering if she's really too late to come home.

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Star Bright

By Staci Hart

Release date: July 14

Enter the world of the most exclusive group in New York, featuring high society parties, mysterious events, and irreverent treasure hunts. The media can't get enough, the local police chief is fuming, which only makes it all the more fun for the elite. The girl who runs it all goes by the nom de plume Cecelia Beaton. She has every intent of keeping her secret—but when she meets a handsome stranger with secrets of his own, her whole world might come tumbling down.

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After All

By Kristen Proby

Release date: July 14

Widower Carter Shaw hasn't seriously dated anyone since his wife's death five years ago. Though he finally feels ready to get back in the dating game, his daughter, Gabby, has made sure no one sticks around

Carter's assistant Nora has worked for him for years. She loves her job, loves Gabby, and having only been recently divorced, she has never thought of Carter that way...until a snowstorm traps Carter and Nora together. Suddenly, she's seeing him with new eyes...and realizing they may be each other's perfect second chance.

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Published on 30 Jun 2020